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    I love Panic! At the Disco. And im a real Tim Burton fan, I love the art style and stuff. And So yeah :/

    I make Pokémon, Steven Universe, and Furry skins. And im sorry that I haven't been around, just haven't felt like making skins because ive been busy on making statues for servers and so such. I am a Artist, and my goal is to become a Cartoon Animator or at least some type of art that isn't so realistic.
    I post most of my art on the Amino App, you can find me on the Steven Universe Community as Te Fiti, or on the Anime art community as Geeky Goldfish!
    I hope to see you there!
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  • Skin Goals to try and finish by end of summer

    These are skins to Expect during the summer. Plus a little note to self XD.

    -All Famethyst (including Carnelian and Skinny Jasper)
    - make all Su main characters
    -Make the Zircons
    -Make the diamonds
    -Make a decent Obsidian skin
    -redo most of my old skins
    -make pokemon characters
    -make a personal skin
    -make a few more pokemon skins
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