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    What is the NebuLab?

    The NebuLab is an upcoming all-in-one Minecraft server.

    Since starting NebuLab in early 2016, our plan is to make NebuLab an all-in-one server including many popular attractions such as Survival Games, Factions, Creative, Quakecraft and many more!
    Currently, we are in the "Pre-Alpha" (if you will) phase. There are currently just 3 of us adding, tweaking and testing new things every day.

    What are we looking for?

    Since NebuLab is a newer project were going to need some help, and that's where you come in!
    We want to recruit some staff members to help smooth and speed along the process of getting NebuLab officially released as a server.

    Currently we are in need of the following staff members:


    Your job as a builder is stuff.
    This "stuff" will pertain to new Survival Games or Quakecraft maps, Factions builds, spawns, scenery, etc.

    Requirements for Builder:
    - At LEAST 15 years old
    - Familiar with World Edit/Guard
    - Speak English
    - Many hours (if not years) of building experience

    [Factions Managers]
    Your job as a Faction Manager would be to completely manage the Factions
    section of the NebuLab. This means setting up the necessary plugins (which we will install if needed. We are currently running the Factions plugin) permissions, kits, safe zone, wilderness, etc.

    Requirements for Factions Manager:
    - At LEAST 18 years old
    - Familiar with Factions plugin
    - Speak English
    - Organized
    - Experienced with Factions in general

    Your job as a Moderator is to moderate what is going on in the server.
    This means keeping the chat/server clean and friendly, slamming the ban hammer on unwanted trolls, and helping players who have questions or are new to the server.

    Requirements for Moderator:
    - At LEAST 15 years old
    - Mature behavior
    - Past moderating experience
    - Speak English
    - Familiar with common server commands

    Your job as an Admin will include that of the Moderators', and to oversee everything and everyone in the server. You will make sure the moderators/builders/managers
    are doing their jobs and are taken care of. You will also act as an adviser to the Owners. This means you will let them know of any problems/requests some players or staff may have,
    whether its with permissions or plugins, etc.

    Requirements for Admin:
    - At LEAST 18 years old
    - Past moderating/administrating experience
    - Speak English
    - Familiar with common server commands/permissions/plugins

    How can I apply?

    If you would like to apply for one of the staff members listed above, copy the following spoiler and fill in the blanks, then paste it in a private message to us:

    Spoiler - click to reveal


    Staff position I am applying for:

    Past experience related to said position:

    Do you meet the requirements for said position? (Yes/No):

    If not, what requirement(s) are you lacking?:

    Hours/Days of availabiliy:

    Extra info:

    How will I know if i'm recruited?

    If you are chosen to become a staff member for the NebuLab, we will send you a private message containing the server IP, discord, and some
    ´╗┐other things to get you settled in. Good luck!

    Thank you for your interest in NebuLab. We hope to see many of you guys applying!
    We are super stoked to begin the next chapter for this server. Make sure to subscribe to our PMC profile to stay updated on everything
    going on with the NebuLab!

    - Iridium (Owner of NebuLab)

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