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  • Please read before anything else.

    Hey, guys. Before you view anything on this channel, please read this. Now that I’m more matured, I realise how cringey my channel is. If you cringe, well... I did too. I hope you can enjoy Minecraft just like I use to. Also, I no longer speak in lolcat, so i wont be typing liek dis lol xdxdxd. Anywho, please enjoy my channel and have a good day!
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    Support SG Sticker (There’s no need anymore.)

    Serious stuff

    I do not own Kirby, Mario, or Sonic. All rights reserved. I greatly praise the people who ripped these sprites so I can make little gifs to keep you reading. But I am putting my watermark on the big images because I'm far too wary about people stealing mah stuff.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Haha, like it?

    Ahem. Anyway,
    Welcome to Ssssspace Guardian's channel! He will probably only post ssssskins. Who knows, he may post something else.

    SPACE GUARDIAN! Don't expect me to ask for likes or subscriptions.

    I do pixel art...

    and sprite gifs.

    Hello. I'm Space Guardian, your annoying skinner that you know and don't love. Allow me to express myself. To put the cherry on the cake, I shall be addressed as a ♂. Also, if you have a skin request, then know that I am no longer active. But still, I respect all my friends here. It's been a ride!

    also, there will be fan art scattered around. don't expect much tho lol

    The character you will know me as:

    The SG Lemon!

    What do I not take as a request?

    DO NOT:

    Unused and/or unfinished skins

    Where did the name "Space Guardian" come from?

    My favorite instrument ^^

    The one and only cat that can truly sing.

    Noob Rank: Not Very Nooby.

    I always use this tutorial. Here's the link.
    [TUTORIAL] Making realistic hands (very useful, must see!)

    Hey, I support people.

    Is it funny...?


    Hey, that's pretty good! Nice palette!


    Paper sketch of Metal Sonic, ey? Noice.

    Haterz back off

    Good Night! (Or evening. Or morning...)
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