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    It's about time I gave myself a proper introduction, considering how long I've been on PMC. Hi, I'm Pykes! I came here looking for somewhere to begin honing my talents as a graphic designer. Considering how low-res MC is I figured it'd be a good game to start with. Through working here I've learned much about game design, of course for me this is just the beginning. After all the fun I've had with the work I've made, I plan to keep contributing for the rest of my days. Even when I'm making 3D characters in Maya, I'll always make stuff for here once in a while. You guys are like my extended, Bi-Polar family and I hope you feel the same way about me.


    [X] Somebody Loves Me!_______________(1)
    [X] A whole bunch of people!___________(10)
    [X] Now it's a party!___________________(25)
    [X] Technically famous!________________(50)
    [X] A century of cares!________________(100)
    [_] Double the ego!__________________(200)
    [_] High and mighty!_________________(500)
    [_] Hitting the K!___________________(1,000)

    {Views on a single submission}
    [X] Not a total failure..._______________(100)
    [X] Welcome to mediocrity.____________(500)
    [X] Pretty good so far._________________(1k)
    [X] Real Progress!____________________(2k)
    [X] GREAT!_________________________(5k)
    [X] Actually worth the time!____________(10k)
    [X] An actual success!________________(15k)
    [X] Well renowned!___________________(25k)
    [_] A Revolutionary Submission!________(50k)
    [_] World Famous!__________________(100k)
    [_] Who wants to be a Millionviewer!____(1 mil)

    {Downloads of a single submission}
    [X] I use it so technically...______________(1)
    [X] Unconvential____________________(100)
    [X] Slightly Used____________________(250)
    [X] Not bad________________________(500)
    [X] Now We're Getting Somewhere______(1k)
    [X] Kinda useful!___________________(2.5k)
    [X] A Kinda Dirty Download Button______(5k)
    [_] A Hundred Hundred Downs________(10k)
    [_] Very Useful!_____________________(25k)
    [_] A Very Dirty Download Button_______(50k)
    [_] A Household Product_____________(100k)
    [_] A Thousand Thousand Downs______(1 mil)

    {PMC Contests}
    [X] I Tried!_________________(Enter a contest)
    [X] Trial and Error, Mostly Error_______(Enter 5)
    [X] A Regular Contender____________(Enter 10)
    [X] Did something Right!__(Reach Top 100 once)
    [_] IT'SA ME, WEEGEE!_____(Be Exactly #100)
    [X] Impressive!___________(Reach Top 25 once)
    [_] Yay, a Trophy!______(Get 3rd place or better)
    [_] Ooh, Shiny!________(Get 2nd place or better)
    [_] VICTORY!!!________________(Get 1st place)

    {Time on PMC (how long my account existed) }
    [X] Born Yesterday________________(1 day old)
    [X] Made It For A Month__________(1 Month old)
    [X] Season Of Blocky Love______(3 Months old)
    [X] Halfy Birthday to me!________(6 Months old)
    [X] Once Around The Sun!_________(1 Year old)
    [X] Another Cosmic Lap!__________(2 Years old)
    [_] No Longer Babby!____________(5 Years old)

    [X] I shouldn't have said that..._____(1 Chat Ban)
    [X] On The Small Screen____(feat. in a Youtube)
    [_] Blabbermouth____________(1k Forum posts)
    [X] Talking To Thin Air____(1 blog nobody reads)
    [_] ME TV_______________(Run a live webcast)
    [X] Achievement Whore_(Achievements on Prof.)

    I'll think of more achievements as I go along, but so far I'm doing pretty good!
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