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    My name is Severus Gräber(also my Youtube name), Im from Austria and I got interested in building ships and in the summer of 2019 I wanted to get serious . I got to work and I uploaded my first ship in October 2019.
    I always try to improve myself and give you guys the best possible. My ships are often built in a timely manner, however there will be gaps inbetween because of school.
    Thanks for supporting my work!

    ASL History: ASL was founded in 1840 and started sailing ships on the Atlantic Ocean. In order to improve business, ASL bought a chunk of a defunct line and made it into BTL, the British Division in 1850. ASL went bankrupt in 1970.

    ASL Flag

    BTL Flag

    ASL Shipcount: 13 Ships , 5 Versions
    BTL Shipcount: 5 Ships , 1 Version

    !!Ships will be released on the official Imperial Shipyard PMC!!
    Imperial Discord: https://discord.gg/Xd5aFXRJKP
    Timeline (newest at the bottom)
    Statuses: Not Started In Planning Under Construction Pending Release
    Last updated 31.10.2021

    Started October 7th 2019
    SS Maria die Schöne
    [​YardNo.1](October 2019)
    SS Erika die Schnelle
    [​YardNo.2] (October 2019)
    SS Erwin der Kleine
    [​YardNo.3](December 2019)
    Year 2020

    SS Emmanuel der Schnelle [​YardNo.4](February 2020)
    SS Alexander der Große
    [​YardNo.5](March 2020)
    SS Alexander der Elegante
    [​YardNo.6](April 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (April 2020)
    SS Josef der Heilige
    [​YardNo.7](May 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (July 2020)
    SS Josef der Bamherzige
    [​YardNo.8](June 2020)
    + Hospital Ship Version (July 2020)
    SS Anna die Schnelle
    [​YardNo.9](August 2020)
    + Wreck Version (September 2020)
    SS Anna die Schöne
    [​YardNo.10](August 2020)
    + Troop Ship Version (August 2020)

    SS Wilhelm der Große
    [​YardNo.11](December 2021)
    SS Wilhelm der Starke
    [​YardNo.12](December 2021)
    Year 2021

    + Troop Ship Version (January 2021)
    RMS Arctic [​YardNo.1A](February 2021)
    +Hospital Ship Version(April 2021)
    RMS Tropic
    [​YardNo.2A](March 2021)
    SS Atlantic
    [​YardNo.3A](May 2021)
    SS Pacific
    [​YardNo.4A](June 2021)
    SS Ernest Rutherford
    [​YardNo.5A](July 2021)
    RPD Mozart der Große
    [​YardNo.14](Under Construction December 2021)
    +Hospital Ship Version(Not started October 2021)
    RPD Mozart der Schnelle
    [​YardNo.15](Not started December 2021)
    Year 2022
    SY Österreich[​YardNo.13](Under Construction January 2021)
    SS Chopin der Schnelle
    [​YardNo.16](Not started March 2021)
    SS Chopin der Chamante
    [​YardNo.17](Not started March 2021)
    +Hospital Ship Version(Not started December 2021)
    SS Chopin der Große
    [​YardNo.18](Not started April 2021)

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      Austrian Steamer Lines
      October 31, 2021, 9:18 am to Public
      This update has probs been awaited, since I haven't updated you in a long while so here goes:

      The Mozart der Große is progressing at lightning speed and will definitely be released this year. I recently finished the bow areas in the hull and I am now working my way up and aft finishing off all of the annoying areas.

      I have been able to release new videos on a weekly basis again, it will not last forever, but its better than nothing

      Lastly I hit Level 30 here on PMC, yay!
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