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  • insert history meme here

    hi I’m Shire. I like history and being lazy
    they/them or he/him

    about yours truly,
  • :)

    oh and in case you’re wondering, any racism, homophobia, sexism or any of that kinda stuff isn’t tolerated on my profile

    my specific historical interests

  • im tired, all day, every day

    Credit for the people who made the art on my profile. who have, yes, been dead for like 150 years. still though.

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      JessaMoon posted to guest book of Shire12 avatar Shire12
      February 19, 2021, 6:25 pm to Public
      Well I was browsing Twitter for something and this popped up- contains a little fun facts between Lincoln and Kennedy which I thought you would like reading considering your love of history. In fact it is quite interesting and gets your mind ticking between the two lol x
      JessaMoon replied to Shire12's comment below 2021-02-19 18:54:12
      His assassination is actually very interesting- I highly suggest watching a documentary on it! x
      The theories about it at the time were strange and a lot lined up after a while, however when he was killed, many thought the bullet had changed direction whilst mid-air to strike him in the skull XD x
      Shire12 said 2021-02-19 18:39:44
      dang I don’t know a ton about Kennedy’s assassination but that’s kinda spooky not gonna lie
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