Just Reading Under A Tree (❁´◡`❁)
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    My goals ♥
    - Reach 15 subscribers (complete!)
    - Reach 35 subscribers
    - Reach 10 members in my group
    - Place in an unofficial contest (complete!)
    - Place 1st in an unofficial contest
    - Receive 100 diamonds (complete!)
    - Receive 500 diamonds

    More about me ♥
    - Gryffindor
    - I love science
    - I have an axolotl Irl
  • Welcome! I'm Spruce

    Name: Spruce


    Favorite Mob: Cow

    Favorite Block: Moss

    Favorite Biome: Taiga

    Support Stamps ♥


    Thank you to KaiOceansword for this stunning image!
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    Unofficial event trophies ♥
    Participant in calling all heroes

    Participant in the Buzzy Bees contest

    First winner on this forum thread: Link
    Guild race terra turf round one winner
    Guild Race terra turf round 2 winner

    Participant in the sweet like honey contest

    Third place winner in the easter skin contest

    Participant in the copper pallet comp
    1st place winner in spring with warblers
    Participant in roaring flames pallet comp
    Dingy Jungle BadgeParticipant in biomes skin comp

    My Support Stamp ♥
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