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    Hi, I’m a new member to this community, to any if I’m honest.
    I’m a programmer by heart, even though all my current uploads are graphical ones.
    If you would like to se something from me, feel free to leave a comment on a post or in the guest book.
    I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so if you find any flaws in any of my work, I’ll gladly try to fix them.

    Any thing else, don’t think soo, well have a great day.

    highest regards :
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    [​datapack] Czaplicki's Datapack Framework:
      A datapack frame work with and easy straightforward API,
      And a nice looking and easily navigated graphical command line interface.

    [datapack:update] player module for CDF.

    [​datapack] Extended Player Movement :
      want it sounds like.

    [blog:tutorial] Blog post on how to use CDF

    [blog:tutorial] Blog post on how to patch datapacks to use CDF

    [datapack:update] fix basic thirst datapack graphical patch, to not obfuscate air bar

    [​datapack:a] Alter crafting:
      A flashy “magical” extensive end game crafting system.
      (I have already created this one, but it’s not up to my current standards,
      so I'll rewrite it, to give it better performance and better API for creating recipes
      and also extending the available input parameters for recipes)

    notes :
      All packs are of course multiplayer friendly.

      CDF v0.1 is now done, if any one in interested in it as it I'll post it,
      else I will post it along side "Extended Player Movement" ones it's done.
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