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Official group for the PMC community server
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    Welcome to the official community group for the PMCSMP.

    Here you can see updates about the server, discover community events and find all kinds of content.

    question_answer Check out the FAQs for more server info
    stars Visit the official server page here

    Launched on November 8th 2020 for the PMC 10th Year Anniversary
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    1. No inappropriate/foul language (profanity).
    2. No exploiting, hacking, x-ray, duping, or anything else that adds an unfair advantage or causes damage to the server.
    3. Be respectful to everyone. This includes staff members and players.
    4. No advertising of any kind (Minecraft & Discord Servers, personal YouTube, etc).
    5. No bypassing punishments. This includes things such as alternative methods in-game and alt-accounts.
    6. No spamming.
    7. No inappropriate usernames, skins, capes or item names.
    8. No AFK grinding (this includes automatic methods, such as auto clicker, changing controls, etc).
    9. Use common sense.


    1. No griefing.
    2. No building in other people's claims & builds without permission.
    3. No scamming or stealing.
    4. No real money should be used through trading.
    5. No killing a player's pet & animals.
    6. No tp trapping/killing.
  • FAQs

    General FAQs

    Is this for Java or Bedrock?
    Both! You can join on any supported device at (default Bedrock port)
    How do I verify on the server?
    Check out this tutorial on how to verify your PMC account.
    Is there a Dynmap?
    Visit the Dynmap here
    How do I become helper/ moderator?
    Helpers are active players that are nominated by our staff team. Mods are trusted Helpers or PMC staff that handle player disputes and issues. Server staff are regular members of the community who are known to help players and promote a good experience for all.

    Server Help

    How do I claim land?
    Check out this tutorial here.
    How can I setup a shopkeeper?
    Check out this tutorial on how to create a villager shopkeeper
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    • PMCSMP's Avatar
      PMCSMP post by Adrestio's Avatar Adrestio
      August 31, 2022, 11:25 pm to Public
      Hello PMC. It's been a while.
      We know you miss the server.

      There has been many questions in the PMC Discord and on the site questioning where the server has gone. The SMP had been experiencing many updates and constant tweaks from the server host following the 1.17-1.19 updates (which many of you already knew). There hasn't been much left apart from unanswered questions and the many newbies asking for the IP right above their heads.

      We don't have all the answers but we didn't want to keep you in the dark.
      Unfortunately, the Server has still been closed.
      For many of the regulars on the site, the SITE has always been the priority and it has evolved with phenomenal new features.The team is small and works hard to keep the site alive and running smoothly.
      The Server isn't the main priority. With many server hosting miscommunications, waiting for updates on plugins, it has been too much to handle and to keep up while also hosting a site holding millions.

      With that said, though the server is still inaccessible not all is lost.

      With the absence of the PMCSMP, one of the prominent figures of the PMCSMP has taken it upon himself to create a new and not-a-replacement server:
      (I wonder who created it )

      We ALL miss the PMCSMP and finding a new Minecraft Server is never as fun when you know you have spent so much time on another one but it shouldn't feel too different. Lots of members of the PMCSMP community have already settled in and all the plugins and features of the previous world have recently been installed onto this one (like Shopkeepers, datapacks, and chairs)! Don't forget to get yourself whitelisted.

      So while we do long for wherever our PMCSMP has gone, we thank you for the patience and hope towards the server. The server has not been deleted and may return, even we have barely anything to work with right now.
      So while we work with what we have, if you miss the PMCSMP and that multiplayer experience, hop onto McMeddon's server and we hope to see you there.

                   -The PMCSMP Team
      JustaFlqmingo said 2023-07-01 17:19:48
      JustaFlqmingo's Avatar
    • PMCSMP's Avatar
      PMCSMP post by Cib's Avatar Cib
      January 21, 2022, 11:28 am to Public

      One stop shop for all things PMCSMP!

      With the launch of PMC Groups you can now find updates, info and more about the community server all in one place.
      We look forward to members hosting different events and being able share all kinds of content. More info about future changes and possibilities for this new space will come soon, so be on the lookout for updates.

      Make sure you're following the group to receive updates from anyone, or even add it to your sidebar!
      TNTFortify said 2022-04-24 20:15:16
      TNTFortify's Avatar
      Can we get a 1.19 PMC SMP with a new map when 1.19 get released??? That would be fun, and we can do it alongside the old map
      TNTFortify said 2022-03-25 10:06:55
      TNTFortify's Avatar
      Okay the server still exists! Thats good, anything new?
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