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    HI, I’m Shire. look around below the images you see on the widgets here to see some stuff about me
    I’m aromantic, asexual, and don’t really care what pronouns you call me :)

    about yours truly,
    I’m an amateur skinner who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. I mostly make skins based on drawings/doodles I’ve done of lil people. I’m also an artist, as in I-make-character-designs-that-are-all facing-left kind of artist, and I upload an art blog every now and then. I’m interested in history and weird absurdist fantasy stuff :)
  • Hawaii Part II

    IMPORTANT: I am an avid enjoyer of not having an upload schedule and taking months-long breaks of making 0 skins whatsoever


    Italics means it’s currently a sort of ‘special interest’ or hyperfixation at the moment
    * = Unfinished

    ● Abraham Lincoln’s life [​and assassination :P]
    ● US Presidents in general
    ● Justinian I
    ● Ibn Battuta’s travels
    ● William Pitt the Younger’s life
    ● Myrmecology
    ● Medieval fashion
    ● Animals [​favourites being blue whales, hares, owls and gibbons]
    ● Palaeontology
    ● Space and physics

    ● Discworld by Terry Pratchett*
    ● The Pirates! series by Gideon Defoe
    ● Holes by Louis Sachar
    ● Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie
    ● Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter* [​not planning on finishing it anytime soon. I got up to Dawn of the Clans]

    Channel 4’s Utopia
    ● BBC and CBS Ghosts
    ● Yonderland
    ● Dave’s Zapped
    ● Tracy Beaker Returns
    ● Community
    ● Clone High
    ● Total Drama
    ● US Survivor [​mainly older seasons]
    ● The Prince of Egypt
    ● Encanto
    ● WALL-E
    How To Train Your Dragon [​mainly the first movie]

    ● Battle for Dream Island
    Inanimate Insanity
    Brawl of the Objects
    Extraordinarily Excellent Entities
    Open Source Objects
    The Nightly Manor

    ● Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    ● King’s Quest 2015
    ● Sky: Children of the Light
    ● Broken Age
    ● Stardew Valley
    ● Bully
    ● Minecraft
    ● Undertale and Deltarune
    ● Team Fortress 2
    ● FNAF franchise
    ● Riddle School franchise
    Half-Life franchise
    ● Portal franchise

    ● Tally Hall/Miracle Musical , all related projects etc
    ● Cosmo Sheldrake
    ● The Scary Jokes
    ● Vashti Bunyan
    ● Bill Wurtz
    ● Lemon Demon
    How To Train Your Dragon’s soundtrack (😈😈
    They Might Be Giants

    Other places I happen to exist on
    Roblox: shire_1212
    Skindex: Shire12
    Discord: testdrive12
    Tumblr: dislocated-thumbs

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    All art on my profile was created by Danish painter Peder Mørk Mønsted
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