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    Hello! My name is

    ~ ~

    I'm an all-around geek who has a lot of creative hobbies, including making Minecraft skins! I specialize in making various sorts of cool female warrior designs. Hope you enjoy my work! ^.^

    I'm now in my first year of college, and I'm still trying to figure out a healthy school-life balance. I hope to keep posting periodically, but I have no idea how regular/irregular to expect that to be.

    ~ ~

    ~ About Me ~
    I tend to refer to myself as a high-energy introvert. I often like doing things that are stereotypically things extroverts are interested in, I just need time to recharge when I get back home. For instance, given the choice between reading a book and going to a prom/formal dance event, I'd almost certainly choose the prom. ;)

    I also tend not to fit well into any one category of interests since I like doing so many different things. I enjoy many "girly" things but also love stuff like going camping or ziplining. And laser tag. I really like laser tag. :D

    Currently also a college freshman planning to major in physics!

    ~ ~

    ~ Things I Like ♥ ~

    Making up stories/Writing
    Fashion/costume design, especially stuff that looks like the skins I make :D
    Movies/TV shows with cool stories/worlds/costumes
    Going to conventions and looking at other people's amazing cosplays
    Putting together my own costumes/cosplays
    Learning parkour so I can be a real life ninja

    Going swimming at the pool/beach!
    3D computer animation and modeling (not a lot of experience, but it's still fun!)
    Playing Dungeons & Dragons
    Minecraft! (Well, duh... why else would I have an account here? :P)
    Video games in general ^o^

    ~ Things I Don't Like ~
    Having to wake up early in the morning
    Getting a cold (For some reason every time I get a cold I get a super bad sore throat. It's predictable. Every time. :P)
    Haters, both ingame/online and IRL
    Asking someone to stop something and they say they will but then they keep doing it
    When a character I like dies ;-;
    Having your game crash right after you did something really hard/cool and you didn't save (RAGE QUIT! xP)
    Wrist problems. So sick and tired of the stinking wrist problems. >:(

    ~ ~

    ~ My Fandoms/Favorite Shows, Movies, Books, & Games ~
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Percy Jackson/The Lightning Thief/Heroes of Olympus (The books, not the terrible movies! xP)
    Star Wars!
    Star Trek (The Original Series and The Next Generation)
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Game of Thrones
    The Expanse
    Marvel (MCU)

    MINECRAFT!! (of course! :D)

    Skin Trades: OPEN!
    Skin Requests: CLOSED!

    ◊ - Goals - ◊
    Sub Goals:
    10 subs ()

    50 subs ()
    100 subs ()
    200 subs ()
    300 subs ()
    400 subs ()
    500 subs ()
    600 subs ()
    700 subs ( ) meetup?
    800 subs ( ) meetup or raffle?
    900 subs ( ) meetup?
    1000 subs ( ) contest?
    1600 subs ( ) raffle or contest?

    6432 subs ( ) <-- yeah like that'll ever happen -.-

    Diamond Goals:
    Get 50 diamonds on a skin ()
    Get 100 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 150 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 200 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 250 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 300 diamonds on a skin ( )

    View Goals:
    Get 100 views on a skin ()
    Get 500 views on a skin ()
    Get 1000 views on a skin ()
    Get 1500 views on a skin ()
    Get 2000 views on a skin ()
    Get 2500 views on a skin ()
    Get 3000 views on a skin ()
    Get 4000 views on a skin ()
    Get 5000 views on a skin ()
    Get 6000 views on a skin ()
    <-- Wow, that's amazing! Thanks!!
    Get 7000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 8000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 9000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 10000 views on a skin ( )

    Misc Goals:
    Skin Popreeled ()
    Two skins Popreeled at once ( )
    Come in top 10 in an official contest ( )
    Win an official contest ( )
    <-- Haha thats not happening.
    Get interviewed ( )

    Oblivion subscribing () Um its a goal of mine so I guess I'll put it here...

    Render Credits
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Texture pack: Fortune and Glory by Kyctarniq
    Models/rigs by YouthDigital
    Skins by me (duh :P)

    Profile Pic:
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Model/rig by Timster488
    Skin by me (super duh >.<)
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    • Rivanna16's Avatar
      February 22, 2023, 11:15 pm to Public
      Well. It's been a while, again. I was not expecting to go completely absent from PMC for that long...
      Having completed my first semester of college and now nearly halfway through my second, I can say confidently that being a perfectionist in college classes is not a recipe for success. It might get you good grades, but it's not worth all the stress and burnout, or at least it sure wasn't in my case.

      I know there are a lot of people who have perfectionist issues of some variety and there are plenty of available resources for dealing with it, but pretty much all the resources I've found are only addressing the mindset part of the problem. Getting past that feeling that you have to do your best on everything is certainly the most important step, but when you've been a perfectionist all your life and have literally never done a project or assignment without putting in 100% effort, just realizing you're ok with B's or C's doesn't solve the whole problem. Last semester I discovered that, in all honesty, I didn't know how to try to do anything other than my best on anything. Even if it was for a class I didn't like and didn't care how well I did as long as I passed, when I actually sat down to work on an assignment I found myself nitpicking details and putting way too much time & effort into it, and then afterwards wondering why I did that. I really wish someone had bothered to teach me how to do less well at some stuff so you have more energy for other stuff.

      Thankfully, I think I'm starting to figure things out, even if I've been learning it the hard way. This semester hasn't exactly been great, for a number of reasons, but at least it's been less overwhelming than the fall so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way; I've really missed having enough energy to do creative stuff in my free time. I've still got loads of skin ideas I'd love to finish at some point, and I'm hoping maybe I can finally get back to that in some semi-regular manner. :)
      Piinoo said 2023-02-24 14:18:07
      Piinoo's Avatar
      Your skins are awesome but real life stuff like college takes precedent so not having any is no big deal! There's plenty of them that you have released that are great. I hope you can find some time to relax and take care of yourself!
    • Rivanna16's Avatar
      April 18, 2022, 2:38 pm to Public
      Felt like I had to share this because this sums up so much of my life. xD

    • Rivanna16's Avatar
      April 11, 2022, 10:14 am to Public
      I figured out why I was having trouble making collections. It was a phone vs computer issue, as I suspected. Once I tried on my laptop everything worked as expected. :D

      …Anyway, I now have three finished D&D character skins (and a few more in the works), so I decided to make this an actual skin series and made a collection for it.
    • Rivanna16's Avatar
      April 9, 2022, 8:00 pm to Public
      …is anyone else having trouble creating new collections? I checked the “how to” pmc page and it said to click the manage collections button but it’s not where the article said it should be and I can’t find it anywhere else. I thought it might be a phone vs computer issue so I tried switching to the desktop site from my phone but it didn’t help. I’ll try from an actual computer tomorrow. Meanwhile if anyone else has had or is having this problem I’d love to hear if you’ve found any solutions.
      MoonAstraea said 2022-04-09 20:14:40
      MoonAstraea's Avatar
      I've had this issue before and somehow figured it out once. I'll see if I can figure it out again!
    • Rivanna16's Avatar
      April 5, 2022, 11:35 am to Public
      After making a skin of one of my D&D characters I've started working on a handful of other D&D character skins. I've played quite a number of characters over my years of D&D games so there's a long list of potential skins in that series (assuming I make enough to call it an actual series :P). Interestingly, this is happening at the same time as Logmaiden's Calling All Heroes skin contest, so with any luck I might have enough incentive to finish several fairly soon!
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