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    Support Stamps!

    My old support stamp

    Which was made by the lovely Chatie!
    Things I like
    -MC obvs
    -cats (I have 2)
    -music - Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Fleetwood Mac, Tears for Fears, anything Disco
    -movies - my fav is When Harry met Sally
    -90s tv-shows - Friends
    -making digital art

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    Hello! I'm Caromid, formely LeCollecteur. I am a skin designer, profile page designer and artist.
    Just a side note I have made every picture on this page except my profile picture so please do not reuse, thank you!

    Here is a link to my available profile themes!

    ⊱☆⊰ TEMPLATE SHOP ⊱☆⊰
    Do not by any means steal or sell for commission, any of my skins,
    templates or artwork listed on this page.
    Please give credit if used, Ty.

    Click for Incredible Artwork, made by incredible people! ;D

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    This was created by StLee, she is such a good friend and an amazing artist go sub to her! ;D

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    This was created by ChatieTheDragon, she is so incredible go sub to her! ;D

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    This was created by ChatieTheDragon, she is so incredible go sub to her! ;D

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    This was made by absolutely amazing Artsy_Lady go check her out!

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    For Skin Requests Please Follow Form!Ty
    Format style either Steve or Alex:_____
    Hair Color:_____

    Hair Length:_____
    Hair Style:_____
    Skin Tone:_____
    Eye Color:_____
    Eye Style:_____
    Shirt/Top Style:_____
    Shirt/Top Colors:_____
    Extras such as jackets and gloves color and style:_____
    Pant/Skirt/Shorts Style:_____
    Pant/Skirt/Shorts Colors:_____
    Dress/Long Top/Sweater Style:_____
    Dress/Long Top/Sweater Colors:_____
    Shoes/Socks Style:_____
    Shoes/Socks Colors:_____
    Extras, Such as Flowers, Jewelry, Headphones, ect, Colors and style:_____
    For Page Design Requests Please Follow Form!Ty
    Special Icons/symbols
    Extras - anything not mentioned above

    Please have patience with these as I make all of the pictures and designs my self, I will allow for two changes to not make the process to complicated or difficult for you and me. Thank you!
    For Skin Banner Please Follow Form!Ty
    Extras, Such as Flowers, Stars, Brush Strokes, ect:_____

    Please feel free to add anything I may have forgotten to mention!
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    Please do not repost/steal and please give credit if used thank you!

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      Zrose90 posted to guest book of Caromid avatar Caromid
      December 18, 2022, 9:09 am to Public
      How do you make your page it’s so amazing!

      do you still do page design/banner requests?
      Caromid said 2023-02-12 11:37:25
      Thank you! sorry this is so late haven't checked PMC in a while, I use Procreate to make just about everything or I just edit a photo using Picsart and I am not open for requests atm but I have some profiles available here.
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