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      Hi, I'm End.

    I like a lot of weird and random things, so expect a um... colorful variety of skins from me I guess.I started out making Doctor Who skins for myself (later my friends too) way back in 2012, I haven't watched Doctor Who past season 8 so Don't really expect any other skins from Doctor Who unless I post some of my other old ones.

    What To Expect:
    • General Robert E. Lee
    • General Thomas 'Stone Wall' Jackson
    • General William Tecumseh Sherman
    • General U.S Grant (Maybe)
    • Generic Union Soldier
    • Generic Confederate Soldier
    • A few Seinfeld Characters
    • Torchwood cast (from season 1)
    • McCree (don't count on it)
    • Klaus Baudelaire
    • A Few Pirate Skins (not PoTC)
    • Maybe a Train Engineer, Fireman and a Conductor.
    • All of my builds will go on Dr_Aquino's account, and all of his skins will go on here.

    When To Expect it:
    Who knows.

    Things you can PM me about:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean (sorta)
    • World War 2 (More about the Navy but I know a decent bit about all parts of the war)
    • The Civil War (You'll see at-least 6 skins from the Civil War soon) *Update: 3 posted, 3 to go
    • Trains (You have no idea how much I love trains)
    • Thunderbirds
    • Kancolle (Do not expect any skins from it)
    • Tips for making skins in my 'style'
    • Homestuck (let me tell you about homestuck...)
    • Hiveswap
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Don't expect any skins from it)
    • The A Team
    • A Series of Unfortunate Events
    • Assassins Creed (Haven't picked up Origins or Odyssey yet)

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