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    So: Who am I?

    About me

    I'm Smolli, but you can call me zero too. I'm from Switzerland (Chocolate gang where you at?) and I've been part of
    the minecraft community for almost 7 years. I started playing just like everyone else, back then I was also a lot younger obviosely so my perspective was still kinda limited. But soon after I saw a video on one of the very early creations in Minecraft that would soon be known as "Mega-structure" I got interested in building more complex stuff. Back then there was no creative-mode available so in the end you had to build with TooManyItems and fly hacks. Yeah.

    A few years in and I began to have more structured, complex builds in my saves. But it still wasn't "the real deal". That was until I joined a small, creative server. It grew pretty quick and should soon be known to more than 200 daily players. Back then that was the top of the top. In late 2015 I finaly started joining projects with others - but due to my school-schedule I would just always be that one dude that never really got finished with his part. What followed was a long time of non-stop switches between smaller and medium sized building teams. In the end I just had to accept, that the time I could put into MC just wasn't enough. Another problem was my terrible PC: running MC at more than 8 chunks and still getting that 60FPS was a real issue.
    In late 2016 I finaly got the money to build my very own PC. It was also at that time that I got interested into design, filmmaking and lateron rendering. With the new rig that also was now more possible than ever before.

    Now, at the end of 2018, I mainly create logos, renders and occasionaly a few trailers. Building recently also got a revive but I feel like I'm super rusty. Still: I hope you'll find some joy in my projects.

  • VenomousRP on Youtube

    Subscribers: 2
    Videos: 3

  • Its a bird? Its a plane? NO! Its a UWU-lord!


    My new banner (the resolution is given by PMC)
    Unedited (excpet font | photoshop)
    Logo (reworked)
  • Current Projects

    - VenomousRP (My very own, custom RPG server that I hope to make something really special)

    - 1. Timelapse for the Build-channel
    - 1. Project (MAP) for my PMC account [Maybe with a download :3]




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