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    Hey-o! I'm inactive for good. :(

    I hope you all enjoy my submissions and work I've done
    here and hopefully I've inspired some of you. :)

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      November 1, 2019, 5:02 pm to Public
      Hello all! It’s been some time :) Now I almost feel bad posting this with all the experiences I’ve gained over the past three, well almost four years I’ve been here, but I think it’s about time I’ve moved on from PMC. :) I’ve absolutely loved this website and the many people I’ve met, and I thought a proper bye would be a little better then just disappearing! (≧∀≦) I’m truly thankful for all the subscribers, recognition, and most importantly the support you all have given me! I probably won’t ever be back to post anything, but I’ll still be here to work on the remaining prizes form my last contest until they’re finished. Once again, thank you all! またね!
      Spider-Pug said 2021-01-17 00:49:56
      It was an honor, good luck with your next great adventure!
      Watermelon_seeds said 2019-11-09 11:07:02
      TsukiaKari said 2019-11-05 10:44:23
      Aw, we’ll miss you but it’s your choice :)
      Is there a way to contact you tho?
      Chabilulu said 2019-11-04 11:03:46
      good luck with life!
      Myristica said 2019-11-03 09:40:48
      Aw we’ll miss u smmm
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      October 3, 2019, 12:19 pm to Public

      ~Happy October everyone!!!~

      Hey there! Its finally October! I love Halloween, and its not to far away now! image

      If anyone has any plans for Halloween or anything spooky this month, I'd love to know what you have planned! and If you're doing any costumes or cosplay, I'd like to know that too!!! image

      - - - - - - - - - -

      Now the divider you see above and the art bellow I made for you all if you'd like to display on your profile for this month! I was going to make it a raffle, but I got lazy and only made two pieces of pixel art hehe! xD (I usually make three!) Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them and have a great day!

      len-kun replied to DischaindMonstr's comment below 2019-10-12 15:55:43
      Wow! thats awesome!! I hope you'll be able to, that would really suck if you couldn't xD And thanks so much!! <3
      len-kun replied to Momu's comment below 2019-10-12 15:54:41
      Oh thank you so much!! hehehe!
      DischaindMonstr said 2019-10-08 00:13:49
      For Halloween I am planning on making a cosplay of a character from my favourite story of all time, Edward Hyde from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Not able to get the supplies yet though despite the fact Halloween is approaching so quickly... Hope I can get to work on it soon though!

      Also, I absolutely adore your skins and art! Keep up the fantastic work Len-Kun!
      Momu said 2019-10-06 16:58:45
      Oh my goodness she’s so adorable! I could just play with her ears and hair ^^
      4 Kun replied to len-kun's comment below 2019-10-05 17:45:31
      Thanks Len-Kun!

      I did try pixel art for a friend and yea, it's so much fun!
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      September 19, 2019, 4:21 pm to Public
      Oh I almost forgot to send out a link! XD The contest results for Angel VS Devil are now finished! For those who didn’t see the forum in your feed or some other way, here is the link! https://www.planetminecraft.com/forums/pmc/events/angel-vs-devil-contest-results-594718
    •  avatar
      September 18, 2019, 11:12 am to Public
      Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you that the Angel VS Devil contest me and Momu ends today! The judging will be done shortly, but today I’ll be a little busy so look for the results later today!
      len-kun replied to polkadotstingray's comment below 2019-09-18 17:18:19
      Oh you're just fine!! <3 I wouldn't worry about it :) we all get busy!
      polkadotstingray said 2019-09-18 17:13:57
      hhhhhh i'm so sorry I missed the time for my participation ;u; i've been working on skintober in advance and I joined some other contests as well.. probably shouldn't have joined so many contests. again, so sorry! ;;u;;
      Nitgo said 2019-09-18 13:38:13
      Buy what if you make a pole to see what the people like the most?
      memora said 2019-09-18 11:46:58
      Ahh I’m looking forward to it!
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      August 31, 2019, 6:21 pm to Public

      ☆*~Happy birthday Hatsune Miku!~ *☆
      I couldn't help myself and I had to make artwork! >w< This is also the day her voice software released, of course! x3
        Down bellow are also all the Hatsune Miku pixel art I have every made, including my two Hatsune Miku raffles, which all are welcome to use! so I hope you enjoy looking through them and thanks for looking~

      (Listing art from oldest to newest)

      Hatsune Miku Chirstmas Raffle:


      Bonus deco:

      Lemon Mint Miku Raffle:


      Bonus deco:

      And thats it! If anyone else made any art for Hatsune Miku's birthday or just recently, I'd love to see them!
      4 Kun replied to len-kun's comment below 2019-09-02 13:51:39
      Thanks, it's cool that I found about it too. Also so much thanks for the nice reply, np, I'll try relax, and yea, I guess high school is really got me scared from that last reply.
      len-kun replied to 4 Kun's comment below 2019-09-02 00:32:30
      That’s very neat on how you found out about Miku!! And oh my goodness don’t apologize!! <3 you are 101% just fine! And thank you sm! :) I completely understand being busy, so please don’t feel obligated to do anything too! ^^ you just relax~ ♪( ´▽`)
      4 Kun said 2019-09-01 21:34:07
      Happy birthday Miku!

      I first found about Miku from a video about Japan culture and it's started from a Jontron video about Japanese's "shoot-em-up" but it really started with last year where I found JOJO and got into anime as a whole, well, the old culture.

      Also, those drawings of Miku is very cute and beautiful, I'll plan to draw Miku as a gift for you but I got many things to do this month(school and a planned drawing in Discord) and well, its going to be a very hard and busy year. Also, I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING LATE TO YOUR NEW SKIN AND POSTS, completely forgot about Planet Minecraft, and I forgot to redraw a drawing in pixel for you as a first pixel arts because I was too busy with Minecraft with my buddys in Discord, sorry again. (╯°Д°)╯ ┻━┻
      len-kun replied to Momu's comment below 2019-09-01 20:33:26
      Ooh thank you!! :3
      Momu said 2019-09-01 17:07:59
      Awe they’re so adorable! Nice work lennie <3
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      SomeBasilKinGirl posted to guest book of len-kun avatar len-kun
      November 28, 2019, 6:34 pm to Public
      Love you.
      Potentially homo...
    •  avatar
      4 Kun posted to guest book of len-kun avatar len-kun
      October 19, 2019, 9:01 am to Public
      Hello Len-Kun!
      Not to be very rude but may you send the images of your support stamp and the deco that I've requested to me to download please?

      I found out how to fix the image problem by downloading and uploading it to Discord then adding it again to PMC.

      Can't wait for more arts from you! Following your pixel art tutorial really helps me draw digital(because well, it's the easiest for me to add colors to it without any transparent problems lole) and it reminds me of that old internet art style I really liked.
      And to leave off on a great note, how have you been doing?

    •  avatar
      GoldenGlider posted to guest book of len-kun avatar len-kun
      September 21, 2019, 9:01 pm to Public
      bro did u like give out a ton of avatars or smth cuz im seeing them everywhere XD they're so cute tho how u so good at art -v-
      len-kun said 2019-09-22 16:46:41
      Thanks so much for the complement! (*´∀`)♪ Pixel art takes some time to get used to, but it’s a lot of fun! ^^
    •  avatar
      4 Kun posted to guest book of len-kun avatar len-kun
      September 19, 2019, 11:22 pm to Public


      Explain please?
      4 Kun replied to len-kun's comment below 2019-09-21 18:50:58
      Thanku! (─ ω ─)

      And oh! Is it a new computer you had, I got my new computer from my uncle in law where he is a very good technology man and has gotten a new desktop for me base on how fast it can play games, and I give my younger brother the old desktop I no longer uses, I have it reset and let him set it up for his likings. And I wish you the best with fixing the image soon, but it's fine if you don't get it fixed quickly, I can wait as long for you to fix it.
      len-kun said 2019-09-21 01:12:12
      My apologies! I've been transferring images to a different computer and it messes with them... xD I'll hopefully have it fixed soon! ^^
    •  avatar
      AngryWolf5647 posted to guest book of len-kun avatar len-kun
      August 12, 2019, 5:32 am to Public
      GoldenGlider said 2019-08-24 16:11:37
      ok am I the only one who was friggin spooped by the trailer 😂
      AngryWolf5647 replied to len-kun's comment below 2019-08-22 05:10:24
      Maybe?? And if they do will there be other playable characters too? That’s something nintendo definitely hasn’t done in the legend of Zelda before, except for hyrule warriors but I think that didn’t have as much of a story
      len-kun replied to AngryWolf5647's comment below 2019-08-13 23:05:25
      Hahaha exactly!! What do you think now that Zelda has joined the Link? Think she’ll be a playable character?? :0
      AngryWolf5647 replied to len-kun's comment below 2019-08-13 06:28:46
      So ready!! Dehydrated Ganon is going down!
      len-kun said 2019-08-12 09:07:27
      Oooh so much HYPE!! are you ready for this game sargent???
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