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    Hey everyone I am x-form5. I started doing planetminecraft skins in January 2021. I asked my friend if he could make me a taco mule skin but he said it was too hard so I tried it myself. it became my first skin.
    I found it enjoyable so kept on doing mob skins.
    After a while when there was the sunshine after the rain event on PMC, I met JMCT
    He inspired me to make some player skins so I did.
    That's how I started doing these stuff.

    For player skins please send me requests.
    i like DC, marvel and StarWars.

    My favourite comic series are Super Sons.
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  • Some Stuff I like

    Animals: Guinea pigs, Mules and I love dolphins

    Some Friends: RaptorFireX, Equine_Master
    other friends: JMCT, Amonn, Ducas, LunatickQamaryy, feliqe, MidderMid, 1Pump,
    My favourite characters: Red hood, , Zatanna, Black Panther, Loki, Dr.Doom and Batman

    Movies: The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan
    Venom by Ruben Fleisher
    Black Panther by Ryan Coogler
    The Batman, by Matt Reeves

    watch em there so good!
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  • What skins i do

    I do mainly Marvel & DC, but I also do starwars from time to time

    How can I get a skin made?

    You can either send a request, which I'll get done when I can


    you can ask for a commission, which I'll do ASAP.

    Prices for commissions go from 3$- how much you can pay.
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