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Middleearth: complete map with all locations and heroes with story quest's!

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PakPacman avatar PakPacman
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Hello and Welcome to Middle-earth.
A place of adventure and epic tales.

This world file was made to combine the LotR Mod for Minecraft, with all the important movie locations and characters,
as well as other mods like rings of power and more weapons, armor and Custom NPC's with quests and skins. It was a 2 years project and is finally finished.

Experience Middle-earth like never before with a full open world
and many quest lines that will lead you into the footsteps of your heroes.
But are you able to destroy the one ring, or will you bound to his power?

The world is available in english or german language.
Thanks for downloading and playing,
you can join our discord server to not miss on update news.


->Mods included:

- LotR Mod
- Rings of Power Mod
- Legendary Items Mod
- Custom NPC Mod
- LotR shaderpack

Structures added (updated list 2.0): (Fully implemented into the world from all sides and with filled with mod content.)

Hobbiton with Bag-end: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/hobbiton-download-link/)
Bree: (Genstructure Mod)
Weathertop: (Genstructure Mod)
Bilbos Trolls: (Made by me)
Troll Cave: (Made by me)
Riveldell: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-valley-of-imladris---rivendell/)
Mines of Moria: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-moria/)
Lothlorien: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/lothlorien---lotr/)
Isengard: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/isengard---ruined-fortress/)
Argonath, Amon Hen: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/argonath---the-gate-of-kings/)
Helms Depp: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/helms-deep-1688618/)
Edoras: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/edoras---rohan/)
Dunharrow: (Made by me)
Parth of the Death: (Made by me)
Ithilien Ranger Base: (Made by me)
Ithilien Mumakil Ambush: (Made by me, Mumakil from PlanetMinecraft)
Osgiliath: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/osgiliath-in-ruin---lord-of-the-ring-build/)
Dead Marshes lair: (Made by Me)
Gollum Amon Lhaw ambush: (Made by Me)
Minas Thirith: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/minas-tirith-11-scale-1818179/)
Black Gate, Minas Morgul, Cyrith Ungol, Shelobs Lair, Mount Doom, Barad-Dur: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/lotr---mordor/)
Erebor: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-lonely-mountain-of-erebor/)
Dale, Esgaroth (Lake-town): (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-hobbit---esgaroth-dale-erebor-amp-ravenhill/)
Dol Guldur: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/dol-guldur---lotr---the-hobbit/)
Beons House: (Made by me)
Forest Gate to Mirkwood: (Made by me)
Goblin Town: (Made by me)
Gollums lair under Goblin Town: (Made by me)
Thranduils Halls: (Genstructure Mod)
Cair Andros: (Genstructure Mod)
Eastemneth: (Genstructure Mod)
Edhellond: (Genstructure Mod)
Forlond: (Genstructure Mod)
Fornost: (Genstructure Mod)
Greamslade: (Genstructure Mod)
Gundabad: (Genstructure Mod)
Harlond: (Genstructure Mod)
Tarbad: (Genstructure Mod)
Utumno entrance: (Genstructure Mod)

->Quests added: (updated list 2.0)

The Way Of The Ring Bearer:
(Start at Gandalf in the Shire)

- Part 1: Lets go on an Adventure
- Part 2: The Way to Rivendell
- Part 3: A long Journey
- Part 4: The Mines of Moria
- Part 5: The realm of the Elves
- Part 6: Argonath
- Part 7: Amon Hen
- Part 8: Gollum
- Part 9: The Dead Marshes
- Part 10: Gondor
- Part 11: The Road to Mordor
- Part 12: The Spider Shelop
- Part 13: Cirith Ungol
- Part 14: Far From Home!
- Part 15: Destroy The One Ring!

- Side Quest: Lurtz The Uruk-Hai
- Side Quest: Nazguls at Weathertop
- Side Quest: The Witchking
- Side Quest: Sauron

The Way Of The King:
(Start at Aragorn in Amon Hen)

- Part 1: Merry and Pippin
- Part 2: Edoras
- Part 3: Helms Deep
- Part 4: The Wall
- Part 5: Isengard
- Part 6: Pathes of the Dead
- Part 7: The White City
- Part 8: The Beacon
- Part 9: Diversionary Tactic
- Part 10: The Black Gate

The Way Of The Hobbit:
(Start at Bilbo in Rivendell)

- intro: An Unexpected Journey
- Part 1: The Secret Map
- Part 2: The Departure
- Part 3: Goblin Town
- Part 4: Riddles in the Dark
- Part 5: The Shapeshifter
- Part 6: The Brown Wizard
- Part 7: The Woodland Realms
- Part 8: The River Escape
- Part 9: Lake Town
- Part 10: Erebor
- Part 11: The Key
- Part 12: The Dragon Smaug

-Side Quest: Necromant in Dol Guldur
-Side Quest: Find the Arkenstone
-Side Quest: Kill Azog

Location Side Quests:
(Start Location in the 2.0 Patch Notes)
- Cair Andros Quest
- Farnost Quest
- Eastemneth Quest
- Gundabad Quest
- Utumno Quest
- Khamul's Tower Quest

->NPCs added: (some have multiple versions because of the Quest's)

Gandalf the grey
Gandalf the white
Bilbo Baggins young
Bilbo Baggins old
Frodo Baggins
Samwise "Sam" Gamgee
Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck
Peregrin "Pippin" Took
Aragorn Strider
Aragorn King
Grima Wormtongue
Orc leaders
Mouth of Sauron
King of the Dead
Master of Lake-Town

(And many new NPCs, like guards and boss fights, as well as
unknown lore friendly Quest givers for some Side Quests.)

---More Updates will come in the future---
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 (World Version 2.0) : by PakPacman 11/24/2022 8:11:38 amNov 24th

----------Version 2.0----------
(24. November 2022)

Youtube Video About The Update
- New Genstructures/Schematics added:

- Bree
- Weathertop
- Osgiliath (ruined version)
- Thranduils Halls

- Aldburg
- Ajtiaz an-Ahar
- Anat an-Kastamir
- Cair Andros (+Quest)
- Durthang
- Eastemneth (+Quest)
- Edhellond
- Emin Arnen
- Etring
- Fornost (+Quest)
- Forlond
- Gath-Azrazain
- Grimslade
- Gundabad (+Quest)
- Harlond
- Isem Ulzuz
- Khamuls Tower (+Quest)
- Mitlond
- Tarbad
- Tarnost
- Umbar
- Utumno (+Quest)
- Willowbottom
- Woldhall
- Wulfburg

All new locations have been improved and filled with mod content like NPC spawners,
Banners and loot chests for the player to find.
All sides and roads from the areas with quests where adjusted so they fit into the world.
(Other new places will be fixed with the next update,
so keep in mind that some roads or areas like mountains maybe look a bit strange)


- Six new Side Quests with dialog where added to lead to player to the new added locations.
- Cair Andros Quest: (Starts at Faramir in Osgiliath)
- Eastemneth Quest: (Starts at Eomer in Edoras)
- Fornost Quest: (Starts at the Guard in the Forsaken Inn in the Bree region)
- Gundabad Quest: (Starts at Legolas infront of Thranduils Halls)
- Khamul's Tower Quest: (Starts at Galadriel in Rivendell)
- Utumno Quest: (Starts at Gandalf the white in the kings hall of Minas Thirith after tha main campaign)
<<(More Quests will come soon)>>

- Added Eomer, Faramir, Tauriel, Thorin, Bilbo and Galadriel as Followers.
(Bilbo have a stone throw attack next to his sword attacks with sting.
Eomer have a special spear throw attack and attack melee(horse didnt work),
Faramir and Tauriel will assist you with deadly bow ranged attacks.
Thorin will fight with his Sword, he is very tanky and have a knockback,
And Galadriel have a magic thunder range attack)

You will unlock:
- Eomer in the Eastemneth (Eastmark) Side Quest at the "Way of the King" Campaign
- Faramir at the Cair Andros Side Quest at the Ringbearer Campaign
- Tauriel and Legolas at Mount Gundabad in the Location Side Quest from the Hobbit Campagin
- Thorin in the Hobbit Campagin near the tresure room by Smaug.
- Galadriel in the Dol-Guldur Mission and the Khamul Mission.
- Bilbo at the Forest gate in Mirkwood.

- Added new dialogs to match the new follower options follower options.

- Added Treebeard with dialog and some Ents to the Isengard entrance.

- More lootboxes added:
- around the Smaug area in Erebor.
- in Lothlorien treehouses.
- at the Black Gate.
- in Barad-Dur.
- in Osgiliath ruins.
- in Thranduils Halls.
- in Cair Andros city.
- in Fornost Ruin.
- in Easthemneth Tower.
- in Khamul's Tower.

- Changed the complete building to a new Gen-Structure.
- Matched the new quest locations aswell as Aragorns, Merry's and Nazguls positions.
- Smoothed out all sides and roads of the structure, so it fits better into the world.

- Changed the complete building to a new Gen-Structure.
- Matched the new quest locations aswell as Nazguls and Hobbit positions.
- Smoothed out all sides of the structure, so it fits better into the world.

- Changed all the sponge blocks and stone pillars into elven bricks.
- Fixed some harsh clifs at the back of the structure.
- Added more lore items in chests.

Minas Thirith:
- Changed all the quarz blocks into Gondor stone variants.
- Beacons added in the mountains all the way to Edoras.
- Added more Lore items in chests.

- Changed the complete city to a new a new schematic from Epicquest.
- Matched the new quest locations and Faramirs position in the middle of the bridge.
- Added NPC spawns and banners of Gondor.
- Added bridges to the river.
- Changed all Strone to Gondor Stone elements.
- Added Orc Tents and Camps to the east side of the river.
- Smoothed out all sides and roads of the structure so it fits better into the world.

- Changed all yellow teracotta to mallon leaves.
- Changed all normal torches to collourfull mallon torches.
- Changed all mashroomblocks to mallon wood.
- Added more mod interior to the tree houses.

Black Gate:
- Changed all the stone elements of the gate into Mordor variants.
- Changed all the bedrock in the area into Mordor blocks
- Deleated the troll statues and replaced them with NPC models.
- More tents, torches and banners added.
- Added a horse to the "Mouth of Sauron".

Minas Morgul:.
- Changed the complete fortress area into different blocks.
- Changed the stone mountains into mordor stone and dirt.

- All Cirith Ungol blocks have been changed into lotr blocks.
- Changed the Mount Doom area to Mordor blocks.
- Rework of the entrance area into Mount Doom.
- Rework of the roads in the Mount Doom / Barad-Dur area.
- Changed Barad-Dur into Mordor blocks.
- Added more banners and torches.

Thranduils Halls:
- Changed the complete building to a new Gen-Structure.
- Matched the new quest locations aswell as NPC positions.
- Added some dwarves to the prison and dialog for Gloin.
- Smoothed out all sides and roads of the structure, so it fits better into the world.
- Changed all inside stone to elven bricks from lotr mod.
- Small rework of the throneroom and prison area.

Other Changes:
- Changed the Aragorn, Faramir and Mouth of Sauron NPC skin.
- Updated the "Rings of Power" mod from v3.0 to v4.0. (Removed the HP buffs from the Rings).
- Updated the "Legendary Item" from v3.0 to v4.1. (Added more Weapons and Armors).
- Many new loot box locations with lore weapons.
- Added the "WorldEdit" mod into the mods folder, so ppl can import their homebase into the new update world.
- Changed the numbers under the names of Nazguls, so the player encounters them in the right order.
- Added a black horse to the nazgul at the Foresaken Inn and to the Nazgul at the "San Ford" bridge.
- Changed the Arkenstone to the new one from Legendary Items Mod.
- Made Smaug a bit harder to defeat by giving him 100 more HP (1HP=1/2 heart).
- Made Spider Shelob a bit harder to defeat by giving her 100 more HP.
- Made the Orc Captains in Cirith Ungol a bit harder to defeat by giving them +1 more attack dmg.
- Added Galadriel Follower to Dol-Guldur to support solo players in the Necromancer boss fight.
- Added knockback to bow companions to make them more impactfull.
- Changed the Mumakil in Ithilien to Stone. Future Side Quest coming soon.
- Changed Gundabad to Utumno-stone to match the rusty stone effect from the Hobbit movies.
- Added all the clones of the npc's to the download folder so ppl can fix npcs with the custom-npc mod in creative mode incase something happens.
The folders are sorted as 1:LotrNPCs, 2:Enemys, 3:Hobbit, 4:Follower, 5:Final Room, 6:Misc.

- Deleted a NPC at the minas thirith beacon that doesnt belong there.
- Fixed a missing translation at the orc leaders infront of the Black Gate.
- Fixed a missing translation of Denethor in Minas Thirith.
- Fixed a missing translation of Gandalf the white in Mordor.
- Fixed a wrong translation in the Galadriel dialog and it was reworked to match the movie dialog more.
- Fixed a translation mistake in the Boromir follower dialog in Amon-Hen.
- Fixed a spelling error at the Sam dialog in the Shire.
- Fixed a spelling error in the Questlog from "River Escape".
- Fixed a missing translation of the sign over the "Green Dragon" tavern in the Shire.
- Fixed a missing translation of the way sign after Cirith Ungol.
- Fixed a missing translation of the way sign at the entrance of the mount doom area
- Fixed the destroyed wool banner of mordor at the entrance of the mount doom area.
- Deleted some dialogs that had no use and where just copies.
- Fixed the Quest finished location of Saurons forge at the end a bit closer to the edge.
- Fixed some wrong staircaises in Erebor at the treasure chaimber.
- Added Bedrock to cover the Questlocation Blocks so they dont get destroyed.
- Changed some glowing morgul stones in minas morgul to non glowing blocks to increase performance.
- Deleted some Gondor NPCs in Minas Thirith to increase performance.
- Deleted a lot of item blocks lying around in many areas,
with the clear area command, to increase performance.
- Changed the ring location from Galadriel closer to her.
- Rework of the Galadriel mirror dialog, to match it more to the movies.
- Translated the skin file name of the witchking to english to avoid an rare bug when he was invisible.
- Added way signs with teleport information to the waypoints in locations builds have moved.
(Barad-Dur, Dunharrow, Moria Exit, Cirith Ungol, Gundabad,).
- Added F.A.Q. channel about the world on the discord.
- Rework of the install readme.txt. and the tutorial on discord.

- Searching for a programer who can tweak some settings inside the rings of power mod.
- Searching for builders who want to help us with the project.
Knowlage in worldedit, MC-Edit or the CustomNpcs mod would be great but is not needed.
- Currently working on speaking NPCs with many A.I. voice actors for the next update :-)
- German version of this world is coming soon too.

Thanks to the helping ppl with this project, specially to "TheComicBookGuy"(@SauronPlayz on PM)
and to "Falling Peach",aswell as the artist builders from PM and the Genstructure Mod.
Thanks to the community for the feedback and suggestions.
And thanks to the mod creators for lotr mod and the rings of power/leg.Items mod.
Without you all this work would not be possible <3

Thanks for downloading and playing the world, join our discord for more information about this project,
Suggestions, tipps and tricks at: Discord Server

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12/02/2022 8:00 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Set0 avatar
Your mod additions are insane, God bless u <3
11/21/2022 5:46 am
Level 38 : Artisan Blockhead
Theredorn avatar
Gonna try this out today!
11/24/2022 7:53 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
PakPacman avatar
Thanks :-D Big new update is coming today, that new version has a lot of improvements. :)
11/16/2022 7:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LasagaGaming avatar
I wish to add the structures into the map but I don't know how. Can you help?
11/17/2022 3:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LordLeoVader avatar
Yeah, how do yoi add structures into maps?
11/17/2022 4:54 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
PakPacman avatar
Hi, its a finished map, you just ahve to put into your save folder, inside the download is a installation tutorial.
11/19/2022 6:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
LordLeoVader avatar
Yes, i've got it working. But how did you ADD other builds from other maps?
11/21/2022 5:46 am
Level 38 : Artisan Blockhead
Theredorn avatar
Probably with Genstructures.
11/24/2022 7:52 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
PakPacman avatar
Hi, yes with genstructures and schmeatics that i ex- and imported with MC Edit and smoothed it all out with Wolrd Edit tools. :-)
11/15/2022 5:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LordLeoVader avatar
Genius, pure genius.
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