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    • Rossky
      July 23, 2019, 7:55 am to Public
      Here's Luke sitting ontop of almost all of the papers I printed to take into lectures.
      I'm so glad uni is over.
      Rossky said 2019-07-24 19:43:58
      TheShadyJester said 2019-07-24 04:59:42
      Congratulations on finishing uni!
      JediJerboa said 2019-07-23 12:38:04
      That is genius. XD
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    • Rossky
      July 10, 2019, 9:15 pm to Public
      So now that uni is done, how about getting my license and vroom vroom off I go into the sunset?
      Hell yeah!
    • Rossky
      June 27, 2019, 6:40 pm to Public
      When I first heard about this lecture
      "intercultural communication"

      uuuuuugh that sounds so. damn. boring.
      2 hours in and it's probably the most valuable thing someone ever shared with me. Whatever seemed "strange" about other people, especially foreigners, is now pretty understandable and I actually wish that we would share some of their special traits.
      Rossky said 2019-06-30 16:35:22
      It actually makes me as a german seem like a clueless savage.
      Which I am
      I just don't like hearing it.
      Zitzabis said 2019-06-30 15:52:55
      I grew up in Papua New Guinea for 18 years speaking a different language and being a part of a different culture. Coming to Australia and the US was always very interesting and a challenging trying to bridge some of those communications between those cultures.
    • Rossky
      June 23, 2019, 9:18 pm to Public
      If I sat on a chair and wrote down every actual insane thing my dad did in the past 5 years, I'd be able to run a show for more episodes than GoT, I promise.
    • Rossky
      June 22, 2019, 6:43 pm to Public
      Hard to imagine it's been 3 years since I started studying. I'll be graduating in 4 weeks (a little later, but that's when the last exam will be) and it's been such a strange time. It passed so quickly, but it was long enough that it is basically all I know. Going to work, going to uni, studying at home. That's it.
      It was three long years of hard work for the exams, but somehow I don't really feel like I truly got to know the other students and now it's already about to end. I've been stuck with the ones I dislike for too long but at the same time, feel like I will now leave the nice ones behind before ever really knowing how they're like.
      bowbuilder said 2019-07-08 17:56:27
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