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    Hello! My name is

    ~ ~

    I am a teenage gamer girl who happens to love making skins. I specialize in making various sorts of cool female warrior designs. Hope you enjoy my work! ^.^

    ~ ~

    ~ About Me ~

    I tend to refer to myself as a high-energy introvert. I often like doing things that are stereotypically things extroverts are interested in, I just need time to recharge when I get back home. For instance, given the choice between reading a book and going to a prom/formal dance event, I'd almost certainly choose the prom. ;)

    I also tend not to fit well into any one category of interests since I like doing so many different things. I enjoy many "girly" things but also love going camping or ziplining. And laser tag. I really like laser tag. :D

    Favorite color: Blue

    Favorite game: Minecraft (I've played others but Minecraft is and probably always will be my favorite. ;D)

    Favorite movie/TV show: I can't pick just one. See 'My Fandoms' section below. xP

    ~ ~

    ~ Things I Like ♥ ~

    Making up stories/Writing
    Fashion/costume design, espicially stuff that looks like the skins I make :D
    Movies/TV shows with cool stories/worlds/costumes
    Going to conventions and looking at other people's amazing cosplays
    Putting together my own costumes/cosplays
    Going swimming at the pool/beach!
    3D computer animation and/or modelling (I'm still just learning, but it's really cool and fun!)
    Listening to music
    Minecraft!!! (Well, duh... why else would I have an account here?)
    Video games in general ^o^

    ~ Things I Don't Like ~
    Having to wake up early in the morning
    Getting a cold (For some reason every time I get a cold I get a super bad sore throat. It's predictable. Every time. :P)
    People who think girls/women aren't good at things like video games
    Haters, both ingame/online and IRL
    Forgetting to bring my goggles to the pool
    Asking someone to stop something and they say they will but then they keep doing it
    When a character I like dies ;-;
    Having your game crash right after you did something really hard/cool and you didn't save (RAGE QUIT! xP)
    The Percy Jackson movies. Need I say more? >:c

    ~ ~

    ~ My Fandoms ~
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Percy Jackson/The Lightning Thief/Heroes of Olympus (The books, not the terrible movies! xP)
    Star Wars!
    Star Trek (The Original Series and The Next Generation)
    How To Train Your Dragon
    MINECRAFT!!! (Does this count? Never mind. It counts.)

    Skin Trades: OPEN!
    Skin Requests: CLOSED!

    Skin Request Details
    I've closed requests because most of the ones I get are "generic teen" skins and aren't the kind of skins I want to make. There are plenty of teen skinners on pmc but not very many who do female fantasy warriors as their main theme.

    ...But I do take suggestions! Go ahead and pm me or comment if there is a skin you want me to make but please know that I'm not gonna do it if it's a generic teen skin. I prefer making more complicated warrior skins.

    UPDATE: I'm taking a break from requests/suggestions for a bit. You can still message me is you like, but I probably won't do it unless I really like the idea.

    ◊ - Goals - ◊
    Sub Goals:
    10 subs ()

    50 subs ()
    100 subs ()
    200 subs ()
    300 subs ()
    400 subs ()
    500 subs ( ) raffle and meetup?
    600 subs ( ) meetup?
    700 subs ( ) meetup?
    800 subs ( ) meetup or raffle?
    900 subs ( ) meetup?
    1000 subs ( ) contest?
    1600 subs ( ) raffle or contest?

    6432 subs ( ) <-- yeah like that'll ever happen -.-

    Diamond Goals:
    Get 50 diamonds on a skin ()
    Get 100 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 150 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 200 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 250 diamonds on a skin ( )
    Get 300 diamonds on a skin ( )

    View Goals:
    Get 100 views on a skin ()
    Get 500 views on a skin ()
    Get 1000 views on a skin ()
    Get 1500 views on a skin ()
    Get 2000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 2500 views on a skin ( )
    Get 3000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 4000 views on a skin ( )
    Get 5000 views on a skin ( )

    Misc Goals:
    Skin Popreeled ()
    Two skins Popreeled at once ( )
    Come in top 10 in an official contest ( )
    Win an official contest ( )
    <-- Haha thats not happening.
    Get interviewed ( )
    Get a skin featured on MinecraftSkins.net ( )

    Oblivion subscribing () Um its a goal of mine so I guess I'll put it here...

    Render Credits
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Texture pack: Fortune and Glory by Kyctarniq
    Models/rigs by YouthDigital
    Skins by me (duh :P)

    Profile Pic:
    Diamond sword model by ShmowZow
    Model/rig by Timster488
    Skin by me (super duh >.<)
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    • Rivanna16
      September 12, 2017, 7:32 pm to Public
      By the way, I hit 500 subs a little while ago. And I haven't officially planned a meetup/announced the raffle yet. So just letting y'all know I am gonna do that, it's just taking me a while. :P Sorry about the delay, and thank you all for supporting me and helping me get this far! The meetup will probably be sometime next weekend, just FYI. :D
      Rivanna16 said 2017-09-13 16:51:24
      Thank you! ^.^
      Rivanna16 said 2017-09-13 16:51:06
      Thanks! I'm looking forward to it too, I've just gotta make sure I'm actually free at the time I select. ;P
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    • Rivanna16
      August 8, 2017, 8:58 am to Public
      My first day of vacation had some unexpected events...

      So we arrived at our rented condo and it was lightly raining outside but I wanted to go check out the beach anyway. My dad, my sister, and I got our suits on and started heading down toward the beach. We were just passing the back of our condo building when I heard my mom calling from a balcony. Apparently there was a tornado warning.

      I was a little confused at first; it was raining, but only a little, and the clouds were all really light. But then a neighbor said that yeah, there was a potential tornado spotted by radar 10-15 minutes away. So we all hurried back inside, got our shoes on, grabbed our stuff and headed for the nearest stairwell. I was kinda freaking out, I mean, there might be an actual tornado, not just a drill, and on our first day of vacation too!

      We followed the progress of the storm on our phones, and it turned out that the "tornado" probably stayed just a potentially tornado-forming swirling spot in the clouds. That was a relief, though I was seriously annoyed that this had happened at all. Not exactly a great way to start off a week at the beach. :\

      Though later after the rain cleared up we were able to get some ocean time on before we had to go for dinner, so that was nice. c;
      Rivanna16 said 2017-08-08 13:00:20
      Heh, yes, it was, but at least I'm having a good time now. :)
      Beverly said 2017-08-08 09:11:04
      Ach! O.O That sounds unnerving indeed!
    • Rivanna16
      July 26, 2017, 10:21 am to Public
      I'm working on the shading for my Wonder Woman skin. Yes, I'm finally working on that series again! However, I am having a bit of difficulty with the bodice; I want to show the kind of paneled look it has in the movie in the skin but that's really hard with the limited number of pixels I have. So far I've got something that looks ok but is rather messy. Same with the boots. It's probably gonna take a while for me to figure this one out... :P
    • Rivanna16
      July 20, 2017, 7:52 am to Public
      Hey everyone! Two things. First of all, camp is going pretty well, though I'm still not sleeping as much as I would like and am a bit tired all day. As much as I like learning cool stuff I'll be happy to get to sleep in once camp is over.

      Second, I just hit level 40!! Thank you all for supporting me and helping me get this far! I'll probably be posting another skin or two for this, even if I'm not fully active again just yet. Anyway, thanks again to everyone. You're awesome! :D
      Rivanna16 said 2017-07-21 20:44:32
      Thank you! ^.^
      Rivanna16 said 2017-07-21 20:42:38
      Thank you so much! :D
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    • Rivanna16
      July 17, 2017, 8:50 am to Public
      I've completed my first week of camp and am now starting my second. My first week was great. I'm hoping my second week will be too. However I am off to a slightly rough start... I slept terribly last night and had to get up at 6 in the morning. So yeah, I'm gonna try not to fall asleep in the middle of the day today... :P
      Rivanna16 said 2017-07-17 14:14:38
      Heh, yeah... So far I'm doing ok-ish, though paying attention is getting a fair bit harder as the day goes on.
      Beverly said 2017-07-17 09:00:33
      Oh dear.. x'3
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