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The Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth

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Introduction (Autumn 2019)
EpicQuestz has been working on Middle-Earth since 2011, under various leaderships and taking various directions. Our main aim, and what makes us unique, is releasing individual locations from Tolkien's Legendarium to the community, for free, to download. Whilst in the past (2011-2015) the aim of the server Leadership was to eventually release an entire map for download, this goal has now changed.

As of late 2018, our aim is to continue releasing individual locations for download as we always have done, but also focus on bringing entire regions to life, and ultimately for download (e.g: Rohan, Gondor, Rhovanion).

Project Updates
If you want to follow updates of our project in general, the best place to go is the Newsletters section of our Forums. Here, we post Newsletters every fortnight detailing our progress. You could also follow our Instagram and Twitter.

Download Individual Locations

Gondor (2013-2019):
Rohan (2013-2016):
Eriador (2011-2015):
Rhovanion (2014-2015):
Mordor (2012-2015):

The Future

As mentioned above, our aims for the future are twofold: Continue releasing individual locations as we always have done, but also work on releasing entire regions & kingdoms for download. The first of these regions will be announced towards the close of 2019.

Twitter Instagram The Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth Minecraft Map
Be sure to also join our discord at https://discord.gg/JJggVg6
CreditThe EpicQuestz build team: https://epicquestz.com/
Progress50% complete

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Update #21 : by EpicQuestz 08/03/2021 1:08:12 pmAug 3rd, 2021

Link updated to remove adfly.

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10/30/2021 8:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GtTvGaming avatar
Is this soon going to be a full map with all structures/all of middle earth
07/30/2021 10:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
__Red__ avatar
Forum link is contaminated with 8 different threats, including PHISING. Do not visit the link.
08/03/2021 1:07 pm
Level 82 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
Apologies, we are working on changing all our links. The service we used, adfly, seems to have completely gone to the dogs. We will update you once the process is complete.
03/15/2021 8:53 am
Level 1 : New Collective
xAzzA_ avatar
06/03/2020 6:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
PvtLucifer avatar
Are y'all going to make a Server, Lord of the Rings server community for all theses maps to be placed on? I would love to see all of them created and have a community built around this.
06/05/2020 4:50 am
Level 82 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
You can join our build server and see some of our maps at build.epicquestz.com (IP).
You can play PvP on our maps at our sister server empirewar.org.
05/04/2020 12:54 am
Level 24 : Expert Robot
Buzzbomber avatar
Gonna give you guys some props, it's nice you all don't lock your maps behind a server. It seems almost all Middle-Earth projects strive around the singular focus of making the least accessible projects possible, the contrary is a welcome change. (Even if said change happened a significant time ago.)
03/12/2020 4:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Ares2coool avatar
Can you make the shire in the future
10/03/2019 7:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Cyberdackel avatar
Cool, but can you put all the maps you built in one?
10/05/2019 1:34 pm
Level 82 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
This isn't our priority right now - although we are working on releasing a whole region/kingdom for download (like we did with Rhovanion in 2015, but better).

We'll post more info on that project in the coming weeks.
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