Rwby Grimm Dragon Minecraft Skin
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RyanJayy21 avatar RyanJayy21
Level 47 : Master Miner
Hey!! This took me quite a few hours to make but i made the Grimm dragon from volume three of Rwby!! Enjoy!!
CreditRwby is owned by RoosterTeeth and was made by the late Monty Oum
ModelEnder Dragon

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12/16/2019 6:51 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Herobrine
WDGaster2 avatar
Good job! It looks really good. I'm working on an HD skin right now that is taking me Soooo... long. That's partly because I'm perfectionist and don't like to make things that are less than what's in my head (and it could also have something to do with it being my first HD skin). Sometimes it's the things that take the longest to make that are the best in the end. (Or I hope that's the case anyway.) That's what I keep telling myself anyway. It's taken so...many...hours.....too many in my opinion! I've had to break my time down on working on it for several days, with days of not working on it at all at times, because my brain feels like its melting XD . I've wanted to pull my hair out time-and-time again, and there has been a LOT of internal screaming going on. Every time I get done working on it, and close my eyes, all I see are pixels -- so...many...pixels. I think it looks great as of yet, but its not finished! I've thought about throwing it out, so I can start making mob skins instead. But then I would be trashing the satisfaction of a good, completed skin! And besides that, I would up...and that, well...That would be unthinkable! So onward I trudge toward victory and nothing can stop me!...unless I fall into a state of total insanity along the way. Hahahaha... Anyway, I'm done with my venting. Back to your mob skin. I quite like RWBY (particularly Ruby Rose. I've searched amazon and ebay to see if anyone sells a metal version of her scythe....No. Just plastic and wood....Darn. I'm really into cosplay. I want something I can hold in hold in my hands, savor the moment, and feel powerful with... and possibly take on a test run with). I can tell you put a lot of effort into this and its won you a diamond and a heart.
12/16/2019 5:12 pmhistory
Level 59 : Grandmaster Senpai
AnimeFanFTW avatar
Super well done, love the details on the head and wings o:
12/16/2019 5:13 pm
Level 47 : Master Miner
RyanJayy21 avatar
Thank you!!!!
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