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    Hi there!! I'm Prince Leaf Azriel The Red Panda! I'm a (single) furboi, femboy, prince! He/Him/They/Them/Leaf/Azzy/Prince/Good boi

    I'm really into Naruto, Undertale, Deltarune, Beastars, Aggretsuko, Minecraft, and just about anything else to do with furries.
    I do skin requests, and I love to make friends and chat. I hope and think I'm friends with most people on here. One of my quirks is that I like using the European spellings of some words. So if you see me typing color with a "u", just remember I'm American. All furries are welcome!!!

    Check out grubbymutt, they're one cool dawg!

    My Flags!

    File:Heterosexual flag (black-grey-white).svg - Wikipedia


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      November 22, 2022, 1:55 pm to Public
      I wanna walk around Britain while listening to Professor Layton Music.
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      November 18, 2022, 1:38 pm to Public
      This Lego Legends of Chima Online OST is great, really reminds me of Fallout 1 & 2

      EDIT: Wow do I really miss this game.
      contentkid_inc said 2022-11-18 14:51:51
      om gosh is lego chima
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      November 7, 2022, 3:34 pm to Public
      What the heck is this math problem even asking for
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to pluckpi's comment below 2022-11-07 16:11:13
      pluckpi said 2022-11-07 16:03:47
      the answer is three
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      October 26, 2022, 1:10 pm to Public

      that's all I'll say on the matter.
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to introduce's comment below 2022-10-27 18:16:47
      introduce said 2022-10-26 13:13:20
      he word "bean" and its Germanic cognates (e.g. German Bohne) have existed in common use in West Germanic languages since before the 12th century,[3] referring to broad beans, chickpeas, and other pod-borne seeds. This was long before the New World genus Phaseolus was known in Europe. After Columbian-era contact between Europe and the Americas, use of the word was extended to pod-borne seeds of Phaseolus, such as the common bean and the runner bean, and the related genus Vigna. The term has long been applied generally to many other seeds of similar form,[3][4] such as Old World soybeans, peas, other vetches, and lupins, and even to those with slighter resemblances, such as coffee beans, vanilla beans, castor beans, and cocoa beans. Thus the term "bean" in general usage can refer to a host of different species.[5]

      Seeds called "beans" are often included among the crops called "pulses" (legumes),[3] although the words are not always interchangeable (usage varies by plant variety and by region). Both terms, beans and pulses, are usually reserved for grain crops and thus exclude those legumes that have tiny seeds and are used exclusively for non-grain purposes (forage, hay, and silage), such as clover and alfalfa. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization defines "BEANS, DRY" (item code 176)[5] as applicable only to species of Phaseolus. This is one of various examples of how narrower word senses enforced in trade regulations or botany often coexist in natural language with broader senses in culinary use and general use; other common examples are the narrow sense of the word nut and the broader sense of the word nut, and the fact that tomatoes are fruit, botanically speaking, but are often treated as vegetables in culinary and general usage. Relatedly, another detail of usage is that several species of plants that are sometimes called beans, including Vigna angularis (azuki bean), mungo (black gram), radiata (green gram), and aconitifolia (moth bean), were once classified as Phaseolus but later reclassified—but the taxonomic revision does not entirely stop the use of well-established senses in general usage.
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      October 11, 2022, 9:42 am to Public
      Attention Femboys! (and those who identify as such!)

      I made a femboy group! It's small, but let's make it grow!!
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to LBoomsky's comment below 2022-10-13 14:55:33
      Oh! Members! Well, I'm just stupid lol, one sec!
      LBoomsky replied to ThatRetsukoFan's comment below 2022-10-13 13:24:59
      idk it says theres only 2 members in the group and im not one of them
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to LBoomsky's comment below 2022-10-13 07:38:35
      It says you are for me!
      LBoomsky replied to ThatRetsukoFan's comment below 2022-10-12 20:18:22
      i followed the group but it doesnt say im a member
      ThatRetsukoFan replied to LBoomsky's comment below 2022-10-11 13:09:17
      You can join! Just go to the page and press follow!
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  • ♡Things I love!♡

    Favourite lyrics!:

    "And you notice that the Sun's not rising and the birds are dead
    There's only dust on the floor where people were before
    And the dream won't leave your head, it won't leave
    You need a drink, half-empty bottles in the sink
    Down the drain, sudden rain outside alarms you"

    - Lemon Demon; You're at the Party

    "Need your air or I'll drown
    In the blue
    I'm back to town
    And I miss you
    Keep my eye off that number (Off that number)
    Gotta try (Gotta try)
    To be in my slumber (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
    'Cause I can't stop
    Checkin' time"

    - Jack Stauber; Look On

    "Dripping eyes dissecting me
    Cut my life expectancy
    Held me under close inspection
    Left me in a dream
    Stop, pout, hear me out no less
    Those eggs aren't dippy and I don't want to die
    Without feeling love too
    I wanna be close to you
    Those eggs aren't dippy and I don't want to die
    Without pulling your tooth
    I wanna be close to you (Alright)
    And singing a softer tune"

    - Jack Stauber; Those Eggs Aren't Dippy

    "Although the monster's in his cave
    If we keep quiet we'll be safe
    Take your lovey rope and wrap around my brain
    Until the muscles ache and strain
    I'll be happy on the day I squish the bug
    That sucks my blood and has me drugged
    Swallow all of my teeth and shut the blinds
    I can do another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more times"

    - Jack Stauber; Cunk

    The Furry Community!

    Every furry I've met to date has been lovely and very accepting of my opinions! I love meeting and befriending new furry friends!

    haida and retsuko (aggressive retsuko and etc) created by junyois

    Don't open. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

    "I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days."
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