Wither Golem Minecraft Skin
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Toasteze's Avatar Toasteze
Level 23 : Expert Toast

This is the Wither Golem. Effected by the wither effect but didn't die because it isn't an organism. These golems are stronger than that of a regular Iron Golem and will cast the withering effect when hit by it. The wither golems are hostile towards you and every mob except for "wither skeletons," "withers," and "Villagers." Even though the golem has been wither-fied, it still wants to defend the villagers from illagers. It even still gives baby villagers roses; except that they're wither roses. Time passes and eventually the wither golem gets kicked out of the village for being to dangerous. If you were to find and kill the golem, they would drop 3-5 iron ingots (as always), 1-3 coal, and 0-2 wither roses.

This skin is for VinsPlayer's "The Withering" Contest. Enter if you want to get a trophy like mine.
"The Withering" Trophy
ModelIron Golem

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