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  • So Here is this...

    Okay, So I have changed a bit... As you can see as I post a lot less. But okay, here is what you need to know 'bout me.

    -I have begun to listen to Slam poetry... Which is new.
    -I Play Monster Hunter Generations.
    -My Favorite Disney Princess is Merida.
    -I collect Funko stuff.
    -My Favorite Animatronic is Foxy(All versions included).

    Favorite song: I Miss The Old You. (Abbey Glover)

    Favorite artist/band(s): Cavetown, Twenty- One Pilots, Abbey glover, Emmanoodle, My Chemical Romance, Gorillaz

    What I do: I am an Artist. I work with mostly pen and ink, or pencil. If I fail at that, then I am a professional hobo.

    Why I have been gone for so long: Because I have been trying to work on my art, but I have also been trying to retire from being staff on Minecraft servers, I have worked on 4 that I can recall.
    -Four/Five Facet Fun(was Admin, then Mod)
    -Gemtale (Was Co-owner)
    -The Forces of Mewni(Was Builder and created dicord server icon)
    -Diamond Domain(Was Jr.Owner)
    I never had gotten fired from anywhere, but instead I quit (or the server just flat out shutdown).
    But it has wore me out, to the point I get a headache from building after 2 hours. While before, I could build for 5 hours straight. So please, do not ask me to be staff anywhere else!!!

    Favorite Movie(s): Brother Bear, A Ghost Story, Ready Player One. Coraline. Frankenweenie. All Marvel movies(including Deadpool).

    Favorite TV Shows/ Series: Stranger Things, Supernatural, Steven Universe, Fairy Tail, Ancient Aliens, Deathnote,The Toys that made us, Expedition Unknown, Ghost Adventures, Expedition Truth, Mysteries at the Museum, and both Bob Ross Series.

    Anything else you need to know about me: My old friends probably dont remember me, which is okay, a lot of people dont remember me. And If they do, they think of me as a mean salty person. But I do my best to love everybody. But its because I have taken my co-owner jobs seriously :/.
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