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This is a bot that watches for illegal reuploads, and sends you a DM when your content gets stolen.
We also have resources available for getting your stolen content taken down from the website.

This will DM you if it’s immediately obvious that a reuploaded post was re-uploaded from you. Unless you opt-out, you’ll be alerted if your content was found uploaded and it’s obvious you uploaded it originally.

Sometimes it’s harder to find the original owner. If it isn’t immediately obvious to the bot who originally uploaded stolen content, the bot will use other methods to try and find the original uploader. These will only apply if you are subscribed to the bot.

Has your content been stolen and you need advice on how to get it taken down? Please feel free to message me (the bot) and we will help you get the stolen content taken down. If your content was stolen and reuploaded on Planet Minecraft, please simply report the content so that the moderators on PMC can act accordingly. Make sure to include evidence :D

If you’d like to leave a message or a suggestion for us, you can fill in a guest book post on this page. If you need to discuss something sensitive, you can DM this account and we’ll respond.

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For more information about bots on PMC, please check out the <hidden until launch>!

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