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    Are you a team?

    Yes, but not originally. To begin with EpicQuestz started as a place where a two friends uploaded some of their cool projects. You could say it was a team, but of only 2 people.

    What was the first team project?


    Can I apply to join?

    Yes, please note we only accept people who want to help build and show some creative potential.

    If you want to see cinematics and videos of our projects, you can subscribe to our youtube channel, or you can wait for the project to be released for download to look round it.

    Do you only make maps from Middle-Earth?

    Originally we made maps from different movies, but when we uploaded Minas Tirith and it became so popular, we decided to stick mainly with just Middle-Earth. Since then we’ve released many maps from Tolkien’s world, and have many more to come! Nevertheless, we won’t rule out non-Middle-Earth maps in the future.

    Do you take map requests?

    No, but we will take suggestions. At this time we do not take comissions, and are a team dedicated to building for fun rather than anything else. Be sure to make a suggestion on our forums if you have a great idea, or apply to join the server to get building yourself!

    Who are the main members of EpicQuestz?

    At this time, EpicQuestz is managed by two ‘Creators’ – Tobberz and Gelek, but the team is made up of fare more than just the staff team and leaders. EpicQuestz also has a strong connection to Empire War (see below), and as such its owner sjoerdtim continues to play a role in the server.

    For a full members list, see our website.

    Whats your connection with the Empire War server?

    EpicQuestz and Empire War used separate, but since then the two servers have found themselves more and more connected. Whilst the staff teams on each server are different, they are both funded from the same sources, and one of EpicQuestz’s major roles is creating LOTR-themed PvP maps for Empire War. As such, EpicQuestz and Empire War have become like siblings.
    Empire War and its owner are also what funds the EpicQuestz server.

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