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    - Requests: Closed
    -Skin Trades: Ask me! ^-^
    -Collabs: Only with good friends

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    || ωєℓ¢σмє тσ му ρяσƒιℓє ||

    You can call me Jelly, the queen of jellyfish and mushrooms c:
    Female // Gay // Weeb // Meme // Jellyfish

    || Request Template ||
    - Reference (If available)
    -Skin tone (Pale, tan, ect.)
    -Eye colour (Brown, green, ect.)
    -Hair colour (Black, blone, ect.)
    -Eye Size (2x2 or 1x2)
    -Gender (Female, Male, or Adrogynous)
    -Front hair (Front bangs, side bangs, ect.)
    -Clothes (Dresses, t-shirts, ect.)
    -Shoes (Reference, sneakers, ect.)
    -Bottom wear (Skirts, stockings, ect.)
    -Arm length (Alex pixel arms or Steve)
    -Additional accesories (Wings, bows, ect.)
    || Notice ||
    All skins are made by me. Please, do not take my skins without
    my permission, and credit must be given. Also, do not refrence of any of my shading styles, or I will report you. I do not let anyone take my skins in general, so dont think about it.
    Also, if I deny a skin trade, request, ect.,

    respect my opionion. I will not tolerate any skin stealing, copying,
    or reposting. Thank you.

    Breede River Jellyfish | White Spotted Jellyfish | Black Sea Nettle
    Diplulmaris Antarctica | Atolla Wyvillei | Porpita Porpita
    Crossota sp | Moon Jellyfish | Mediterranean Jellyfish
    Purple Striped Jellyfish | Flower Hat Jellyfish | Cannonball Jellyfish
    Blue blubber Jellyfish | Box jellyfish | Cassiopea Jellyfish
    Gold Jellyfish | Immortal Jellyfish | Comb Jellyfish
    - - -
    And More~

    || Jellyfish Facts ||
    - There is an immortal jellyfish. This jellyfish has an endless life cycle, becuase when it fully matures, it will go back to its youthful stage as a polyp.

    - A group of jellyfish can be called a bloom, smack, or swarm.

    -A jellyfish is 95% water. When it is washed up on shore, it will soon evaporate.

    -A box jellyfish, known as the most venomous jellyfish in the world, has a maximum of 24 eyes, depending on how large the jellyfish is.
    || Image Credit ||
    All things used on my profile belong to their rightful owners.
    Only my support stamp (made by SimplyRabbit), my
    banner, and my profile picture belongs to me.
    Thank you!

  • // Things //

    || Fanart & Fanskins ||
    By KawaiiCornz :
    Thank you so much for this fanart! The style is really cute, and it gives my persona a
    cute, clumsy feel. Thank you!

    By Marma:
    This skin is super adorable! I love your unique chibi style to your skins, and the desgin is just as cute as the style. Thank you~

    By SimplyRabbit:
    Thank you so much for this skin, Simply! I like how you remade my first skin ever, and the improvements you made on it are absolutely amazing! Thank.

    By KawaiiCornz:
    Wow. Where do I even begin? This skin is absolutely stunning, and I really appreciate it! <3 I love the shading you used, and the colours are fabulous! The small jellyfish hat really tied it in to your own style, and I give you 10/10 for this masterpiece. Thank you! x3

    By SimplyRabbit:
    Oh my goodness. This drawing is so cute, thank you so much for your support. Everytime I look at this drawing, I just think: "I cant believe someone this amazing would use thier talent for me. I love this drawing so much, and may I add the little jellyfish is adorable as frickin heck? Once again, millions of thanccs to you.

    By cottoncandycrumbs:
    Thank you sooo much for this fanskin! It's good to see you using your original shading style, and let me tell you it looks absolutely stunning! The shading fits absolutley with the design of the skin, and I love the brightness of the colours. Thank you! ^-^

    By enuoia:
    What what what what WhAt. Holy hecking hecc of the hecks this is friggin AMAziNg. I love your style of drawing, and how even though its digital, its got a traditional style to it. Everything about this is filled with such talent, and Im so honoured that you made this for me ;w; Thank you so much, this is very well done! <3

    By RawrOWolf:
    Darn heccing- this is so cute! ;w; I realy, really am entranced by that shade of purple though.. it looks like some magical grapes (which is a compliment, haha) Everything looks extremely cute omg the jellyfish aaaa

    || Buddies ||
    - KawaiiCornz
    - SimplyRabbit


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    You can find me on:

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