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    My Pfp is my Persona (drawn by mcrjellyfish )

    - female
    - Brown Hair with 2 buns
    - Green eyes
    - Pale skin
    - Yellow shirt with reversible smile - :): -
    - Jeans
    - One green one yellow shoe
    -big round glasses

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    Fern ~ Female
    photography blog

    a little about me is I have a service doggo (you can see him in my banner :) ), I have Tourette's, and im a pretty patient person

    Tourette's ~
    Tourette's awareness month: May 15th - June 15th

    My personal experience hasn't been all too bad. It fluctuates between bad tics and ok tics.

    *Tic: an involuntary movement or speech

    I have mainly motor and vocal tics, im thankful for not having complex tics

    *complex tic: saying a phrase/sentence, doing a complex movement that looks intentional

    *motor tic: involuntary jerk, twitch, etc
    *vocal: can be a hiccup sound, screeching, coughing, sniffing, etc

    Rather than staring at someone you think might have Tourette's I think most of us wouldn't mind if you asked, rather than staring

    I can't speak for others with Tourette's, personally if I look distressed or say "ow" I dont mind being asked if im alright; if i'm laughing at myself i dont mind if someone laughs with me. Other than that I appreciate when someone ignores the tic.
    If someone makes a joke, mocks me, or stares, it really makes me uncomfortable

    Dont bully, make fun of, or mock people <3

    Thank you to whoever read all of this! <33

    Profile Credits
    No pictures are mine (sorry for no specifics, found them on google)
    Gifs from Giphy
    PFP from mcrjellyfish

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