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  • About Me Vanima

    I like Minecraft
    I prefer creative
    I also love anything Nintendo
    favorite game The Simpsons Hit And Run
    Haven't finished it yet the data keeps corrupting
    Food I like pizza OK so my favourite Berger is called a heart attack that's a bun with two Berger's cheese bacon a fried egg and onion rings then top it off with ketchup and another bun yum
    favorite Pokémon is Charmander he's the cutest
    I watch Korean drama shows they are so good my favorite is I'm not a robot Closely followed by Orange Marmalade
    i also like anime my favorite animes are Elfen Lied and Mirai Nikki

    And I'm a decent singer and can play a few songs on the piano

    I also enjoy Japanese music my favourite artists have to be BABYMETAL scandal and lady baby
    For Korean music girls generation and big bang

    My favourite song at the moment is Shun pu by Toyosaki Aki

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