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    Hey! Welcome to my page
    The user is either Rymac99 or Rylothesith99
    I am a huge comic book fan mainly Detective Comics
    My favorite character is Batman.
    Favorite Comics are
    Scott Snyder - Court of Owls

    Scott Snyder - Death of the Family

    Scott Snyder - Dark Nights: Metal/Dark Nights: Death Metal

    Tom King - War of Jokes and Riddles

    Jeph Loeb - Long Halloween

    Mark Waid - JLA: Tower of Babel

    I also am a huge Star Wars fan across the board
    Revenge of the Sith is my favorite movie from Star Wars.
    with Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian, and all the Star Wars Tv shows also being amazing.

    I love listening to music while a make skins.
    Heavy Metal or anything from that genre is what I mainly listen to, sometimes Rap as well but not as often.
    Avatar, Gojira, Metallica, Starset, and Ghost to name a few of my favorite bands.

    Some other fandoms I like are
    The Boys(TV show)
    Marvel(Movies) Deadpool and Spider-man are my favorite characters

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