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  • This is Deluxe Studios

    Hello person reading this.

    I am Deluxe, President of the fictional country of Prismia.
    I am from the Netherlands, you know that small little country across the english channel.
    My plans are to make custom maps, make skins and give everyone a way to download the maps that I make for youtube (at the time i'm writing this it doesn't exist yet) and maybe you will even see some mods pop up here and there.

    About The Youtube Channel

    Prismia is the fictional country that was founded by Dr. Trayaurus, yes the same Trayaurus that DanTDM Uses.
    Now before you say "You're a DanTDM ripoff !" once I have my youtube channel up and running I will try to make myself original.
    However I completely understand if at first i'm gonna seem like a ripoff, as I will do video's similar to DanTDM's old custom mod adventure series, but I will try and make it a continuous story and i'm gonna try to make it original.
    But i understand if you're skeptical.

    About Prismia

    Prismia Was founded by Dr. Trayaurus ,what he didn't know is that this new continent was already claimed by: DRAGONS!
    During a attack by the king of all magma dragons: Acruel I tried to fight him with the blade of dragon blood, however he was stronger.
    He nearly killed me, but Trayaurus saved me by putting my mind in a holographic construction.
    Eventually we made peace with Acruel and the magma dragons and they became a part of our society... sort of.
    You see dragons and humans, though dragons are equally as intelligent as humans, are very different, for example: electro dragons can direct and produce electricity.
    Due to this some people are scarred of dragons while other dragons see us as weak, this has caused some issues in Prismia.

    Prismia has some very strange landscapes, such as: The Deadlands which are miles of stone and gravel with little water anywhere,
    or The Prism Kissed Lands which are miles of crystals covering the lands, jutting out of the ground with sharp ends.
    In the Prism Kissed Lands stands a large tower, The White Tower of Prismia, this is the political center of Prismia.
    Maybe you want to visit Fog Valley, the foggiest valley in Prismia, it has some great hotels.
    Or maybe you want to visit Yello- I mean Magma Stone, totally not a ripoff of yellow stone, nooooooooo... it uh... has a volcano... a large volcano... the lair of Acruel.

    About Deluxe

    The Holographic Body:

    Deluxe had his mind put into a program that constructs a holographic body, however this body acts like physical body.
    This is not a problem as if one my hands gets cut off it will quickly regenerate.

    The Prismatic Blade of Dragon Blood:

    This weapon is a relic from ancient times, it was forged with dragon blood.
    Later when a rift (portal to the The Void) opened in Prismia I had to combine cosmic prisms with the blade of dragon blood,
    this turned the blade into a prismatic version of The Blade of Dragon Blood.
    The blade is covered in indestructible cote of white prismatic crystals, though it manages to stay completely white.
    The Handel is also indestructible, the most special thing about the blade is that it can create a small rift into another dimension.

    The Creatures of Prismia

    One of the creatures of Prismia is the comprime noctem mare (ghostly night mare), these animals are blue, dead looking horses that roam The Deadlands.
    Another of these animals is nobilis dia lu missa diamonds, this animal is a diamond blue tiger that lives in the Dia Lu Jungle.
    And one of the most dangerous animals of Prismia is the prismian black diamond bear, this is a giant, black bear that hunts down anything that dares move in front of it, though there is a more dangerous animal...
    The Prismian Black Rhino, this beast is huge and yet it still is very fast, it's so strong that it can impale someone clean trough the back, it is
    unrelenting in it's assault, it will hunt you down until it is tired out or it spots something that could scare it away... but there aren't many things
    that can.

    In Conclusion

    If any of this interests you download some of my maps (while i'm writhing this I haven't put up any maps).
    And also check out my youtube channel (again i haven't made it yet, though i'm planing on making it in 2019).
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  • My thoughts on Hytale.

    So about that game Hytale, I don't like it.
    But I'm not gonna go on a rant about the game itself, I'm gonna talk about if the game will even come out.
    You see I think it won't, I think Microsoft will start a lawsuit or something to take it down.
    Now let me be clear that is not what I'm hoping for, I don't like it, but I don't want this game to be stopped from being released.
    Now what is microsoft?
    A business, and does anyone know what happened to the Pokemon fangame: Pokemon Uranium?
    The developers took it down after Nintendo asked (threatened) to take the game down.
    What does this have to do with Hytale?
    While it isn't a fangame there are a lot of similarities between Minecraft and Hytale.
    And Microsoft probably would not be happy with competition.
    However, I'm not saying that this is gonna happen (and I wouldn't want that), but it is a possibility.
    The reason I made this is because everyone seems to have forgotten this possibility.
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