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Journeyman Dragon
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    feel free to message me about any of the things i have shown interest in, such as fantasy, reading, gaming, drawing and myers-briggs type indicator, stressful/melancholic thoughts or just how your day went!

    ^^^ who? ^^^

    although i might make things here and there for friends, my requests are not open yet. please be patient until i decide to take requests. thank you!

    i hope you have a wonderful day/night!

  • ωнσ αм ι?

    𝒦 𝐼 𝒯 𝒯 𝒴

    infp-t reader gamer artist skinner

    hey there.

    make sure to check out some of my skins while you're on my profile.
    giving me diamonds and favouriting my work helps, too.


  • <3

    but don't you know? we're stronger now

    "i keep telling myself that i'm a human being, an imperfect human being that's not made to look like a doll." -emma watson (she's pretty cool)

    shining up to the sky

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