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  • So give me all your poison~

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  • And give me all your pills, And give me all your hopeless hearts~

    by b4ndu_ <3

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    imageHello! Welcome to my page, I’m SpookyClaw.image
    Some stuff about me:
    Name or preferred names: SpookyClaw, Spooky, Kirin, Kiri, AltMushroom, TheAltMushroom, (another one is Kal but please only super close friends call me that, those friends are currently Wolfstrr, Yama and Quaker)
    Age: “teenager”
    Favorite Colors: 💜💚🖤
    Sign: Leo
    Birthday: July 27

    Pinterest: Clicky here 💅
    Nationality: Scottish/American/Mexican
    Spotify: Click here 💜
    Gamer Tag: SpookyClawKirin or SpookyClaw9074
    Skindex: SpookyClaw
    Pms are always open if you need to talk/vent/have a request etc. <3

    Hope you have a great rest of your day/night! Cya around <3

    profile credits:
    pfp: picrew
    profile banner: me (SpookyClaw)
    song: “Thank You for the Venom” - My Chemical Romance
  • And make me ill~

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