Ranged Ghost Minecraft Skin
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Hi, for the last time today. This is another one of the main Ghost mobs. This ghost here is the Ranged Ghost(skeleton). He's an undead skele-boi. This one was probably one of the hardest ones i'm gonna have to to to be honest. I didn't know what to do about the rib cage on the skeletons, so I just made it like the other ghost's. I also have another idea; They have more health than the regular mobs, because, well, they're undead, and you TECHNICALLY cant kill ghosts irl, but this is minecraft, so really anything goes. Im probably gonna make specific ghost killing weapons also, so they're gonna be stronger and better at killing every mob, but the ghost's in general, then regular swords. I hope you like the skin :)

(P.S., this type of ghost has arms because they need them to shoot the bow, lol)
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