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    Hi! I'm Prince Leaf Azriel The Red Panda! I'm a furboi, femboy, prince! He/Him/Leaf/Azzy/Prince/Good boi

    I'm really into Naruto, Beastars, Aggretsuko, Minecraft, and just about anything else to do with furries.
    I do skin requests, I'm straight, and I love to make friends and chat. I hope and think I'm friends with most people on here. One of my quirks is that I like using the European spellings of some words. So if you see me typing color with a "u", just remember I'm american. All furries are welcome!!!

    My Flags!

    File:Heterosexual flag (black-grey-white).svg - Wikipedia


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      November 30, 2021, 1:13 pm to Public
      ANOTHER MOTHER?!?! (Fanmade)

      ThatRetsukoFan replied to Advolton's comment below 2021-11-30 15:00:48
      It really does. I'm just as excited for this as I am for Oddity!
      Advolton said 2021-11-30 14:46:49
      Looks MEGA.
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      November 30, 2021, 11:26 am to Public
      I was gone for like, a week because my computer had a blue screen XD
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      November 25, 2021, 11:23 pm to Public
      Black Friday, am I right?
      Squidster491 said 2021-11-30 00:50:57
      more like Black-Eye friday, eh?
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      November 24, 2021, 9:35 pm to Public
      OH MY GOD!I found it!! I finally found it! I use to see "The Thief and The Cobbler" trailers on childhood VHS tapes! I remember Tack's cool black and white design, the three Golden Balls, ZigZag's rings, etc!

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      November 23, 2021, 10:42 pm to Public
      Dude, make a 2nd Titanic. I want to see the ship not crash this time.

      Seriously curious though, why not bring the Titanic up in pieces? Is it because it's technically a gravesite? (Although, I'm sure more people died in the water then the ship. Maybe not, I'm dumb.) We had no problem taking things from it lol, like plates, jewelry, etc. I'm sure we could figure out how to bring it up somehow. They could memorialize it, similar to the WW2 memorial maybe? I don't know, the things we do/don't do can be so confusing.
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to LunaEclipse4304's comment below 2021-11-23 23:09:59
      LunaEclipse4304 said 2021-11-23 22:54:46
      i believe they are rebuilding it from the original blueprints :p
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  • ♡Things I love!♡

    Favourite lyrics:

    "Although the monster's in his cave
    If we keep quiet we'll be safe
    Take your lovey rope and wrap around my brain
    Until the muscles ache and strain
    I'll be happy on the day I squish the bug
    That sucks my blood and has me drugged
    Swallow all of my teeth and shut the blinds
    I can do another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more times"

    - Jack Stauber; Cunk

    The Furry Community!

    Every furry I've met to date has been lovely and very accepting of my opinions! I love meeting and befriending new furry friends!

    haida and retsuko (aggressive retsuko and etc) created by junyois
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