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    Here's some stuff about me

    Little Bit About me and Stuff I do in my spare time
    These days, I don't really have anything to do. So, i mostly just sit around, doing homework, watching tv, drawing, or playing video games. Yeah, I don't really have anything to do. I am trying to save up some money so I can g buy a pc and create a gaming setup, but it's gonna be a while before that happens lol.

    Me In-Game
    So, this is My In-Game minecraft skin.
    My usernames are usually just StatixGaming, but sometimes they change depending on availability, but my Minecraft Bedrock username is StatixGaming


    My Personality
    I'm a really chill and funny guy. I might be a little shy when I first meet someone, but over time I start to warm up to them and start feeling comfortable around them to be myself.

    In-Game, i'm not "that guy" who griefs or trolls or anything, cause I hate it when people troll and greif me lol.

    Platforms (YouTube, Discord, Twitch, ect.)
    So, Yes i do have a YouTube channel, but i'm not releasing it to the public yet. When I feel like I have everything I need to start the channel, that is when I'll most likely release it to the public.
    (Oh, and the YouTube channel will be a different persona from StatixGaming)

    Same goes for my Twitch Channel. I Might make a StatixGaming twitch/youtube channel, but idk yet. But, for my YouTube channel I have now, the same goes. I'm not releasing it to the public yet. When I feel like I have everything I need to start the channel, that is when i'll most likely release it to the public.

    Yes, i do have discord, and I'm in multiple servers. My discord username is StatixGaming#9952. Feel free to shoot me a friend request. i Don't mind. I'll try to accept it as soon as i can :)
  • Hello!

    Hello everyone. So, as for those who know me as StatixGaming, some things have happened pertaining to me and my Username, ect.
    So, I recently decided to start a YouTube and Twitch channel that goes by the name Alozerly. It's a different name from Statix, so I might actually change that to my PMC name soon. but for those who know me as Statix, just feel free to keep calling me Statix if that's what makes you comfortable. Just wanted to tell people this before I randomly change my name and people not know who I am 💀.

    Hello, and Welcome, to my Profile Page!

    Hi. Hey. How ya doin? My names Statix
    I'm just your normal 14 year old, who loves video games, and is a big weeb :)


    > My Real name Is Isaiah, but you can call me either Statix, or Isaiah, it doesn't really matter

    > I'm a guy (He/Him)

    > Im 14, 15 soon

    > I'm a Pisces, My birthday is March 9th, 2007

    > My favorite color is blue, but I also like the color Purple because it's a vibe

    Hobbies and Activities I Enjoy

    > Playing Video Games

    > Watching TV

    > Drawing

    > Listening To Music

    > Playing a few outside sports/activities

    > (oh, btw, Im looking for new people to play Minecraft with,... cause I'm a little lonely lol. If you have Minecraft Bedrock Edition, if you want you could PM me and we could maybe play sometime :) I'm always open to meeting new people!)

    My 2021 Goal(s)

    I'd have to say, my main goal as of right now, is to get 8th grade OVER and DONE with. I really don't like virtual school because it's a pain in the butt, and I much rather be in school to hang out with my friends, but I can't do that, and I can't really keep in contact with them because I don't have a phone, but I do have a school chromebook and a tablet, and those 2 don't' really help lol.

    Now, my OVERALL goal for 2021 is to save up enough money for a PC Gaming setup So i can get my YouTube Channel rolling. I've wanted a PC gaming setup for a Long time now because I want to be able to play a wider variety of games (as of right now i'm limited to mobile games) and I don't really want to be a mobile Gamer forever lol. I wanna be able to play MC Java Edition, Genshin Impact, Warzone, and other popular games and stuff.
  • More Stuff / Anime

    Here's Some More Stuff About Me lol

    My Favorite Anime's
    1) Assassination Classroom
    2) Attack On Titan
    3) Darling In The FranXX
    3) My Hero Academia
    4) That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
    5) The Promised Neverland
    5) Sword Art Online
    6) Tokyo Ghoul
    7) Demon Slayer

    My Favorite Anime Characters
    1) Koro Sensei
    1) Levi Ackerman
    2) Eren Yeager
    2) Izuku "Deku" Midoriya
    2) Rimuru Tempest
    3) Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya
    3) Nagisa Shiota
    3) Karma Akabane
    3) Hiro
    4) Naruto Uzumaki
    4) Ray

    My Support Stamp(s)
    I now have this WONDERFUL support stamp, made by Ekin7K!!!

    support stamp for Statix

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