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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Planetminecraft! My name is Roy, but most people call me Blue when it comes to Minecraft. I am 18 and I live in Pennsylvania in the United States, but am anything but avergae when it comes to being an "average American teenager". I'm also a Christian so go ahead and hate (or don't) cause I really won't pay attention or care cause that's just who I am xD. I currently hold the Supervisor staff rank on the Greenfield project server (check it out sometime, it's great!!). I am also a beginning texturist and an aspiring modder (if I could hopefully get my ducks in a row with it anyway!) Hope you like my profile, and if you like what you see, then don't forget to subscribe!

Goals in Planetminecraft!

[❌] Have one subscriber! Yay
[❌] Have 25 subscribers! Gettin' somewhere
[❌] Have 50 subscribers! 50 people that like what I'ma doing
[❌] Have 100 subscribers! Is this possible, I guess so, da planet never lies
[ ] Have 500 subscribers!! A little far fetched, but hey! who says I can't dream

[❌] Have 1 total diamond! Still, it's progress...
[❌] Have 10 total diamonds! I must be doing something right...maybe?
[❌] Have 50 total diamonds! Yea, I must be doing something right
[❌] Have 100 total diamonds! 100 times someone thought I did something cool, AND LIKED IT
[ ] Have 500 total diamonds!! Is this possible? Yea, I'm content

[❌] Have 1 total view! Hey, we all gotta start somewhere...
[❌] Have 100 total views! Ten 10 times someone saw one of this guys' project. Cool!
[❌] Have 1,000 total views. Lotsa zeros. In the number that is!
[❌] Have 10,000 total views. "I have a dream", that this guy has that number in front of total views!
[❌] Have 50,000 total views!! A little far fetched again, I know, but still, it's fun to dream!

[❌] Have 10 diamonds on a single submission! Sweet, ten people loved what I created!
[❌] Have 25 diamonds on a single submission! Something must have been done right!
[❌] Have 100 diamonds on a single submission! I must be doing something good...
[ ] Have 500 diamonds on a single submission!! Yet again, a little far fetched, but it has been done before!

[ ] Get all of those boxes crossed off! Probably the most unlikely one though...

Also, don't forget to support those stupendous subscribers below too!

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