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    Hello, iam just a german guy who likes videogames and wants to share
    some epic and funny moments with you.
    I love to edit my gameplay experience into cinematic trailers.
    Maybe you didn't know one of the games and want to try them out yourself.
    Have fun watching my YT content and subscribe if you want to see more :-)

    Iam a huge Lord of the Rigns and Minecraft fan,
    you can download my Middleearth world here aswell.

    This world file was made to combine the LotR Mod for Minecraft, with all the important movie locations and characters,
    as well as other mods like rings of power and more weapons, armor and Custom NPC's with quests.

    Experience Middle-earth like never before with a full open world
    and many quest lines that will lead you into the footsteps of your heroes.
    But are you able to destroy the one ring, or will you bound to his power?

    Thanks for downloading and playing, you can join our discord server to dont miss on update news.
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