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    Hey everyone!

    So I'm fairly new to Planet Minecraft, but not new to the game! I have been a player for 5 years now, and know a fair amount about how it works.
    I take a lot of pride and enjoyment in playing on servers (I especially do well in Equine Servers ;) ) and have decided that I would like, and feel I am ready to become a valued staff member on a server.
    I am not ready to create my own server, as I feel that is still quite complex with my brain, but will do well in Moderator or Helper position.
    In order for you guys to get a better picture of me, here is a list that may interest you:
    -I am 14+ years of age.
    -I am mature, sensible and friendly.
    -I pick up new skills and rules/server types quickly.
    -I have some experience of being staff on some servers.
    -I specialise in Equine servers (horses etc) but am able/open to other types of servers as I also do enjoy a range.
    -I have Discord, but I'm not willing to use/do not have a mic.

    I hope you guys have a better idea of me and if you'd like any extra info, I am happy to be pmed and will answer most questions. (Not personal as I do not want to hand out to much info about my personal life.)
    I also hope you consider me to play a staff role in your server, and I am always free to help/ am always active every day.
    Hear from you guys soon!
    Tigs. xo




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