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    Here are all my OCs :D
    Game idea OCs
    Design/Ref: Pronouns: she/her
    Role: psychic
    Abilities: reading minds (can find out someone’s role)
    Downsides: 50% less of a chance to be murderer/ kidnapper
    Upsides: teleports to Ewii, cuddles Ewii
    Friends: Ewii
    Enemies: Moe
    Additional information: can fly

    Design/Ref:pronouns: He/Him
    role: civilian
    abilities: flying
    downsides: not friends/ allies
    upsides: 50% more of a chance for murderer
    enemies: Totem
    additional information: has four eyes

    Design/Ref: pronouns: She/Her
    role: civilian
    abilities: as murderer sometimes may use vines to kill a random player instead of the player picked, vines may pull you under ground randomly
    downsides: vines may randomly kill you
    upside: sprays pollen to spawn bees on a chosen player >:D, 50% more of a chance of being murderer
    allies: Jake
    Enemies: Violet
    Additional information: hates flowers

    Ewii (yep, Ewii is part of this :o)
    Design/Ref: Pronouns: she/ her or fae/ faer
    Role: healer
    Abilities: saving people before they die, leaving flowers by bodies
    Downsides: can’t be murderer
    Upsides: may cuddle with violet randomly :eyes: (when near her of course lol)
    Friends: Violet
    Additional info: Can only be kidnapped, not murdered

    Design/Ref:Pronouns: She/Her
    Role: psychic
    Abilities: reading people’s roles, making floating letters out of thin air
    Downsides: mute, so was to speak with letters
    Upsides: flies
    Friends: (figuring that out)
    Enemies: Jake
    Additional information: has a flower blocking her mouth from speaking, is a dragon >:D

    Just Oc’s
    Pronouns: He/him, she/her, they/ them
    Gender fluid
    Species: Bee
    Relationship status: Taken (still don’t have a solid design for xem, but working on it)
    Other info: Can’t see well, sassy baby

    To do / Remember
    To do
    Draw lesbian bees <3 (BEEEEEE-)
    Fan Art for ???
    To Remember
    Birthday Calendar By -Rae- (Just so I remember when to celebrate everyone’s amazing days of birth!)

    Story Stuff
    Game Idea
    Basically, inside the game I was thinking of, it would kinda be like a murder mystery but instead, there would be backstory to each character. Each character, except Ewii, would have one enemy and every character except Jake (poor Jake) would have a friend/ally. You cant kill your friend/ ally and sometimes the game will override who you where going to kill and instead kill your enemy. There would be a 50% chance of this happening. 100% if you try and pick your friend/ally. If you dont want to play as one of the main characters, there are also blanks.

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    Relationship status
    Video game wise: Divorced 😔
    Real life wise: Taken!! (I love you Ink!)

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