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    Hello! My name is ♦ℜivanna16♦.

    I'm a sometimes normal, sometimes weird teen girl who happens to be crazy about Minecraft.


    I tend to make fantasy warrior skins of various types, but also sometimes do more sci-fi themed skins.

    Skin Trades: OPEN!
    Skin Requests: CLOSED!

    Skin Request Details -- Please Read!!
    I have decided to close requests for a bit because most of them are "generic teen" skins and aren't the kind of skins I want to make. There are plenty of "generic teen" skinners on pmc but not very many who do female fantasy warriors as their main theme.

    ...But I do take suggestions! Go ahead and pm me or comment if there is a skin you want me to make but please know that I am unlikely to do it if it is a generic teen skin. I prefer making more complicated fantasy type skins.

    UPDATE: I'm taking a break from requests/suggestions for a bit. You can still message me is you like, but I probably won't do it unless I really like the idea.

    Old request info

    Please leave a comment or PM me if there is

    a skin you would like me to make. It can
    take a few days for me to finish a skin, so
    please be patient. Please note I don't do
    every request that is given to me. Also,
    since I usually only do human/female skins,
    if you request something outside what I
    normally do I probably won't do it. Although
    if you request a human/male skin I might still
    try to do it, but the shading may not be as
    good as on the rest of my skins. Sorry. =p

    Also, if there is a skin you made that you
    want me to shade/reshade I'm open for
    that also!

    Things I Like ♥
    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Making up stories
    • Drawing
    • Cookies
    • Fashion design
    • 3D computer animation (I'm still just learning, but it's fun!)
    • Listening to music
    • MINECRAFT!!! (Well, duh... why else would I have an account here?)
    • Playing Pokémon Go
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    ◊ - Goals - ◊
    Sub Goals:
    10 subs ()

    50 subs ()
    100 subs ()
    200 subs ()
    300 subs ()
    400 subs ()
    500 subs ( ) raffle and meetup?
    600 subs ( ) meetup?
    700 subs ( ) meetup?
    800 subs ( ) meetup or raffle?
    900 subs ( ) meetup?
    1000 subs ( ) contest?
    1600 subs ( ) raffle or contest?

    6432 subs ( ) <-- yeah like that'll ever happen -.-

    Diamond Goals:
    Get 50 diamonds on a skin ()
    Get 100 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 150 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 200 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 250 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 300 diamonds on a skin ( )

    View Goals:
    Get 100 views on a skin ()
    Get 500 views on a skin ()
    Get 1000 views on a skin ()
    Get 1500 views on a skin ( )
    Get 2000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 2500 views on a skin ( )
    Get 3000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 4000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 5000 views on a skin ( )

    Misc Goals:
    Skin Popreeled ()
    Two skins Popreeled at once ( )
    Come in top 10 in an official contest ( )
    Win an official contest ( )
    <-- Haha thats not happening.
    Get interviewed ( )
    Get a skin featured on MinecraftSkins.net ( )

    Oblivion subscribing () Um its a goal of mine so I guess I'll put it here...

    My Fandoms
    • Doctor Who
    • Harry Potter
    • The Lightning Thief
    • STAR WARS! (I mean, who doesn't like Star Wars?)
    • Star Trek (The Original Series and The Next Generation)
    • How To Train Your Dragon
    • LOTR
    • Pokémon
    • MINECRAFT!!! (Does this count? Never mind. It counts.)
    Render Credits
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Texture pack: Fortune and Glory by Kyctarniq
    Models/rigs by YouthDigital
    Skins by me (duh :P)

    Profile Pic:
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Model/rig by Timster488
    Skin by me (super duh >.<)
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    • Rivanna16
      May 17, 2017, 7:48 pm to Public
      Just a quick update for you guys:
      You've probably noticed I've been pretty inactive for a while. It's the end of the year and I have a couple tests and a play that are coming up faster than I'd like. I've been pretty stressed the last week and have needed to focus on other things for a while. However, as soon as I'm done with my biology class I'll have a lot more time and energy on my hands that I can hopefully use for skinning. And I do have another skin that's almost finished right now, it'll get posted in a day or two assuming nothing crazy happens. c:

      Update: Yay I got the skin out! ^o^
      Rivanna16 said 2017-05-18 13:44:29
      Glad it is for you. While I guess it isn't especially hard for me, it's not something I'm very interested in so I haven't been studying as hard as I would've for something I like more.
      GoldenJaffa said 2017-05-18 12:24:32
      Biology is easy...
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    • Rivanna16
      May 16, 2017, 5:31 pm to Public
      Well I just checked my pmc page and realized I've been on pmc for a whole year now! :D
      I was really trying to have a special skin ready to post for the occasion but I've barely started designing it. I knew my one year mark was coming up but it came way too fast. :P I'll probably wind up posting another skin or two before I get to my one-year special. Oh well.
      Rivanna16 said 2017-05-17 16:53:47
      Congrats! I think I must've not noticed my notification which is why I didn't realize it until a few days later. :P
      Rivanna16 said 2017-05-17 16:51:51
      Thank you!! :D
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    • Rivanna16
      May 15, 2017, 9:47 pm to Public
      Update on that one story I said I was writing but STILL haven't published: Working on it. I've drafted up to chapter 5 but I'm still largely unclear on some of how the ending's gonna play out and I don't want to publish something that later gets changed. I'm gonna try to sort out some of those details so I can go ahead and get the first couple chapters out because those are at a state where I'd be ok sharing them. So still no planned release date but definitely moving forward!

      Also I am working on skins but school + stuff + this one play I'm in have been taking up time and energy. :P
    • Rivanna16
      May 5, 2017, 4:19 pm to Public
      Oh yeah... Yesterday was Star Wars day and I didn't do a special skin or post or anything... Oh well. May the Fourth be with you, one day late! xP

      Just beware the revenge of the fifth!
    • Rivanna16
      April 29, 2017, 7:44 pm to Public
      I just got back from the party for my 16th birthday. My actual birthday was about a week ago but the party had to wait a week due to scheduling blah. It was at a laser tag place and I had sooo much fun! We played two games, I won the first and came in second in the second one. I'm pretty worn out so I'm just gonna lie in bed and do something for a while now... c;
      Rivanna16 said 2017-04-30 14:23:11
      Heh, actually I'm an introvert also. Which is part of why I always get so tired after coming back from an event like this. :P
      Rivanna16 said 2017-04-30 14:21:28
      Thank you! And it was. ^.^
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