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    Hello and welcome to my little corner of of Planetminecraft! I'm Bluecolty, most folks call me Blue. Pretty much anything in Minecraft I enjoy. From building, to texturing resource packs, to survival, to server mainteance, I enjoy it all. I'm currently an Admin on the Greenfield Minecraft build team. I somewhat regularly post projects from there. I'm also working on my own city project called Harkenburg, although progress on that is slow. Outside of Minecraft I enjoy working with tech, mainly repairing phones and building (sometimes old and janky) PC's. My YouTube channel is an odd combination of those hobbies, but I think it works out in the end.

    Subscribe to my profile so you don't miss updates regarding the Harkenburg Texture Pack. Private messages are always open as well if you have any questions, although I respond faster on Discord.

    Goals in Planetminecraft!

    [❌] Have one subscriber! Yay
    [❌] Have 25 subscribers! Gettin' somewhere
    [❌] Have 50 subscribers! 50 people that like what I'ma doing
    [❌] Have 100 subscribers! Is this possible, I guess so, da planet never lies
    [ ] Have 500 subscribers!! A little far fetched, but hey! who says I can't dream

    [❌] Have 1 total diamond! Still, it's progress...
    [❌] Have 10 total diamonds! I must be doing something right...maybe?
    [❌] Have 50 total diamonds! Yea, I must be doing something right
    [❌] Have 100 total diamonds! 100 times someone thought I did something cool, AND LIKED IT
    [❌] Have 500 total diamonds!! Is this possible? Yea, I'm content

    [❌] Have 1 total view! Hey, we all gotta start somewhere...
    [❌] Have 100 total views! Ten 10 times someone saw one of this guys' project. Cool!
    [❌] Have 1,000 total views. Lotsa zeros. In the number that is!
    [❌] Have 10,000 total views. "I have a dream", that this guy has that number in front of total views!
    [❌] Have 50,000 total views!! A little far fetched again, I know, but still, it's fun to dream!

    [❌] Have 10 diamonds on a single submission! Sweet, ten people loved what I created!
    [❌] Have 25 diamonds on a single submission! Something must have been done right!
    [❌] Have 100 diamonds on a single submission! I must be doing something good...
    [ ] Have 500 diamonds on a single submission!! Yet again, a little far fetched, but it has been done before!

    [ ] Get all of those boxes crossed off! Probably the most unlikely one though...

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    Harkenburg City Project

    Expected Release Date - June of 2023
    This will most likely change, it's rough and I'm never good at sticking to release dates xD

    You're probably thinking when you saw this, "Oh great, another stereotypical big city project that'll be hip for a couple of days and die off to nothing in less than a year". Most likely the second part will be true, but the first certainly isn't. Instead of your typical big modern city project, Harkenburg has (if it were real) a population of around 60,000 and is partially surrounded by mountains all situated in rural central Pennsylvania in the US. The city itself will be tiny, but hopefully when it's done many fun adventures fill the map, along with great amounts of suburbs. Of course, I don't want to give too much away. If you're interested, the texture pack required to build in it and some of my other projects (ending with HCP) contains some nice sneak peeks into what it looks like. Keep your eyes peeled, a team of awesome builders have already put more than a year into making this. As of now, the project has been restarted and will now work off of a new terraformed map, which will hopefully make the project much more realistic.

    ColoniCraft Texture Pack

    Basically this is a pack themed around Colonial times (particularly late 1700's to mid/late 1800's) somewhat based in British styles and mostly North American styles. I'm not really sure when I'm going to post this, this crazy little thing called life sometimes gets in the way, As of now its sorta a thing to do if I have some free time. I'll probably post a release date closer to when its 50% or more done.
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    New profile avatar, woo hoo! How long did I have the old blue one? I have no clue
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      September 19, 2021, 4:14 pm to Public
      Happy 5 year anniversary Harkenburg Texture Pack!

      I can't believe I missed the 5 year anniversary of the Harkenburg Texture Pack the other day. I've been busy with school and other personal projects that I kind of forgot all the things I had planned for it. One was actually to release a large update (still in progress), another was to release a comparison video between the first version of the pack and the current version for fun entertainment, and the final was to make a new showcase video. As you can see, none of those those happened.

      What did happen though is that I remembered the anniversary it was posted to PMC today. So even though I'm 3 days late, happy 5 years Harkenburg Texture Pack! It's been a long 5 years, but I am so incredibly thankful to all the support its gained over the years. Even though I haven't been able to update it as frequently as I used to, it's still gaining attention. I never thought all this would be possible 5 years ago, and its been amazing to see it turn out this way. Thank you all once again for the support, and I hope for many good years to come with the Harkenburg Texture Pack!

      Also, recently the pack made it into a PCgamer.net article, so that was actually really cool. What I consider even more amazing is the fact that it made it onto a list with a bunch of well known texture packs like Faithful and DePixel. Do I think my pack deserves to be up with those guys? No, but I guess the folks at PCGamer.net did, so thats awesome.

      Anyways, thats it for today. I don't have an update for the 1.17 feature update for the HTP. Work is coming along, just slow. I'll post an update here on the coming weeks to show you all whats brewing.

    •  avatar
      January 19, 2021, 2:29 pm to Public
      Random textures are back and kicking! Coming up in the next future release of the Harkenburg Texture Pack, I have finally decided to bring these gems back. Here are some bricks to show you the concept. The look and texture quality are not finalized, but it gives you a good idea of whats to come. Since the time these last existed in the texture pack, I've added a bunch of new brick styled textures since. They will all be receiving the same treatment. And the best part, no need for Optifine unlike before!
    •  avatar
      April 30, 2020, 11:55 pm to Public
      Its been a while since I've done one of these lil wall post things. My way of conveying things on here used to be really cringe, I promise its improved. I made a better profile picture, the old one followed me around for far too many years. I like this one a lot better. Stuffs going well, I miss PMC, I hope to get back into it, I got another project coming soon from Greenfield. 1.16 work for the Harkenburg Texture pack is under way, I'd judge it at about 65% complete. I'm super pumped to bring you guys that update, it will be released as V3.4. Specular mapping for my pack is also in the works, you all will have to see where that goes (when Optifine 1.16 is released of course). If and when it gets working it will be released as V3.5 of the pack, along with various random Optifine textures to accompany 1.16. That is all, happy (definitely not) quarantine!
    •  avatar
      October 26, 2017, 10:42 pm to Public
      HOLEY SMOKES I'VE BEEN DEAD. Well not really. But really I have at least on here so I figured I'd give you's a little status update! Yay so much fun not really/ I've been basically busy because of school but that's not what my major problem is. I've taken up a fancy in Java! So maybe one day you'll see a mod on my page :O. Other than that the big thing is my texture pack which I've sort of lost interest but have tons of fun working on again when I do so I don't really know why I stop in the first place but oh well xD. I would give about a month tops for the 3.2 version to come out since I really don't have that much to do. So keep your eyes peeled fer it cause its a comin'! Hope you guys and gals have a wonderful 27th!
      Also make sure to check out my Youtube if you haven't already :D
      TheCactus27 replied to Bluecolty's comment below 2017-10-28 12:10:18
      I made the model in Crayfish, I wouldn't recommend using it if you need the model as .obj, though.
      Bluecolty replied to TheCactus27's comment below 2017-10-28 08:29:12
      Thanks! And good luck with the 3-D models too I've tried that on Mr crayfish's 3D model creator and it takes so long xD
      TheCactus27 said 2017-10-27 20:04:00
      Welcome back! best of luck with the Java. I've taken up 3D modeling for the mod Minecraft Transport Simulator, it's an interesting mod.
      Bluecolty replied to Cib's comment below 2017-10-27 09:19:03
      Yea ikr it sucks but at least it's not as bad as it could be sometimes. But thanks! Hopefully it goes pretty smoothly I haven't gotten too far but it seems pretty fun
      Cib said 2017-10-27 01:21:41
      School feels like it gets in the way of everything! Good luck learning Java!
    •  avatar
      September 11, 2017, 10:40 pm to Public
      All though today I was hoping for some respect, a moment of silence for 9/11, but none came. And I even live in the US. It was truely a terrible tragedy and my friend brought up a really good point. Why feel sad when it already happened? And I told him this - "It's not as much mourning as acknowledging the loss and death and destruction, the people that suffer even still today. Showing respect for what happened but also for the justice that is going on to correct it". If only those 16 years ago it didn't take a tradgety to unite this great country.
      Silver_Space said 2017-09-12 00:55:57
      Ur absolutely right. I don't get how a tragedy can be ignored by lots. I've been watching the news for most of today and i didn't even see or hear anything about 9/11... Yet they're spreading crap about trump. It's sad too how a tragedy HAS to happen to unite the US. But u know what? We are just "human".
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