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Pillager Villager

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ThanosSmellsBad's Avatar ThanosSmellsBad
Level 42 : Master Creeper
This is a skin I made that has a pillager with a villager head and arms. I thought the gray texture of the default pillagers look too ugly so I decided to make a "better" version of it!

Sorry for the blurry right arm, I tried my best.

I thought the vindicator model worked the best for this skin since the pillager model didn't exist, the evoker has longer robes so it didn't really fit.

If you copy this skin, please give credit, otherwise I will report you and PlanetMinecraft moderators will ban you forever.
CreditI summoned a villager and a pillager with no AI and I modeled it on them. Since Mojang invented these mob textures (I only combined them), they deserve the credit.

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Update #1 : by ThanosSmellsBad 08/20/2021 1:12:50 pmAug 20th, 2021

Fixed the blurry parts of the right arm.

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