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Middle-earth: Complete Map With All Locations And Heroes With Story Quests!

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Level 48 : Master Architect

How to download and install:
The map download was moved to Discord. At CurseForge you will find only the modpack!
This is optional and you need it only if you want to use the CF app.

The complete pack with map and mods, resourcepack download links
as well as full info, news and tutorials about this project:

Discord: https://discord.gg/UxDYMmzMNZ

Hello and welcome to Middle-earth.
A place of adventure and epic tales.

This world file was made to combine the LotR Mod for Minecraft, with all the important locations and characters,
as well as other mods like rings of power and more weapons, armor and Custom NPC's with quests and skins.

It 's in active development over many years now and the project is growing every day.
Our goal is to recreate Tolkien's world with accurate lore, in a new role play game experience.
All new added structures will be manually edited into the world and improved,
to make sure they fit in a nice transition into the environment.

Experience Middle-earth like never before with a full open world.
Hundreds of lovely created dialog lines, with many different
answer choices, lies ahead for you to explore.

Quest lines that will lead you into the footsteps of your heroes
and many followers you can hire on the way.

But are you able to destroy the one ring,
or will you bound to his power?

The world is available in many languages:
English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.
More are currently worked on and are planned 2023/24:
(French, Slovak and Czech)
You will find the translated files inside the download.
Thanks for downloading and playing.
Join our Discord server to not miss on update news.

How to Install the world:
(The newest map download link is also in the video description if you don't have discord.)

►Mods included:
(The world need them to run: all are inside the download file)

- LOTR Mod v36.15 (By Mevans)
(Legacy version, only works with MC java 1.7.10)
- Rings of Power Mod (By Hummel009, Modified by the Team)
- Legendary Items Mod (By Hummel009, Modified by the Team))
- Custom NPC+ Mod (By Kamkeel original by Noppes)
Used blocks:
- Dwarven Realm (By Hummel009)
- BiblioCraft Mod (By Nuchaz)
- Locks Mod (By Melonslise)

(Choose which one you like, or just add all.
They are tested on compatibility and some have been
modified only for this world. All are inside the download file.)

- MorePlayerModels (By Noppes)
- BetterSprinting (By chylex)
- NotEnoughItems (By Chicken_Bones)
- Optifine (By sp614x and Team)
- worldedit (By sk89q)
- Minimap and Worldmap
(By Xaero)
- Better Horse Hud
(By ForgeUser7726936)
- Campfire backport
(By connor135246)
- Sit (By bl4ckscor3)
- GraveStone Mod (By henkelmax)
- LOTR Pouch viewer (By liqhtsaber)
- LOTR Attack Indicator: (By liqhtsaber)
- ItemPhysicFull: (By CreativeMD)

- Official LotR shader pack (By Sildur, Lotr fix by Pacman)
- Official Resource pack of the project (By Gorthaur)
- Official Soundeffect pack of the project
(By Pacman)
(Available at the Discord channel.)
- Official Music pack of the project (By Hotline101)
(Available at the Discord channel.)

Structures added (updated list v3.5)
(Fully implemented into the world from all sides and filled with mod content.)

Youtube video about the structures:

Amon Hen: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/argonath---the-gate-of-kings/)
Argonath: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/argonath---the-gate-of-kings/)
Beons House: (Made by me)
Bilbos Trolls: (Made by me)
Bree: (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-lord-of-the-rings---middle-earth/)
Carn Dum: (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/bleak-falls-barrows-nordic-ruin/)
Dale: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-hobbit---esgaroth-dale-erebor-amp-ravenhill/)
Dead Marshes lair: (Made by me)
Dol Guldur: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/dol-guldur---lotr---the-hobbit/)
Dunharrow: (Made by me)
Edoras: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/edoras---rohan/)
Erebor: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-lonely-mountain-of-erebor/ , www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-hobbit---esgaroth-dale-erebor-amp-ravenhill/ ,
Esgaroth (Lake-town): (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-hobbit---esgaroth-dale-erebor-amp-ravenhill/)
Forest Gate to Mirkwood: (Made by me)
Goblin Town: (Made by me)
Gollum Amon Lhaw ambush: (Made by me)
Gollums lair under Goblin Town: (Made by me)
Gundabad: (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/gundabad---hobbit-minecraft-map/)
Hobbiton with Bag-end: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/hobbiton-download-link/)
Isengard: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/isengard---ruined-fortress/)
Ithilien Ranger Base: (Made by me)
Ithilien Mumakil Ambush: (Made by me, Mumakil from PlanetMinecraft)
Lothlorien: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/lothlorien---lotr/)
Minas Tirith: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/minas-tirith-11-scale-1818179/)
Mines of Moria: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-moria/)
Mordor: Black Gate, Minas Morgul, Cyrith Ungol, Shelobs Lair, Mount Doom, Barad-Dur:
Mumakils and Fellbeasts: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/middle-earth---creatures/)
Osgiliath: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/osgiliath-in-ruin---lord-of-the-ring-build/)
Path of the Dead: (Made by me)
Pelennor field battle: (Made by me)
Rivendell: (www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-valley-of-imladris---rivendell/)
Taurelonde: (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-lord-of-the-rings---middle-earth/)
Troll Cave: (Made by me)
Woldhall: (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/dale---city-of-men/

Aldburg, Ajtiaz an-Ahar, Anat an-Kastamir, Cair Andros, Durthang, Eastemneth, Ethring, Emin Arnen
Forlond, Fornost, Gath-Azrazain, Grimslade, Helm's Deep, Harlond, Isem Ulzuz, Khamuls Tower, Mithlond, Tarnost, Tharbad,
Thranduils Halls, Utumno, Umbar, Willowbottom, Wulfburg

Amon Angren, Annuminas Emyn Beraid/Elostirion, Eagles Eyrie, Halls of Dain, Halls of Thorin
Halls of Thrain, Harlindon, Imlot Melui, Mount Gram, Path of the Dead exit, Pinnath Gelin
Ost-in-Edhil, Rhunost, Sarn Ford

River escape scenario improvements
at Thranduils Hall's

- Tolfalas: By DragonBugz
- Weathertop: By EpicQuestz
- Fennas Drunin outpost by Gorthaur
- The Ironrath outpost by Lennyon
- The Eastwatch, by Lennyon
- Minas Undril, by Presence
- Ug'kri Forward Tower, by Presence
(Special thanks to DragonBugz)

- Outposts/Forts:
- 4x Dalish Outpost (By Annonymus)
- 4x Swan-Knight Outpost (By Presence10)
- 4x Uruk Highlands Outpost (By Annonymus)
- 4x Taurethim Outpost (By Kahina)
(From TSS, Improved by DragonBugz and Pacman)
- Shire: Bucklebury: (New genstructure.)
- Emerald Lakes: (By Okoun)
- Shaman Pah: (By Kahina and Okoun)
- Rhosgobel: (By Kiwi Architecture)
- Goblin Town Exit: (By Pacman)
- Shire: Brandywine Bridge (By TSS)

(Note: A few of the newer added Structures
have some work in progress areas,
full credits and infos in our discord,
Note that a few areas may change in the future)

Quests added: (updated list v3.5)

The Way Of The Ringbearer:
(Start at Gandalf in the Shire)

Youtube video about this campaign:

- Part 1: Lets go on an Adventure
- Part 2: The Way to Rivendell
- Part 3: A long Journey
- Part 4: The Mines of Moria
- Part 5: The realm of the Elves
- Part 6: Argonath
- Part 7: Amon Hen
- Part 8: Gollum
- Part 9: The Dead Marshes
- Part 10: Gondor
- Part 11: The Road to Mordor
- Part 12: The Spider Shelob
- Part 13: Cirith Ungol
- Part 14: Far From Home!
- Part 15: Destroy The One Ring!

- Side Quest: Lurtz the Uruk-Hai
- Side Quest: Nazguls at Weathertop
- Side Quest: Defeat The Witchking
- Side Quest: Kill Sauron
- Moria Side Quest: The Watcher
- Moria Side Quest: Balins Tomb
- Moria Side Quest: The Balrog

The Way Of The King:
(Start at Aragorn in Amon Hen)

Youtube video about this campaign:

- Part 1: Merry and Pippin
- Part 2: Edoras
- Part 3: The Golden Hall
- Part 4: Helms Deep
- Part 5: The Wall
- Part 6: Isengard
- Part 7: The White City
- Part 8: The Beacon
- Part 8: Dunharrow
- Part 10: The Path of the Dead
- Part 11: The ships of Umbar
- Part 12: The south port of Gondor
- Part 13: Pelennor field battle
- Part 14: Diversionary Tactic
- Part 15: The Black Gate

The Way Of The Hobbit:
(Start at Bilbo in Rivendell)

Youtube video about this campaign:

- intro: An Unexpected Journey
- Part 1: The Secret Map
- Part 2: The Departure
- Part 3: Goblin Town
- Part 4: Riddles in the Dark
- Part 5: The Shapeshifter
- Part 6: The Brown Wizard
- Part 7: The Woodland Realms
- Part 8: The River Escape
- Part 9: Lake Town
- Part 10: Erebor
- Part 11: The Key
- Part 12: The Dragon Smaug

-Side Quest: Necromancer in Dol Guldur
-Side Quest: Find the Arkenstone
-Side Quest: Kill Azog

Location Side Quests:
(Start Location in the Patch Notes)

- Cair Andros Quest
- Farnost Quest
- Eastemneth Quest
- Gundabad Quest
- Utumno Quest
- Khamul's Tower Quest
- Old Gamgee Quest
- Mount Gram Quest
- Harlindon and Ost-In-Edhil Quest
- The Halls of Dain

Youtube Quest Guide:

NPCs added:
(some have multiple versions because of the Quest's)

Gandalf the grey,
Gandalf the white
Bilbo Baggins young
Bilbo Baggins old
Frodo Baggins
Samwise "Sam" Gamgee
Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck
Peregrin "Pippin" Took
Aragorn Strider
Aragorn King
Grima Wormtongue
Orc leaders
Mouth of Sauron
King of the Dead
Master of Lake-Town
Tom Bombadil
Barliman Butterbur
Cave Troll
Watcher + Tentacles
corrupted Theoden
Dain Ironfoot
Cold Drake

(And many new NPCs, like guards, boss fights, as well as
unknown lore friendly Quest givers for some Side Quests.)

----- More Updates will come regulary -----

►LOTR Playlist

Watch videos about updates, news and cinematics of this world.

Q: How to Download the world/map?
A: Check out our discord for more information and download links:

►CurseForge: (Only Modpack)
Download Link on CurseForge

Edit: If you can download but not open the file,
you probably dont have win.rar or 7zip, you need it to unzip.
Q: I have problems setting up a multiplayer server.
A: Check out the tutorial picture in the folder.
Q: Why are so many particle effects in the bottom layer of Minas Tirith and Pelennor fields?
A: The version 1.7.10 has a high limit of like 260 blocks, so some tall areas have to start at a very deep layer.
You can fix it by changing "Void Particles to :Off" in the options.
Q: Some of the characters like the Nazgul and the Witchking are invisible or have a pink skin.
A: If that is the case, than you have not installed the customNPC folder correctly.
Its need to be put inside your normal minecraft location in "AppData\Roaming\ .minecraft".
Q: Can i play as an evil character?
A: For now only the good campaign is worked on, but an evil one with an alternative ending where you keep the ring is planed.
Even evil followers like the witch-king, saruman and many more. For now you can just play sandbox style
as an evil faction by earning alignment for them from the lotr mod quests.
Q: My follower is gone and i cant find the new spawn point of him/her that was created from the soulstone.
A: Go into creative mode, take the NPC cloner tool and clone him again. All followers are saved as clones in the folders.
Q: My follower died what now?
A: He will be respawn in 2 min at the location you have found him.
If you died, he will wait at your grave.
Q: How do i put of the ring Gandalf gave me?
A: The Rings of power are activated as soon as they are in your inventory,
just use a pouch from the lotr mod to put it off.
Q: I died and lost the Ring, what now?
A: In that case just travel back to Hobbiton, Bag-End and talk to Gandalf.
He will give you the ring back and you dont even have to restart the first mission.
Q: Pressing "L" dont open the lotr menu.
A: Many of the added mods uses the button "L" for something by default.
Just change the keybindings to another button so "L" works again.
(you can copy my Options too /v.3.1 download)
Q: How to import my home base to the new world when there is an update.
A: Install "World-Edit" mod from the optional mods and follow the
instruction in the download folder named tutorial.
If you struggle, there are many YT tutorials for that too. Or just ask us.
To keep your Quest progress copy your Playerdata files over.
Q: How do i update to the new version of the world?
A: You dont have to install forge again, just put all other mods into the mods folder and
delete the older versions of the mods, incase we added new versions.
Copy the customNPC folder to minecraft location again and the new world
into your save folder, you could even keep the old one.
Q: I want to help in this project what can i do?
A: We are searching for builders, ppl that are know how to work with world edit / MC Edit or CustomNPC mod. Ppl that are familiar with the lore of tolkiens world and can help with quests and dialogs. Or just as a gametester of balancing feeatures. We are sometimes working on the online world together but you can also help in the progress of the singleplayer world with ideas or schematics you can send to "Pacman".
Many more F.A.Qs in the download folder or in the discord.

----- Thanks for downloading and playing the world! -----

Big thanks to the helpers of this project,
and to the awesome builders from Planet Minecraft and the team.
Thanks to the community for the feedback and suggestions.
As well as big thanks to the mod creators from lotr mod (Mevans)
and the rings of power.(Hummel009)
And all other mod creators, skin artist and translators.

Without you all this work would not be possible <3
(All the credits to the builders, modders and helpers are in the Credits.txt on the discord or the download files.)
Progress100% complete

10 Update Logs

Version 3.5 : by PakPacman 03/15/2024 10:25:02 amMar 15th

---------- Version 3.5 ----------
(15. March 2024)

► Info: This larger update is mostly about: First test of soundeffects and voice-overs, some new locations and reworks,
Shire improvements, new items and modification, new Dwarven followers, German translation,
many new lootchests and interiors, some new and updated skins, fixes and gameplay improvements.

► New:

► Soundeffects and A.I. voice overs:
In this update we will add the first pack of over 70+ soundeffects and a test of A.I. voiceover for 4 NPC Quest givers:
Glorfindel, Tom Bombadil, Old Gamgee and the Forsaken Inn Guard.
The soundeffects are a mix of original movie sounds and also from other games like BFME (for example a Balrog or Nazgul scream).

We are currently working on way more soundeffects and original movie actors voice A.I. learning.
Keep in mind that this will take a long time and we will add these voices and sounds over time in 2024.
Having these soundeffects and voices in the game is optional and can be enabled via a new resourcepack.

The download is found inside the 'install tutorial channel' in our Discord Server. We can't add it into the main download pack,
because it features original movie songs and the download link will maybe taken down from time to time.
The pack will support the immersion, and will not completely replace or overwrite the already added MC/lotr-mod sounds.
So if you are not using it, the game will not be silent and you would only miss new ones.
You will find a list of all the added sounds, and where they have been added, in the README of the pack and here.

---How to Install---
-> Download the Pack "LOTR_Sound_Pack_1.0" from our Discord server (channel: Install tutorial or music)
-> Place the pack inside C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
-> You need to UNZIP it, it only works when being a normal folder.
-> Activate it in game, at the top of your load order.

Note: As an easy test to see if everything is working: visit Old Gamgee next to the spawn.
If you can hear him talk, all should work fine.
- Most of the new dialog sounds require the english map version 3.5+ and it can have some
missing voice related sounds when using translation packs at the moment.

-----List of all Soundeffects and voices in v1.0 for map update 3.5-----
(Credits: All from the movies, Uruk-Hai from BFME2)
- Balrog Loop (3) - Added as living sound effect of the Balrog in Moria.
- Balrog arriving - Added as an area sound to the tunnel before the Balrog fight.
- Fell Beast Loop (2) - Added as an area sound to the Fell Beast at Pelennor fields.
And to the Fell Beast at Minas Morgul.
- Moria Goblin Loop 1 (4) - Added as an area sound to the left side of the Balins Tomb instance.
And to the dialog of Gandalf in the Balins Tomb instance.
- Moria Goblin Loop 2 (3) - Added as an area sound to the right side of the Balins Tomb instance.
- Moria Goblin Drums - Added to the Gandalf dialog in Balins Tomb.
- Gollum "My Precious Scream" - Added to Gollum boss fight at Mount Doom. Added to the Gollum NPC
at Amon Lhaw, second dialog. Added to Gollums cave exit as an area sound.
- Gollum "Cave" - Added to the Gollum Cave in Goblin Town as an area sound. Added to the
Gollum NPC at Amon Lhaw, first dialog.
- Mumakil (6) - Added as area sound to the 2 Mumakils at the North Ithilien waypoint
and the Faramir Dialogs. / And to all the Pelennor Mumakils.
- Nazgul scream (4) - Added as a mix of attack and living sounds to all the Nazguls.
At the moment both, the new and the old sounds are played in a mix.
- Sauron speak "I see you" - Added to Sauron's boss fight, attack line in Barad Dur.
Added to the Gandalf dialog in Bagend, when the player receives the One Ring.
- Sauron speak black speech - Added to Sauron's and Necormancer boss fight, attack sounds in Barad-Dur and Dol Guldur.
- Sauron necromancer - Added as an ambient sound close to the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.
- Saron eye - Added as an area sound to the eye of Sauron at Barad-Dur and the eye at Dol Guldur.
- Horn of Gondor - Added to Amon Hen as ambient sound.
And to all the Boromir followers, replacing the lotr mod horn sound.
- Horn of Haradrim - Added as area sound ontop of the first Mumakil head at the North Ithilien waypoint.
And to all the Pelennor Mumakils.
- Horn of Helm Hammerhand - Added to a new sound beacon to play at the Helms Deep tower.
- The One Ring 1 - Added to Sauron's boss fight, living sound.
And to a Frodo dialog at Mount Doom.
- The One Ring 2 - Added to the "Tell me more about the Ring" dialog at Gandalf in Bagend.
- The One Ring 3 - Added to a Frodo dialog at Mount Doom. / - Added to the ring dialog
at the Boromir follower in Amon Hen.
- Troll Loop - Added as an area sound to the gate of the balins Tomb instance.
- Troll Angry (3) - Added as angry sound of the Cave Troll in the Balins Tomb instance.
- Troll Hit (3) - Added as hit sound of the Cave Troll in the Balins Tomb instance.
- Troll Death - Added as death sound for the Cave Troll in the Balins Tomb instance.
- Uruk-Hai speak (8) - Added to the Uruk-hai Captains at East-Emneth, Lurtz in Amon Hen, the new Azog.
All as a first test of BFME voice lines.
- Witch-King speak Loop (3) - Added as a living sound for the Witch-King at Pelennor fields.
And to some attack lines of the Minas Morgul one.
- Witch-King Death - Added as death sound for the Witch-King at Pelennor fields and to the Minas Morgul one.
- Witch-King Screech - Added as an area sound to the statues of the Minas Morgul bridge and on top of the gate area.
- Cheer sound - Added as an area sound in the crowd of the celebration room after the campaign is finish.

(Credits: All from the movies)
- The Oath of Elendil Aragorn's Song - Added to last Aragorn dialog line in the final kings hall scenario.
And to the new Aragorn follower in M.T.
- The Edge of Night Pippins Song - Added to a new dialog "sing me a song" at the Pippin follower in Minas Tirith.
- The Fine Brew of the Green Dragon by Merry and Pippin - Added to a new Merry and Pippin dialog at the Green Dragon /
Merry and Pippin follower in Rivendell / Merry follower in Bree
- The Misty Mountains Cold (only mhmm) by Thorins Company - Added to a new dialog "sing me a song" at the Balin follower in Rivendell /
Thorin follower in Erebor.
- The Passing of the Elves - Added to the first Galadriel dialog in Rivendell /
All Galadriel followers: new "sing me a song" dialog.

---Dialog NPCs---
(Credits: Made by Pacman; A.I. text to speech in Elevenlabs and Balabolka, improved and converted in Audacity)
- Forsaken Inn Guard (4) - Added to the Forsaken Inn guard dialogs.
- Glorfindel (4) - Added to Glorfindel dialogs in Rivendell and to his follower versions.
- Tom Bombadil (5) - Added to Tom B. dialogs in the Shire Willowbottom and Mount Gram follower.
- Old Gamgee (3) - Added to the Old Gamgee dialogs in the Shire (spawn)

More sound changes done to the map are located in the "other fixes" section.
We will also add way more sounds will be added in later map updates.
If you have any idea on new sounds, just post them in the discord.


► Added German translation of Dialogs and Quests:
Copy the dialog and quest files and overwrite the files in dialogs + quest folder:
[C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\Middleearth-The One Ring 3.5\customnpcs]
Translation by Calandor and Pacman.
No dialog-fix-pack needed.


New Optional Mods added to the modpack:
- ItemPhysicFull(1.2.5mc1.7.10) + CreativeCorev(1.3.24mc1.7.10)
These physics mods change the behavior of items when thrown.
Items will not spin in the air anymore and will now lay down on the ground.
(By CreativeMD)

Updated/Modified Mods: (Make sure to delete the old versions!)
- Rings of Power - Modified for Pacman's Map Project (By Gorthaur, Th0rOnDor and Calandor / Original by Hummel009)
Finally ready! Our first modified version of RoP mod. We adjusted and fixed all the stats and effects the rings had.
These are now way more lore friendly and also more balanced. As some now have also a negative effect, and can't be used too long.

- Rings of Men - They obtain power (strength), but pay a terrible prize of slowly changing into wraiths of the shadow world (poison).

- Rings of Dwarves - They are resistant towards the rings corruption (resistance), they are more greedy for gold (haste, hunger),
but it also makes them blind towards other things (blindness).

- Rings of Elves - They put off the rings, thus are not corrupted and after the fall of Sauron and the loss of the one ring
they can use its powers for good without negative effects.
- Narya (the ring of Fire) fire resistance;
- Nenya (the ring of Water) Night Vision, Water Breathing;
- Vilya (the ring of the Air) - Speed

- The One Ring - Makes all mortal beings invisible (invisibility), their age is extended for hundreds of years (regeneration),
but at the cost of the weight of the ring on their mind (slowness) and weakening its bearer (weakness).
(More Ring effects are currently Work In Progress!)

- Legendary Items mod - Modified for Pacman's Map Project (By Gorthaur, Calandor, Th0rOnDor / Original by Hummel009)
In the last Update we released the first version of our Leg.Items mods, featuring reworked stats and also 3 new Silmarils.
This Update we adjusted even more stats, fixed some minor corrections of names and other bugs.

List of new content:

New Items: (No use yet)
- Palantir -> Barad-Dûr; Minas Tirith; Orthanc.
- Phial of Galadriel -> At the Lothlorien Harbor.
- Ring of Barahir -> In Rivendell, next to Narsil.
- Evenstar -> In Rivendell, next to Arwen.

- Preview of new "Legendary Items", coming soon in next Update:

- Sword of Anárion -> In the Final Room
- Sword of Arvedui -> In Fornost
- Sword of Balrog -> Drop of the Balrog in Moria
- Weapon Bifur -> Laketown (near the Masters hall)
- Weapon Bofur -> Laketown (near the Masters hall)
- Weapon Bombur -> Thranduils Halls (Prison)
- Hammer of Feanor -> in Ost-in-Ethil
- Sword of Feanor -> in Ost-in-Ethil
- Weapon Fili -> Beorns Hall
- Weapon Gloin -> Rivendell (wizard council)
- Weapon Isildur -> Gladden fields / MT Kings hall
- Weapon Nori -> Goblin Town (Entrance)
- Weapon Oin -> Goblin Town (Entrance)
- Weapon Ori -> Goblin Town (Entrance)
(All the dwarfed weapons there, where you can take them as companions.)

Crowns: Used as crowns on the NPC Kings or for RolePlay.
- Crown Arnor -> In Annúminas together with the spectre
- Crown Erebor -> in the chest behind the throne
- Crown Gondor -> In the Final Room
- Crown Lindon -> For now in Rivendell, later in Grey Havens after Rework.
- Crown Mirkwood -> In Thranduils Halls
- Crown Red Mountains -> Because there are no structures yet, it's in the Final Room.
- Crown Rohan -> In the Golden Hall (entrance only with the quest)
- Crown Taurethrim -> In one of the new Taurethrim Outposts for Update 3.5
- Crown Umbar -> In Umbar, together with the Scepter of the golden king
- Crown Wind Mountains -> Also in the Final Rooms (same reason as red mount.)

- Scepter Annúminas -> In Annúminas
- Scepter Golden King -> Emeralt Lakes
- Scepter Númenor -> In Meneltarma

(The new added items will require our official texture pack to look like we have intended.
If you not using it, it will still have a texture, but a different version in a low-res variant.
Check out our future comparison pictures on the discord news channel for more information.)

► Locations:

==New Areas==
All with loot chests, lotr mod NPC spawners, fixed import connection and roads.
Check out the Location Coords screenshots inside the download or discord.

- Outposts/Forts:
- 4x Dalish Outpost (By Annonymus)
- 4x Swan-Knight Outpost (By Presence10)
- 4x Uruk Highlands Outpost (By Annonymus)
- 4x Taurethim Outpost (By Kahina)
(From TSS, Improved by DragonBugz and Pacman)

- Shire:
- Bucklebury: (New genstructure.) All hobbit hole interiors have been reworked. New market area.
Changed some vanilla blocks to lotr-mod block variants at the main house.

- Other Shire waypoints: Connected many of the hobbit holes and structures near some important waypoint, with a road.
Also added many new builds to populate these waypoints. The shire dont have generated cities
like Gondor in the lotr mod, this will help exploring the area and make it more immersive.
- Frogmorton
- Whitfurrows
- Michel Delving
- Longbottom
- Hay-Gate: (By DragonBugz)

- Far Harad:
These two new area gives the south a bit more life and fun to explore. Fixed import connection and connected roads.
I've added also new lakes at both locations and many new loot chests.
- Emerald Lakes: (By Okoun)
- Shaman Pah: (By Kahina and Okoun)
(From TSS, Imported and Improved by DragonBugz and Pacman)

- Rhosgobel:
The dwelling-place of Radagast the Brown, home to many birds and animals of the forest,
and a safe haven among the corruption of Mirkwood. With fitting interior and loot, fixing of all the import cuts.
Also a new Radagast Follower. A filled soulstone can also be found incase he gets lost.
(By Kiwi Architecture)

- Erebor Rework:
Similar to the Moria Rework in the last update, we now took a closer look at an other important dwarven structure.: Erebor.
The goal of this Rework is to improve the area and making it more fun to explore. We have added many more tunnels and rooms.
The entrance area was also improved.

You will now find better lightning, decorations and a better merging and
hiding of the old import cut areas. Now many of the bridges and ways are connected.
We also added many new loot chests with hand placed items to find.
The treasure hall will get a separate rework soon, as its just way to huge and exploitable.

As both huge dwarven settlements in this age: Moria and Erebor, are both abandoned in the lore,
we thought it would be more fun gameplay to have Erebor in more clean state.
We also choose to place a few more Orc spawners, as it minimize the natural dwarven spawns
and also makes a fun challenge to get to Smaug and re-conquering it.

Other things: Reworked grassland area in front the gate, secret gate and path to smaug.
There will also be a new small secret tunnel right next to the main-gate for easier entrance,
unlocked once the original secret gate will be found at Bilbo.

Rumors are also saying that a new team based easteregg was found.
A detailed look of the new rooms are found in the discord news and update channel.
(Special thanks to: Meat312, DragonBugz, Hotline101, Gorthaur, Calandor, Moder'tater, Th0rOnDor)

- Beorn's Hall Rework:
The old area was just a generated lotr mod building. So we decided to rebuild it. It's now way more movie/lotr accurate.
Also Beorn will be now also in his human form. The friendly bear form was moved to dale and is now a follower.
There will be now also a bear Beorn you can fight, or avoid the encounter by sneaking pass.
The complete quest scenario have been reworked as well and new loot chests added.
It will also have custom made Bee's made by us, dropping sugar.
(Build by Calandor; imported and improved by Pacman)

- Goblin Town Exit:
Added a hill with an eagle, burning trees, a barrier so ppl cant see this area from the entrance.
A new Azog boss fight. He will sit on his white warg. 5 wargs on the way up the hill. Deleted some nearby mountains.

- Shire: Brandywine Bridge Rework:
The new bridge, and location of the first follower Sam, is way more detailed and also
the surrounding areas has been improved. Many Hobbit holes have been connected with roads in that area.
A few loot chests and eastergg locations have been added as well.
(From TSS, Build by anonymous; imported by Dragonbugz; improved by Pacman)

- Shire: Hobbiton:
- Rework of all Hobbiton structure based Hobbit hole interiors, as they had only
vanilla blocks before and empty chests. Explore now over 30 new interiors and find lore friendly Hobbit loot.
- Green Dragon: interor as well and a new basement. Also a new "Rosie" Bartender. No customNPC yet.
- Bagend: more custom npc mod furnature, sting on the wall next to Bilbo, loot chest rework,
new paintings, Gandalf holding his staff vertical. And otherminor improvements.
- Old Gamge basement: better entrance, potato farm, more loot chests inside the houss.
(Improvements by Pacman)

- Halls of Dain:
- Added some Ice and snow to the cave.
- Added a variety of blocks to the destroyed cave: rotten wood,
Scorched stone, dwarven pillars, Podzol, webs, Waste block(bones)
- Added a few ruined house presets outside the halls.
- Added many new loot chests inside the cave.
- Added interior in the main tower: treasure hall, forge, sleeping, tavern/planning room.
All in a "destroyed" scenario.
- Added dwarven skeletons in the cave.
(Area still WIP, more work will be done later)

- Weathertop:
- Smaller path
- Flora on grass now
- More bushes
- Rework of the cave area where the hobbits are located.
- Added some spider webs, fallen leaves and vines
- Replaced all vanilla stone-brick variants with Arnor equivalents
- Patched some holes in the mountain and other minor fixes.

- Moria (genstructure part):
- Fixed Staircase room which had Gondorian slabs instead of Dwarven
- 20 new homes with dwarven themed interior.
- 1 Mess Hall
- 1 new corridor
- 1 new Staircase room
- 1 new Smeltery
(Improvements by DragonBugz)
(Coords on discord news channel)

- Elostrion: Fixed the import cut, connected main roads, added lootchests.

- Sarn Ford: Fixed the import cut, connected main roads.

- Wulfburg: Fixed the import cut, connected roads the nearby houses, added interior to the main hall,
started improvements as this area will be used in later questlines.


► New and Updated Quests:
- A new small introduction Quest at Frodo (spawn): It's about finding Gandalf in Bagend to help people starting the main quest.
The new dialog will also reset the player alignment, so the game balancing is now like intended.
(+50 for Hobbits, -100 for some evil factions. This will be optional but recommended)

- A new small connection Quest: "Return to Theoden" in Helms Deep, between "Part 5: The wall" and
"Part 6: Isengard" of the "Way of the King campaign. To help players what to do next after killing the Uruks with torches.

- A new small connection Quest: "Return to Gandalf in Minas Tirith", after finishing the Withking Pelennor Questline.

- The Halls of Dain: new Side-Quest of the category: Location Side Quests.
Help Dain Ironfoot take revenge and slay the Cold-Drake of the north. Starts at Dwalin in Beorns Halls.
(This Quest-area is not completely finish and will be improved over time, but you can already test it.)

- Beorns Halls: Rework of "Part 5: The shapeshifter", of the "Way of the Hobbit" campaign.
You now have to flee or fight the angry bear form of Beron and will find a new Gandalf npc inside the halls.
Also new Bee's dropping sugar, a reworked location, and a new Beorn in human form awaiting you.

- Goblin Town exit: Azog and his wargs found the dwarven company!
Rework of the scenario between exiting Goblin Town and arriving at Beorns Halls. You will now ambushed by Azog,
blocking the way to a new added eagle which will bring you to Eagle's Eyrie. From here you can continue your journey.
(This scenario is not a new quest, it was integrated into the existing ones.)

► New NPC Skins:
(Make sure to copy the customnpc folder again)
- Aragorn x4 (Replaced)
[Strider, Strider with hood (not used yet), Aragorn Heir of Gondor, Aragorn Kind Elessar]
- Faramir (Replaced)
- Bee (custom mob for Beorns Halls)
- Denethor (Updated)
- Gondor Citadel Guard (new)
- Grima (Updated eyes)
- Moria Goblin x2 (Used at Balins Tomb)
- Master of Lake town (Updated eyes)
- Bard (Fixed mouth)
- Old Gamgee (new)
- Named Uruk-Hai captains x2: Grishnakh, Ugluk (new)
(Special thanks to Gorthaur. Full Credits are inside the Credits.txt)


►New NPCs:
(Some Quest related, all with dialog text or speechbubble lines)
- Merry and Pippin: dialog NPCs on top of a table at the Green Dragon Inn.
Singing the Green Dragon song (soundpack needed)
- Thrain: at Dol Guldur in a tower. Speechbubble NPC. Running around confused
and warning the player about Erebor.
- Gandalf the grey: Quest NPC at Beorns Halls. unique dialogs:
"Tell me more about Beorn","Tell me more about Azog", "I have found something in Goblin Town".
- Beorn: Human form in his halls, standing at the table with new dialog.
- New Animals: "Bee" Added a few custom made bees at Beorns Halls, dropping sugar.
- Dwalin at Beons Halls - Side Quest dialog : "Dain's Halls".
Lore dialog: "Tell me more about Smaug".
- The missing members of Thorin's company to the prison of Thranduil with new dialog.
- Two thieves guild prisoners: as hints for the future questline.
- Citadel Guards: at the Minas Tirith kings hall and white tree.
- Pacman NPC: at end celebration.
- Palantir (custom NPC crystal): at Minas Tirith with lore text.
- New Eagle TP at Goblin Town exit. (Unlock by discovery)
- Gandalf the grey at the Goblin Town exit eagle.

==New Follower NPCs==
- Aragorn "Elessar" Heir of Gondor: [New NPC] Unlock Aragorn (new skin version)
in Minas Tirith (under throne room) after finishing the Pelennor Quest.
He has a unique dialog: "Sing me a song" (Elendil's Oath - Soundpack needed)
Unlock by Quest. Having unique attack lines.
- Dain Ironfoot: at the destroyed Halls of his ancestors. [New NPC] Having unique attack lines.
- Saruman at Dol Guldur: Special air push attack. Unique dialog: "Tell me more about Sauron" [New NPC]
- Elrond at Dol Guldur : Unique dialog: "Tell me more about Dol Guldur" [New NPC]
- Haldir at Helms Deep. [Updated NPC]
- Gandalf the white at the Utumno entrance. [New NPC] Unique dialog: Utumno tutorial:
explaining the player how the realm works and how to leave. Also having unique kill lines.
- Radagast the brown: at Rhosgobel. [New NPC] Having unique attack lines.

- Dwarven companions:
In v3.5 all the "Hobbit Campaign" followers will be finished. Everyone with new interesting dialog and lore friendly weapons.
Other than in the LOTR campaign these ones have at the moment only one version, which make them more special right now.
You will "unlock" them along the way. When reaching Erebor you should have all together.
The weapon pool of them have been reworked, as we modified the Legendary Items mod.
They are sorted the way you encounter them:

> Balin: Rivendell (in front of the wizard council) [New NPC]
With a unique dialog option: "Sing me a song". (Song of Durin)
> Gloin: Rivendell (in front of the wizard council) [Updated NPC]
> Ori: Goblin town (entrance cave) [New NPC]
> Dori: Goblin town (entrance cave) [New NPC]
> Nori: Goblin town (entrance cave) [New NPC]
> Fili: Beorns Halls (inside) [Updated NPC]
> Kili: Thranduils Halls (Prison) [Updated NPC]
With a unique dialog option: "What should we do next?".
> Oin: Thranduils Halls (Prison) [New NPC]
> Bombur: Thranduils Halls (Prison) [New NPC]
> Bifur: Laketown (town hall) [Updated NPC]
> Bofur: Laketown (town hall) [Updated NPC]
> Dwalin: Erebor (entrance) [Updated NPC]
Info: Bilbo(Mirkwood-gate) and Thorin(Erebor) are already followers.

===New Enemies and Boss fight NPCs==
- Beorn: Bear form, outside his halls. Patrolling around his Halls, giving you a chance to sneak in.
Having unique attack lines and hinting the playing to better run. Fight or avoid him.
- Cold Drake: at Dain's Halls. (For the new side quest)
A bit weaker and smaller than Smaug, but similar attacks.
He is shooting ice and makes a slow effect. Unique attack lines. Dropping nice loot.
- 9 Nazguls in ghost form at Dol Guldur, guarding Sauron (Necromancer).
They will be weaker than the usual ones and will not drop the rings. Epic sound effects.
- Isengard Uruk Leader "Uglúk" and "Grishnákh" at Orthanc.
Making it more harder to get upstairs.
Both with new skins and unique attack lines.
(Uglúk Lore: One of Saruman's Uruk-hai who commanded the scouts that
attacked the Fellowship and captured Merry and Pippin.)
(Grishnákh Lore : He was an Orc captain of Mordor who led a host of Orcs to
join the Uruk-hai who were taking Merry and Pippin across Rohan to Isengard.)
- Azog at Goblin Town exit on his white warg. He is a bit weaker as his other version in Raven hill.
Also having unique attack lines. Fight or avoid him. He will be guarded by a few strong wargs.

==New Banker and Mailman==
- Longbottom, Bucklebury.

► Other Changes, Fixes and Improvements:
===Most Important===
- Added the official Resourcepack(v2.2.0.) to the download pack.
- Added the new modified mods (Rings of Power / Legendary Items) to the download pack.
- Added a new LOTR icon/logo for the MC launcher quickplay feature.
- Added the new Project Roadmap to the download.
- Moved the optional mods: Bibliocraft, DwarvenRealm and Locks, to the main mods folder.
- Fixed: all Quest alerts/tracking text showing random NPCs names.
No more "finish quest at Gandalf" when its not the case.
- Deleted most of the spawn Protection flags in Moria and a few other locations.
Previously they were used to prevent Orcs from spawning near dialog NPCs, but it blocked off people,
trying to open doors like the Moria gate or interact with objects, when not having positive Shire alignment.
The flag at Balins tomb is still there, the gate one is gone now.
- Blocked the way with Custom-npc command blocks:
Under the stone giants, to force the player to take the Goblin town route. / The new Aragorn Heir of Gondor
follower, at all 3 sides. (Location under the throne room of M.T.) / At the Rivendell staircase "Way of the Hobbit" area.
All these areas are bound to dialogs or quests and will be usually not noticed unless the requirement is not fulfilled.
- Changed many new and old followers to collide with other custom npcs like the normal lotr-mod nps do. (But not collide with player)
This new change was done as they usually stack into each other on one spot, when you have more than one.
Its now more immersive but also can end up in followers falling edges being pushed, so be more careful.
(This change was not done to the followers you encounter before and inside Moria, to avoid them falling of the many bridges in Moria.)
- Smaller improvements to the Mouth of Sauron Quest, in front the Black Gate.
- Made some changes to the Necromancer stats at Dol Guldur (bigger, is standing instead of walking,
immune to fire due to lava behind him, decreased the aggro range)
- Fixed the Khamul skin not showing up in the game.
- Fixed a few NPCs spawners at Khamuls tower and changed the Khamuls ring and weapon location from a chest to the NPC as a drop.
- Changed the speechbubble lines of the custom Gandalf in Bagend ,to guide players who have not installed the dialog files.
(Info: This will not show up when you've installed it correctly. Dialogs files will be prefered by the game over the speechbubble one,
if a npc has both. Previously it was the old german version of his text.)
- Fixed again the NPC over-population in Bree (Deleted over 170 npcs, mostly Ruffians) and optimized some spawner flags.
To help with performance. Your pokets are finally safe again^^
- Adjusted all NPC spawner flags at Helms Deep, to prevent an over population, to help with performance.
- Filled the ground area under Moria with stone in some areas, to help performance. This change increases the FPS in Moria massivly.
- Fixed the wrong biome color at the spawn (again..) This bug keeps coming back for some reason.
- Fixed the speaking Banker pony in World-Hall and Gandalfs horse Shadowfax. Now they do horse sounds when interact.
- Fixed some Aragorn followers not having the correct sword.
- Fixed the melee Glorfindel follower aiming like he has a bow.
- Fixed the Haldir follower not having the correct bow.
- Added glas inside the Balins Tomb well, to prevent players from falling inside and dying.
- Added the ring of Thror to a chest near Thrain in Dol Guldur, this ring is also found in Erebor as usual.
- Improved the scenario at the Pelennor fields: Straw path to Withking, blood next to Theoden.
Morphed his lying model. Decreased the aggro range of WitchKing.
- Change the model size of the Lake town master to make him more fat.(lol)
- Deleted Hobbit holes, blocking the road in Brandywine-bridge and Hay-Gate.
- Added an interact sound to the horse of Eomer at East-Emneth. Added some blood decor and banner to the top layer.
- East-Emneth: Changed some of the Uruk-Captains loot and stats (more HP, less aggro range).
Reworked loot: Less armor parts, less money, no mithril, but also more valuable loot at the top.
Changed 2 of the captains to warg riders. Blocked off some windows to prevent enemies from falling out.
- Changed all the Goblins at the Moria Balins tomb scenario from lotr-mod orcs to customnpcs,
with the new Goblin skins and reworked their armor/weapon pool.
- Improved Rivendell interior: More leaves, Narsil in a weapon stand (Thx to brand0n for the idea),
Improved the area at the paintings and added decorations.
- Added placeholder dialogs to all added Thieves Guild members, informing the player about this future Questline.
- Added a placeholder dialog to all the placed TG members, informing the player about this future Questline.
- Imporved the area at Amon Hen: Boromir model morphed, so he doesnt look so static. Added more Uruks around Lurtz.
- Added more of the legendary items, also the new ones, into the celebration room at the end.
The good rings of power will also be found here now.
- improved some layers of Orthanc, added more evil paintings, fixed some tables and wrong stairs, added decor.
- Added a sign to Eagles Eyrie to guide the player to Beorn Halls.
- Added ropes to the Goblin town entrance fall, to climb up if followers gets stuck.
- Added a trapdoor and more hints to place Bilbo fall down. (Gollums lair)
- Improved the way out of Gollum's Lair under Goblin town by adding a leaf/straw path.
- Added a few more Goblins into Goblins Town. Improved the entrance. A more detailed Rework of that location will follow.
- Improved some visual hits, path of leaves at many quest locations: Erebor secret door, Ithilien waypoint, Pelennor.

- More Loot-Chests at: Brandywine bridge, Bucklebury, Beorns Halls, Shaman Pah, Emeral Lake, Dol Guldur,
Elostrion, Hobbiton (including Bagend and Green Dragon), Halls of Dain, Moria, Erebor, Helms Deep, Orthanc,
Goblin town exit, Ravenhill, Minas Tirith kings hall, all the 3.5 Outposts, End room.
- Reworked the complete loot table of Mount Gram, and improved the area in the cave. Making the loot more realistic.
- Reworked most of the loot of Bagend, new treasure room. Balancing the value.
- Reworked most of the loot of East-Emneth.
- Added 5 new interiors with loot to buildings at the Minas Tirith gate area.

===Sounds Changes===
(Due to the new soundpack, some old lotr-mod sounds we used, needed to moved to other triggers nearby or replaced in rare cases.)
- Added a new mc-thunder soundeffect to the stone giant.
- Changed the lotr.mod wither ambience soundeffect from Sauron to a nearby sound source,
to make it still appear after changes to his soundpalette from the new soundpack.
- Added a lotr-mod explosion sound at the Frodo dialog about the destroyed ring.
- Added lotr-mod sounds to the Boromir dialog about the ring and added colors to the answers.
- Added a sound beacon to play the horn of Helm Hammerhand (Soundpack needed) at Helms Deep.
- Deleted the pitch in the sound settings of many npcs.
- Added environment sound effects to the Ithilien Mumakils and added ropes to the first one to climb. (Soundpack needed)
(More detailed sound changes in the Soundeffects Readme.)

==Updated Dialogs==
(Soundpack needed for the songs)
- Galadriel follower at Khamuls tower - "sing me a song" (Elven song) / A few changes to the main dialog.
- Galadriel follower at Dul Guldur: A few changes to the main dialog.
- Pippin follower at Minas Tirith - "sing me a song" (Edge of Night)
- Merry follower at Bree - "sing me a song" (Green Dragon song)
- Denethor at Minas Tirith - "Tell me more about the Stewards of Gondor" / "Tell me more about your sons"
- Gandalf in Bagend - "What was that noise at the window?" (hinting at the Sam follower) Also added some colors to the answers.
- Gandalf at Minas Tirith now hinting at the new Aragorn follower before the Black Gate mission.
- Merry and Pippin followers in Rivendell now have a dialog attached to the role,
to make the soulstone possible. "sing me a song" (Green Dragon song)
- Thorin follower at Erebor - "sing me a song" (Song of Durin)
- Aragorn's Song "Elendil's Oath" added to the last dialog line of the King Aragorn NPC at the crowning scenraio.
- Added a small dialog line, to all the previously not talking npcs of the fellowship behind Gandalf at the Moria Watcher instance.
- Updated attack lines of a few NPCs to match the new soundpack.
- Updated some Quest-logs to match the new Quest-lines. (Goblin town to Beorns Halls)
- Updated the Questlog of Dol Guldur to hint at the new followers.
- Updated Kili's dialog in Lake-town. (New line about Tauriel)
- Updated Rivendell Aragorn follower dialog. (New line about Heir of Gondor)

===Dialog Fixes===
- Fixed a mistake in the attack line of Boromir in Moria.
- Fixed some minor mistakes at the dying Boromir dialog in Amon Hen and improvements to the follower version.
- Fixed a double word at the dialog line of Old Gamgee in the Shire.
- Fixed some fixes to the Tom Bombadil (Willowbottom) dialog about the Silmaril and other corrections in his song.
- Fixed a wrong translation of a quote about destiny, from the Galadriel dialog at the mirror in Caras Galadhon.
- Fixed some issues and improved the dialogs from Galadriel in Rivendell and the follower versions.
- Fixed a wrong translation of Bilbo and Bard calling Dale - Thal. Also fixed in a Questlog.
- Fixed a German word for potatoes in the English version at Gollum in Amon Lhaw.
- Fixed some minor mistakes at the custom made Hobbit party guests.
- Fixed some minor typos at the Bree Banker dialog.
- Fixed some minor typos at the Theoden dialog at the Pelennor fields.
- Fixed and improved the dialog of Thorin in Erebor to match the new Thorin dialog in Thranduils Prison.
- Fixed small dialog mistakes at Bifur and Bofur in Laketown calling an axe - ax.
- Fixed a dialog line at the Pacman NPC in Bree, having a German word for drinking.
- Fixed some issues and improved the Quest log text of: Beorns Halls quest, Mirkwood Gate Quest,
Mount Doom Quest, Dol Guldur side quest, Azog quest and Erebor questlog.

===Download Pack===
- Added a few new NPC clone files from this and last update. [Clone Page 6]
- Improvements to all Readme.txt files and fixed some typos in the download and folder sorting of the folders for better info's.
- Added the new "location coords" screenshots to the download files and discord.
- Added tutorial pictures to the download folder and discord.: how to add the new launcher icon,
Install map over CurseForge, Adding of music and soundpack, Questlog, Galadriel Location and Basic Tips.
- Added a "Main Mods README" to the mods folder, helping to understand which mods are required.
- Updated the Project Credits.txt for v 3.5.

- Goblin Town and Grey Havens Rework (and others)
- Thief Guild (and other guilds)
- Evil campaign.
- More instance areas to make epic fights possible.
- More structures with side quests.
- Official Launcher for easier installing and updating.
- Official public server of the map.
- More Talking NPCs (A.I. and voice acted).
- And much more :-D Check out the new Roadmap.
- Searching for minecraft modders, coders, scipters.
- Searching for builders or quest designers, who want to help us with the project.
Knowledge in Tolkien lore, worldedit, MC-Edit or the CustomNPC mod would be great, but is not needed.
- Searching for voice actors for the NPCs.
- Searching for Translators.
Thanks for downloading and playing the world <3
(Project by Pacman and team, full credit list in the download or on discord)

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06/28/2024 12:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DoorDude07's Avatar
Is there a date for when the next update will be posted? Will there still be a launcher and server??
07/12/2024 3:17 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
PakPacman's Avatar
Hey, we aim to release it this month. It will most likely have 3-4 new Shire side quests a few new locations and other nice stuff^^
04/28/2024 1:40 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
TheAangGang's Avatar
another question: are all the artifacts/rings of power/story items already placed, or am i free to place them around my version?
05/20/2024 3:21 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
PakPacman's Avatar
Hey, they are already placed by me and the team. You can find them along the story missions or at the final celebration room once the campaign is complete. But as you are working on a modfiied version yourself, you are free to play arround how you like and place them elsewhere. But keep in mind that if you remove some items from my quests, the quest probably will not work anymore. But there are many tutorials on youtube about Customnpc mod, and I plan to do my own videos about how to use this. So as a short answer, yes, you can just place them where you want :-D
04/12/2024 1:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DoorDude07's Avatar
When using the ring with night vision, is there a way to turn off the flashing when the night vision gets down to ten seconds?
04/17/2024 11:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DoorDude07's Avatar
Also, how do I view the map in map viewers such as UnMined???
04/19/2024 1:04 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
PakPacman's Avatar
Hello my friend. The nightvision bug will be fixed in the next patch, I think I can upload it next week.
I will also share the fixed mod seperately at the discord.
And for your second question, I dont rly know. I've tried worldoverviewer tool, but it dosnt work with the middleearth region files.
The only mothod I know, kind of, is ingame with "Minimap and Worldmap mod (By Xaero)" there you can zoom out and in with the world map and see the builds. Very useful for navigation.
have a great day :-D
05/09/2024 2:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DoorDude07's Avatar
Is the mod fixed? If it is, can you give me the download link? Thank you.
05/20/2024 3:18 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
PakPacman's Avatar
I have uploaded a "fixed" version on the discord until the Map-Hotfix patch goes live. The problem is, I alrdy found new problems with the night vision. So you could also just use the original mod by Hummels, here the nightvision is on the Nazgul rings, different from our modfication but its working. The Item I.D.s will not change, so you are free to swtich these mods until our version is more stable.
04/09/2024 9:17 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
TheAangGang's Avatar
can i make a more populated version of this with additional side quests and secrets? i wont publish it or use it on a server, and if i change my mind ill ask you first and give adequate credit.