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  • more about kapp!

    Most of my OCs are characters I draw on my main accounts on socialmedias. to find me; @meloriri or @lucyymeows will do the trick :)

    PERSONA: Lucille! My real name :) They're the android character I made.

    FELYU (Original world w/ Friend): Fedor Chekhov, Yulia Chekhov, Yu Shaoqing
    ASSORTED: Venya, Kapp (Both a fem or masc ver exists!) Latte, Edgar Burns, Kai Sterling
    DDL(wip project): Main hero, Purple, Pink.

    who IS kapp?
    well, you know how old i am, how long i've been here, and my gender... but what about the actually important stuff?

    I'm a sophomore currently out of school for health related reasons. I love all things creative, but also a lot of things logical. My favorite hobbies would be debate, drawing, enjoying my coffee and taking walks with my cat <3 I have a strong interest in programming and know the basics, but i'm hoping to learn more!

    obsessed with the sci-fi or more accurately mizuiro aesthetic, but still dresses like a broke emo kid or somebody's grandmother.....

    living with 2 cats and 4 parakeets <3

    but; as an online persona...... im just ur average robot girl !! :3

    comms: not rn, as i have no way to accept payment ;;
    requests: not rn, very busy! (Exceptions can be made for UI texture packs)
    trades: yes!! shoot me a dm!
    collabs: YES !! shoot me a dm!

    RCE Entry?: Sure!!! link it right over to me :)

  • B)

    I'M KAPP!

    they/them preference ☆ any gendered terms ☆ 16 yrs
    ☆ BEEN ON PMC FOR: 5 Years

  • misc info *-*

    where can u find/contact me?
    tumblr: meloriri
    twt: lucyymeows (i think? i dont use twt)
    insta: meloririart
    disc: kanaenaz (dont be shy to shoot a dm if ur close to my age or ik u well!)
    youtube: suegiku (display name meloriri)

    find me on games!
    mc: meloriri
    steam: ocelotepic (display name lucille)
    dm me anywhere for 3ds friend code :P im still stuck on the ds LOL

    people you NEED to visit
    ppl here on pmc you should give a quick profile visit <3 go write in their guestbooks!
    ps; im not well acquainted with most users who are active on pmc nowadays... forgive me if theyre inactive ;;

    PickleCat liIy ( <-- first ppl i met on pmc! thank u two for the amazing memories <3) JadeFire170 Spongie fubukaze Mellie Buhh JessaMoon AmyOak CaelChan spookyshxdow chickenpants93

    BONUS: prized pmc memories
    Getting into a fistfight with SinusProductions at the first PMC prom. (He got banned for something related to children... dodged a bullet with that one LMAO)
    Mini Toppo Hatto gang W/ Picklecat
    Someone coming out as homophobic at my gay wedding (NOT TAGGING HER BC SHES SO SWEET IT WAS GENUINE REGRET BUT I FIND IT SO FUNNY I HAD TO MENTION)
    Indraft IP grabbing me (& Marma) to spoil my satire account ( PMCGrandma )
    Getting into a toxic friendship with a user like 5 years older than me (Again no names this is meant to be funny not a controversy hub)

    RUNNER UP: me being so goddamn cringe and not in a fun quirky way like i had a stick 7 feet up my ass LMFAOOO

    current interests & music?
    beginner keyboardist :3

    music recs: the crane wives, mother mother (dont conform to trends. still bangs.), the hush sound, tears for fears, mitski, tally hall & miracle musical, Lamp (proud to say i LiKeD thEm bEfoRE thEy WEre PopuLar in north america) maretu, KENSHI YONEZU (and hachi ofc), the Oh Hellos

    (PS; nothing wrong with having a typical 'tiktok' or 'trendy' music taste! those are great ways to find music you enjoy! i just like my bragging at spotting out talented ppl sometimes LMAO)

    Persona 3 (Portable, Reload)
    Persona 5 (Royal, Tactica)
    Persona Q(2)
    The Sims 4 (even tho they give us NOTHINGG)
    Stardew Valley
    Project: Sekai
    Project Mirai
    Goat Simulator 3 (hilarious)
    Dont Starve
    Your Turn to Die -- Kimi ga Shine
    Probably loads more and also we wont go into my controversial videogame interests LMAO)

    Gilmore Girls (me n my mom fr)
    I'm In Love With The Villainess
    Brooklynn 99
    Bungou Stray Dogs
    puella magi madoka magica
    sk8 the infinity
    (i also know plenty others, just not super into them rn HAH)

    MISC: Vocaloid!!!! im bad at tuning but i LOVE vocaloid

    Characters I <3: Chisato Nishikigi (LycoReco), Kyouka Izumi (BSD), Yukari YuzukI (Vocaloid VB) V Flower (Vocaloid VB) Joker (P5R), Ann Takamaki, Yusuke Kitagawa, Kotone Shiomi, Aigis, Kanna Kizuchi, Shin Tsukimi, Nakahara Chuya (BSD), Kanade Yoisaki, Sayaka Miki, Hatsune Miku ofc, Nene Kusanagi, Monika (DDLC) B)))

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