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Icecaller illager (Read desc)

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IvanTheSpaceBiker's Avatar IvanTheSpaceBiker
Level 56 : Grandmaster Vampire
A version of the windcaller with no cape. he would be similar to the iceologer in terms of spawning in snowy biomes and using cold attacks. The concept for this guy is below:

1: Icy Wind

The Icecaller would send a cold breeze at the player's direction, inflicting them with slowness 2 and weakness 2 for 5 seconds.

2: Snow Avalanche

Will spawn a chunk of snow (would have similar properties as gravel) above the player and drop it on the player, attempting to suffocate the player.

3: Ice Minion

Will summon 2 ice minions that will attack the player. The ice minions would have 10 health and deal 2 damage, they also inflict slowness upon hitting the player.

Finishing attack:

Will start a lightning storm and summon Ice fangs (Blue colored evoker fangs) around the icecaller to protect himself.

basically think of him as a miniboss. if he were to spawn in raids, he would spawn in the last wave on hard mode only.

HP: 56 health

Bonus note: If anyone wants to make this a mod, you have my absolute permission to do so because I have no clue on how to make good mods like that, let alone mod at all.

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