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PixieMaxBehold, the grandmaster of diamonds unloading a never-ending stream of jewels upon McMeddons page
MrNotSOProThe Myth, The Legend, The Mr_tonyparg, stronger than anyone else, elevating McMeddon to lvl 72.
AstromPlayscatapulting McMeddon towards lvl 71
Dynamo9The Diamond Dynamo that PMC will drive forward!
RANTIKUSFrom a far land the unknown one came, but plenty of diamonds he was willing to share!
GalacticSpikeIn a Galaxy ... far far away, a Hero we needed, he sent only the shiniest of Diamonds
West Shore ServicesDing Ding, a new delivery of diamonds have been made by the Grand West Shore Services
FirstDawn  And as the sun settles, and the last light shimmers through, diamonds and hearts are sparkling through the lands
EleanorRoseThe Golden Rose of PMC, send me straight to lvl 62 on a wagon full of diamonds
lovfallandeFrom the cursed underworlds of skins, brought lovfallande his most cursed diamonds
chickenpants93Handcrafted and made with love sent Mr Chicken pants full of diamonds and skyrocketed me to lvl 61
Fernelle  Crafted below the summer vines, wizardlizzy and the her guarding ghost sent the best diamonds ever to touch the light
MoonAstraea  Sent the shiniest stars in form of precious diamonds
Spongie  The Best Sponge of PMC just flooded McMeddon with Diamonds
PMCPlanetMinecraft PlanetDiamond - Best Planet 9/7 Pixels - Would post here again
DreamWandererThe Diamonds and love machine
green_subwayDing Ding, next stations - Diamond Station
EventlesstewHas only the best Diamond and Love Stew
DRM061006   Hands out love all across the projects
AwhikaxIs Putting my work out onto nice podiums
FishStacksThe Lucky Luke of Likes
Kaos_KittenThe Kitten made out of Diamonds and love
TesdayMaximum Diamond Wednesday
FmWildSends the wildest Diamonds, and a second wave right away
warface25The Diamond warrior we deserved
Diamond DistributorThe Hero of diamonds

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