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[1.12.X/1.11.2/1.10.2] Minewatch -v3.8- Moira added!

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Level 55 : Grandmaster Engineer

Minewatch brings Minecraft and Overwatch together! Overwatch character armor and weapons usable in Minecraft.


Next Update Between: February 1st (2/1) - February 4th (2/4)

Update Spoilers:


Please let us know what you want to see added in the mod next by taking these polls!

What type of content do you want us to focus on adding? (poll started January 12th)
Currently focusing on: new abilities (no ultimates yet)

Which Overwatch hero should we add to Minewatch next? (poll started December 22nd)
There will not be a new hero in the next update; we will be focusing on adding more abilities.

Attention Skin / Map Makers!

If you would like to submit a new skin or map to us for use in the mod, send us a message or leave a comment for us and we will add it in the next update! Please make sure that anything you want to submit meets these requirements:

  • It must be an original skin/map, so we can credit the original creator; it cannot be an edited version of someone else’s content.
  • It must be hosted on a common skin/map hosting website, like planetminecraft or minecraftskins. We will not accept anything from websites with anonymous posters, re-posters, or from image-sharing websites.
If you are the creator of a skin / map featured in the mod and would like it removed for any reason, please let us know and we will do so immediately.

Heroes Available:

Each hero has a full set of armor, weapon(s), and a token.

Hero Mobs:

Hero Mobs are monsters that wear and use heroes' equipment, attacks, and abilities. There are many customization options for them in the config to control what they attack, how they attack, when they spawn, what they drop, and more. By default, they have a higher drop chance of tokens and can drop their heroes' equipment; they are a good source of armor and weapons in survival. They can spawn naturally or be spawned in with spawn eggs.


Each hero has a token associated with them. The token is used to craft the weapons and armors for the respective hero. The weapons are crafted with one token alone, whereas the armor are crafted with an iron armor piece with one token. Tokens are dropped at 1/100 chance from mobs by default (can be changed in config).

Minewatch Tab:

This tab can be used to find Overwatch maps, change your heroes' armor skins, and easily access the mod’s configurations. It can be found in the survival inventory and as a creative tab.

Team Stick:

The Team Stick is a creative-only item that makes working with Minecraft teams easy.

Summary Video:



/minewatch hero <hero> [target] will equip you / target with the armor and weapon(s) for a hero.
/minewatch syncConfigToServer will sync your config to the server (in multiplayer servers).


These servers feature Minewatch as the primary mod. If you have a public server with Minewatch on it, let us know and we will add it to this list. To discuss Minewatch servers, join our discord.

IP: minewatch.mcpro.io
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
Minewatch Version:
cybersagee#0410 (discord)
Current map is Ilios.
Status: https://mcsrvstat.us/server/minewatch.mcpro.io


Q: Can you add ____ hero?
A: Yes, but it is a slow process so do not expect them all anytime soon. You can go to the poll above to vote for who you want next, so we know who to work on when we get time.

Q: Can you add abilities/ultimates?
A: We’re working on them, I promise! We will start work on ultimates once we have most of the heroes and abilities added.

Q: Can you add content from the Overwatch PTR?
A: No, we will wait until changes are added to the main Overwatch game before we consider adding them to the mod.

Q: Can I use the mod in a modpack?
A: If the modpack is private and / or it downloads the mod through Curse / CurseForge, then yes.

Q: How do I make hero mobs fight each other?
A: Watch the Team Stick video for a demonstration.

Q: Why is my skin showing through the armor?
A: Update your Forge version.



All characters, weapons, models, and sounds featured in this mod belong to Blizzard Entertainment, Battle.net, and Overwatch. We do not take credit for any of these features; this mod is solely a re-imagining of Overwatch in Minecraft.

Additional Credits:

Model Credits:
-Reaper Shotgun and Reinhardt Hammer: https://www.reddit.com/user/Kamyflex
-Genji Shuriken: overwatch-Genji by LeoZack is licensed under CC Attribution https://skfb.ly/6pJrD
-Tracer Pistol Low poly | Tracer Overwatch Gun by Franz Perez is licensed under CC Attribution
-Hanzo Bow: Hanzo Bow by backer is licensed under CC Attribution
-Hanzo Arrow: Overwatch - Hanzo's Arrow by beyondmatter is licensed under CC Attribution
-McCree Pistol and Soldier Rifle by Rexx Art
Hero Skin Credits:
-Credit for each skin can be found by clicking on the ? button next to the skin in the inventory survival tab
Map Credits:
-Credit for each map is shown on the image of the map, and the link to play each map leads to the map creator's page for the map.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12.2

Note: Showing last 25 of 25 logs.

v3.8 : 01/12/2018 8:56:06 pm1/12/18

New: Added Moira

New: Added Abilities
  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp - Heal
  • Moira’s Biotic Grasp - Damage
  • Moira’s Biotic Orb
  • Moira’s Fade
  • Bastion’s Self-Repair
New: Added Skins:
New: Added Maps:
New: Added Translations:
  • Italian translation by Anto1980
  • Spanish translation by Epic Genji
  • Catalan translation by !
New: Added Hero Mob Moira
New: Added Hero Selection voice lines for when a hero’s full armor set is equipped

New: Added config option to change ability cooldowns
New: Added config option to change max ammo
New: Added config option to require mobs to be killed by players to drop tokens
New: Added Select button to the Minewatch Tab’s Hero Gallery that spawns in the armor and weapon(s) for a hero

Fix: Minewatch can no longer get stuck thinking you’re holding LMB after you release it
Fix: Lucio’s circle no longer fades in dark areas and no longer renders on liquids
Fix: Reinhardt’s Fire Strike hit particle no longer clips off/through blocks
Fix: Bastion can no longer shoot in turret mode instantly after reconfiguring
Fix: Widowmaker’s Mine now gives targets glowing properly
Fix: Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow’s glowing affect only shows for Hanzo’s allies
Fix: Fences no longer attach to Health Packs in 1.12
Fix: Sombra’s Transposer has a larger collision box and teleporting to it can fail if it would place the player inside blocks (cooldown will reset if it fails)
Fix: Minewatch armor no longer appears black when enchanted
Fix: Abilities and weapons can no longer be used in spectator mode
Fix: Zenyatta can no longer use his abilities on things like Widowmaker’s Mine, Junkrat’s Trap, etc.

Minewatch armor now renders red when the entity wearing it is damaged
Hero Mob spawn rates have been tweaked
Soldier: 76’s primary fire now has gradual spread
Mei’s secondary fire is now delayed
Genji’s primary fire now shoots three shuriken when clicked once
McCree’s Fan the Hammer now continues until he runs out of ammo

v3.7 : 12/22/2017 10:01:30 pm12/22/17

New: Added Zenyatta

New: Added Abilities:
Zenyatta’s Orb of Harmony
Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord

New: Added Skins:
Zenyatta’s Original skin by Kill3rCreeper
Zenyatta’s Ascendant skin by brainman
Zenyatta’s Djinnyatta skin by brainman
Zenyatta’s Ifrit skin by brainman
Zenyatta’s Nutcracker skin by Drzzter
Zenyatta’s Cultist skin by XxLucarioTheNinjaxX

New: Added the Team Stick
Teams made easy
RMB: Open Team Stick GUI
RMB+Entity: Remove team
RMB+Entity+Sneak: Clear selected team
LMB+Entity: Assign Team
LMB+Entity+Sneak: Copy team

New: Added Health Packs
Including the Large Health Pack and Small Health Pack
They are creative-only, indestructible blocks
Their healing amount and respawn timers can be changed in the config

Fix: Mercy’s regeneration passive can no longer cause a crash in very rare cases
Fix: Lucio’s passive speed / regen now only works while wearing the full Lucio armor set
Fix: Projectile particles should no longer spawn past their target (assuming no lag)
Fix: Sombra’s invisibility ability now plays the correct sounds
Tweaked Reinhardt’s primary attack aoe target finding
Hero Mobs will now move to nearby Health Packs if they are low on health
Added healing particles
Server-Side config options are now synced from the server when logging in on a server
Mercys now checks a larger range for entities to heal / empower / fly to
Hero Mob spawn rates and default accuracy have been reduced
Hit detection with projectiles has been slightly improved
Split the Minewatch tab into a Minewatch Armor & Weapons tab and Minewatch Map-Making Tools tab
Added the ‘Survival Inventory Tab’ to the creative tab menu; it’s now known as the ‘Minewatch Tab’

v3.6.2 : 12/03/2017 7:44:43 pm12/03/17

Fix: The cursor is no longer hidden when not holding a weapon

v3.6.1 : 12/03/2017 12:28:24 pm12/03/17

Fix: Bastion’s Reconfigure now resets his ammo properly
Fix: Most passives can once again be used without a weapon
Genji’s double jump now activates when pressing the jump key in the air (not when holding)

v3.6 : 12/02/2017 1:09:45 pm12/02/17

New: Added Hero Mobs!
Monsters that wear and use Heroes’ equipment, attacks, and abilities
There are MANY customizable options added for them in the config

New: Added Lucio
New: Added New Abilities:
Lucio’s Soundwave
Lucio’s Crossfade
Lucio’s Amp It Up
Bastion’s IronClad

New: Added New Skins:
Lucio’s Classic skin by Drazile
Lucio’s Roxo skin by electricgeek
Lucio’s Andes skin by Stuphie
Lucio’s HippityHop skin by Drzzter
Lucio’s Ribbit skin by DoctorMacaroni
Lucio’s Slapshot skin by BoyBow
Lucio’s Jazzy skin by Noire_
Mei’s Mei-rry skin by KevinAguirre2, edited from oEffy’s skin
Mei’s Luna skin by nikita505n
Mei’s Jiangshi skin by KevinAguirre2, edited from oEffy’s skin
Reinhardt’s Coldhardt skin by jay_zx_jc

New: Added New Maps:
Castillo by Isak20

New: Added config option to disable healing other mobs
Fix: Junkrat’s grenades can no longer get stuck bouncing indefinitely
Fix: Mei’s freezing effect now recolors other entities’ Minewatch armor properly again
Fix: Fixed a crash in 1.10.2 while left clicking with a Minewatch weapon in just the offhand
Fix: Other entities running with Soldier: 76’s gun now block with the gun properly
Fix: Sombra’s Translocator no longer goes on cooldown at incorrect times
Fix: Reinhardt’s primary attack only hits targets that he can see
Fix: Mercy’s power beam no longer requires her to be wearing a full set of armor to work
Added Portuguese translation by ProTFDSYT
Added German translation by KonradCrafter
The player’s hurt time (what causes the screen to shake) when hit has been limited when wearing a full set of Minewatch armor
The explosions you create using abilities will now knock you back while in creative mode
Genji’s deflect should now work against any projectiles within 180 degrees of where Genji is looking
The right and left click tracking now uses Minecraft’s Use Item/Place Block and Attack/Destroy keybinds

      v3.5 : 11/10/2017 7:39:27 pm11/10/17

      New: Added Sombra

      New: Added abilities:
      Sombra’s Opportunist
      Sombra’s Thermoptic Camo
      Sombra’s Translocator
      Widowmaker’s Venom Mine
      Junkrat’s Concussion Mine
      Bastion’s Reconfigure
      Mei’s Cryo-Freeze
      Reinhardt’s Fire Strike

      New: Added Skins:
      Sombra’s Classic skin by Nutellah
      Sombra’s Classic skin by Orbiter
      Sombra’s Mar skin by XxbalintgamerxX
      Sombra’s Augmented skin by Grinshire
      Sombra’s Cyberspace skin by oophelia
      Sombra’s Tulum skin by Elec
      Junkrat’s Classic skin by _Phantom

      New: Added a Maps option to the survival inventory tab to show off Overwatch maps from the community
      New: Added a Submit a Skin/Map option to the survival inventory tab
      New: /minewatch hero <hero> now supports adding a target selector to the end
      New: Added config option to toggle fall damage when wearing a full set of armor
      New: Added partial Chinese translation by Mrkwtkr
      Fix: Fixed some strange bullet behavior when shot too close to entities
      Fix: Genji’s Swift Strike cooldown now correctly resets when killing an entity
      Fix: Reaper’s The Reaping now works properly
      Fix: Ana and Widowmaker’s scopes can now be used when in the air
      Fix: Other mods can no longer interfere with particle opacity
      Entities holding weapons from the mod
      now have their bodies rotate to match their heads (so they shoot in the
      direction that they are looking, in 3rd person)
      Changing to and from using 3D models for weapons no longer requires a restart
      Knockback from exploding entities has been adjusted
      Weapons and abilities no longer damage / hit entities on the same team
      Weapon and entity models now have improved shading
      Enemy Junkrat Traps now render partially in the ground

      v3.4.1 : 10/22/2017 3:48:29 pm10/22/17

      Fix: Players should no longer crash from sound manager errors
      Fix: Entities can no longer attack themselves after frozen / put to sleep (I’m looking at you, Zombie Pigmen)
      Fix: A sleeping entity can no longer be kept partially asleep by attacking them rapidly
      Fix: Other mods should no longer be able to interfere with projectile movement

      v3.4 : 10/20/2017 10:17:24 pm10/20/17

      New: Added Junkrat

      New: Added abilities:
      Junkrat’s Total Mayhem
      Junkrat’s Steel Trap
      Mercy’s Guardian Angel

      New: Added skins:
      Junkrat’s Classic skin by Ringoster
      Junkrat’s Scarecrow skin by -CenturianDoctor-
      Junkrat’s Junkenstein skin by Nudle
      McCree’s Lifeguard skin by OP_Beast
      Genji’s Oni skin by DaDerpNarwhal
      Reaper’s Dracula skin by DaDerpNarwhal
      Soldier: 76’s Classic skin by Knap
      Reaper’s Classic skin by Cayde - 6
      Widowmaker’s Classic skin by KAWAI_Murderer
      Ana’s Classic skin by Orbiter

      New: Projectile speed and damage is now accurate to
      Overwatch (1 meter in Overwatch = 1 block in Minecraft), including

      New: Projectiles are now aimed properly at the entity/block that is being looked at while shooting
      New: Projectiles now spawn at the correct positions in first person consistently
      New: Added a Wild Card Token that can be converted to other tokens
      New: Added a command and button in the inventory tab to sync your config to the server’s config (on multiplayer servers)
      Fix: Weapons will now damage the Ender Dragon properly
      Fix: Weapons in the gui no longer look like white blobs…
      Fix: Kill messages can now persist after death / reconnect
      Fix: Most abilities can now be properly used while reloading
      Fix: Genji’s Deflect should work more consistently with projectiles from the mod
      Fix: Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets now rotate cleanly
      Fix: Mei’s frozen effect now recolors Minewatch armor
      Muzzle flash particles now spawn consistently and follow the player
      Mouse sensitivity is now reduced while scoping with Widowmaker or Ana
      Ana’s primary fire has been updated with better particles and a damage-over-time effect
      Ana’s primary fire uses different color particles depending on whether it will heal or damage
      Ana and Mercy’s health particle texture has been updated and now only displays when an entity is below half health
      Ana and Widowmakers’ scope textures have been improved
      Mei’s Icicles now stick in blocks similar to arrows
      Kill messages will now only display for entities that were damaged less than 10 seconds ago by the player
      The default gui scale has been decreased
      Reaper now levels his head and crosses his arms while teleporting

      v3.3.1 : 09/28/2017 5:08:37 pm9/28/17

      Fixed crash from the use of scala library

      v3.3 : 09/28/2017 12:12:08 am9/28/17

      New: Added Mercy

      New: Added abilities:
      Mercy’s passive regeneration
      Mercy’s Angelic Descent
      Genji/Hanzo’s wall climb
      Genji’s double jump
      Genji’s Deflect
      Genji’s Swift Strike
      McCree’s Combat Roll
      Reaper’s Wraith Form
      Ana’s Sleep Dart

      New: Armor size has been adjusted to match the player model, so heroes will look less bulky
      New: Added an survival inventory tab to easily change hero skins and mod options
      New: Added LOTS of new skins
      New: Skins are now client-dependent (each player can use different skins)
      New: Added a damage and kill indicator overlay over the crosshair
      New: Added in kill and multi-kill sound effects and kill messages
      New: Added a config option to control if projectiles should cause knockback
      Fix: Damage from Hanzo’s arrows has now been limited properly
      Fix: Restricting item usage to prevent dual wielding with weapons that don’t have offhands now works properly
      Fix: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer now swings consistently
      Fix: Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer AOE now hits other players properly
      Fix: Players can no longer fly while using Reaper’s teleport (for real this time)
      Fix: Fast projectiles now stop at the correct position after hitting an entity
      Fix: Weapon ammo can no longer get mixed up when quickly switching between weapons
      Reaper now becomes transparent as he teleports
      Mei’s freezing effect now interrupts active abilities
      Genji now has jump boost and reduced fall damage while wearing the full armor set
      The camera has been zoomed out more and can be moved around during Reaper’s teleport
      The config has been reorganized into Client-Side and Server-Side categories

      v3.2.4 : 09/04/2017 9:35:41 pm9/04/17

      Fixed crash when Hanzo's arrows collide with non-living entities.

      v3.2.3 (1.10.2 only) : 09/04/2017 12:17:09 am9/04/17

      Fixed some textures not being found

      v3.2.2 : 09/03/2017 10:31:30 am9/03/17

      Fixed entities not having motion on client.

      v3.2.1 (1.11.2 only) : 09/03/2017 9:42:37 am9/03/17

      Fixed GUI with all characters showing up on screen.

      v3.2 : 09/02/2017 9:08:50 pm9/02/17

      New: Added Widowmaker

      New: Added 3 abilities:
      Tracer’s Blink
      Reaper’s Shadow Step
      Reaper’s The Reaping

      New: Added Mei’s secondary attack
      New: Hero crosshairs have been added (can be disabled in config)
      New: Added config option to control weapon damage scale
      New: Added config option to control GUI/overlay scale
      New: Added config option to choose to restrict weapon usage or not
      New: Added config options to control how weapon and armor durability work
      Fix: Projectile location syncing should now be much better on servers
      Fix: You can no longer fly while frozen
      Fix: Mei’s freezing no longer affects creative players
      Hanzo’s bow can now be fired when the bow isn’t pulled back much
      Ana now holds up her gun while looking into the scope and no longer scopes while reloading
      McCree’s secondary fire now has more random variation and has recoil
      The ability overlay icons have been cleaned up
      Added sound effects for abilities recharging and for when abilities are selected but are not able to be used
      Hurt sound effects no longer play when hitting an already dead entity and are now only played to the player that caused them
      Ability cooldowns now reset when switching worlds, switching hero sets, or when respawning
      Changed shooting angles to be more inward

      v3.1 : 08/19/2017 12:51:45 am8/19/17

      New heroes have been added:


      New abilities have been added:

      Soldier76’s Sprint
      Soldier76’s Helix Rocket
      Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow
      Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow

      New: Added support for choosing alternate hero textures in the config. Let us know if you have a skin that you want us to add as a hero texture!
      Added a Reaper skin by _Phantom
      Fix: Reequip animations now play consistently when weapons do not have full durability
      Fix: Weapons can no longer get stuck attacking after releasing the mouse
      Fix: Soldier76’s bullets are now mapped to their texture properly
      3D models have been optimized and have a much smaller impact on performance
      Reinhardt now continues to swing when left click is held down and attacks in the area in front of him regardless of if he directly hits an entity or not
      Added proper sounds for hurting and healing entities with weapons and attacking with Reinhardt’s Hammer
      Particles have been added to projectiles and Tracer’s Chestplate
      Left click no longer punches while using a weapon
      Projectile lifetimes have been adjusted
      Projectiles now spawn closer to the hand that they were shot from (in most cases)
      Projectiles no longer have client-server syncing issues at high velocities
      Projectiles will now hit targets that are up close properly
      Hanzo’s arrows have been retextured
      The file size of the mod has been drastically reduced

      v3.0.1 (1.10.2 only) : 08/08/2017 6:27:36 pm8/08/17

      Fixes issue with 1.10.2 not recognizing some texture names

      v3.0 : 08/05/2017 10:49:02 pm8/05/17

      New: Hero icons, ability overlay, and ammo information has been added when wearing a full set of a hero’s armor and their weapon(s)
      New: Keybindings have been changed around to be more similar to Overwatch (i.e. guns shoot with left click now)
      New: Ammo and reloading have been properly added, along with reloading sounds
      New: Each hero now has a hero information screen (shown while wearing set and holding keybind)
      Added config options for token drop rate
      Added /minewatch <hero> to spawn in sets for each hero
      Ana’s health icon shows for all nearby entities below max health and follows them more smoothly
      Some weapon models have been adjusted
      Hanzo’s arrows have been sped up

      v2.2.1 (1.12 only) : 07/27/2017 6:24:37 pm7/27/17

      Fixed Ana's health particle texture.

      1.12 Port : 07/24/2017 8:39:17 pm7/24/17

      The mod has been ported to 1.12!

      v2.2 : 07/12/2017 11:10:35 pm7/12/17

      Added Soldier 76.

      v2.1 : 06/18/2017 2:36:47 pm6/18/17

      Added McCree.

      v2.0 : 06/06/2017 6:15:07 pm6/06/17

      Added Tracer.
      Added 3D models for all current weapons.
      Added config option to change between 3D and 2D weapon models.

      v1.1 : 05/17/2017 10:57:05 pm5/17/17

      Added Genji.

      1.10.2 Port : 05/03/2017 9:21:17 pm5/03/17

      The mod has been ported to 1.10.2!

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      every time i tried to play it says that theres a .lang that doesent even exist interrupting me loading
      woah woah woah i tried downloading this and when i clicked the downlaod link and what appeared on my screen was "are you sure you want to go to this site?" "people may be tricking you into downloading this"
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • January 19, 2018, 3:59 pm
      The download links to an adfly page. When you click it, wait until the "Skip Ad" button appears in the top right corner and click it; then it will bring you to the page to select the mod version to download.
      • Nstar_3000
      • Level 1
      • New Network
      • January 14, 2018, 10:46 am
      This mod is cool but it would probably crash my computer XD
      • Mar3kCz
      • Level 7
      • Apprentice Hunter
      • January 11, 2018, 6:56 am
      Genji's deflect don't work on mobs and keep doing this work bro!
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • January 11, 2018, 1:08 pm
      I noticed it was a little finicky earlier; I tweaked it some for the next update. If it's still not working properly in the next update, let me know.
      • ItsDerpCraft
      • Level 16
      • Journeyman Artist
      • December 28, 2017, 5:10 pm
      Can I use the texture in this mod in my texture pack?? I will post the link and the credits
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • December 28, 2017, 6:27 pm
      What texture are you talking about?
      • x-Nicole-x
      • Level 11
      • Journeyman Artist
      • December 19, 2017, 3:22 pm
      YES! Lucio and Sombra! Nice job man! Can't wait to see more updates
      how to activate the ultimate's
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 18, 2017, 5:15 pm
      Ultimates are not added currently.
      because every time i spawn them than change to survival and they hit me only the cant hit or fight each other they only can fight me or zombies and mobs
      how can i make the heroes fight each other
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 14, 2017, 3:20 am
      You can change who they fight in the server config.
      • LeoTheHero
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • December 12, 2017, 3:15 pm
      How can I acess the menu with maps, opitions, skins?
      Pls, answer me :)
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • December 12, 2017, 5:05 pm
      I made an account to comment here LOL. Anyways, the exact mod I was looking for! Definitely deserves 100 diamonds... Yeah, I gave you one. Anyways, it is said that Mccree is almost useless because he hasn't got his flashbang yet. Yeah, Mei, Reinhardt, and Sombra too. I would really like it if you add in D.va and Roadhog. (Winston... Hmm.. Yeah, but I want to see D.Va more than him.) If you add D.Va, Roadhog, and Winston and give Mccree etc. the second effect, I will actually consider making a second account just give this mod another diamond LOL. (Adding Symmetra would probably be like.. Telepads mod because of her abillity Haha.) Finally, I can't seem to use their ultimate attacks... I checked the controls, but it wasn't conflicting. I mean, srsly, what's wrong? Thx for reading this long comment.
      P.S. WHY NO D.VA MECH LOL. Yeah, I know it is kinda hard to code.
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 10, 2017, 4:26 am
      All heroes will be added eventually. You can vote for who is next in the poll.

      All abilities will be added at some point.

      Ultimates are not being worked on until most of the mod is done, as they will be harder to add. Since DVa's mech is part of her ultimate, it will not be added when she is added.
      OMG I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU TO COMMENT BACK TO ME. Well, I am pretty sure D.Va without mech will be
      kinda pointless because she dosen't have any special abillites except for her gun. (D.Va: "THAT'S SONG HANA TO YOU." (D.Va mech's rider's korean nickname)) and yeah, thank you for replying to me. Keep up the great work!
      • Drakeonix
      • Level 1
      • New Explorer
      • December 9, 2017, 4:09 am
      I love this mod! You earn a diamond!
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 10, 2017, 4:19 am
      Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!
      Please Make Bastion More 3D Modeled Please
      • _Phantom
      • Level 48
      • Master Grump
      • December 6, 2017, 12:34 pm
      Would you be interested in coding for a Fnaf mod, your work here is amazing, and we are in desperate need of a coder for our mod
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 6, 2017, 12:53 pm
      Sorry, we are not interested.
      • Newz1200
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • December 5, 2017, 5:01 am
      The screen get glitch not so often it only happen when im holding minewatch weapon or in inventory.Hope Get Fixed Soon
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • December 5, 2017, 1:04 pm
      Can you provide any helpful information about this?
      • Newz1200
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • December 5, 2017, 7:59 pm
      Well seem like i cant give any information cuz im not so good at minecraft code thing.
      But it look fine now,it only happen when i play to long and the next update look nice.
      Woaah this mod has grown a lot since I last checked!.. Was kinda surprised to see a few of my Tracer skins in it, but it was a great surprise! Now I don't need to ask ya to put 'em in!~ ..althoughhh I do have some recolors based on the original game's Tracer recolors in this submission's description, if you wanna.. y'know.. nudge nudge..
      There, I have made an original Andes (Christmas) Lucio skin! And, I did it on PMC. Sorry for the last second entry. -Coe
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • November 26, 2017, 9:45 am
      Thanks! We'll have that added for the next update!
      • CoeDaHooman
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 21, 2017, 12:48 pm
      Hello, may you add this skin into the mod? It's a Lucio skin of one of my characters I have created, the original creator was AlphaAssassin on Skindex. (A minecraft skin making website, I use it a lot) Credit him for making the original, just say it was edited. I'm a huge fan of this mod, it's a great thing and I'm trying to keep up to date, so, if you can, please add my skin, it'd be great to tell my friends a skin I made was put into a mod, thanks for reading! -Coe
      (Sorry if I type too much XD P.S: If you credit me, that'd be great! A name could be: "Lucio Coe" or "Custom Lucio"? If you're wondering, I named my username after that OC. Thanks! I just came up with this, I made this account just to tell you this! XD)
      • Isak20
      • Level 11
      • Journeyman Architect
      • November 15, 2017, 4:13 am
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 15, 2017, 4:51 am
      Thanks! I’ll have it added for the next update
      • Kubek454
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 15, 2017, 4:03 am
      good job you super modder im give you emerald sword and diamond . please add lucio best hero bye thanks
      • x-Nicole-x
      • Level 11
      • Journeyman Artist
      • November 12, 2017, 9:42 am
      YESS!! How do you do it!? This is awesome!
      • Someone10692
      • Level 4
      • Apprentice Architect
      • November 12, 2017, 12:25 am
      Awesome! Diamond for you!
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • November 12, 2017, 3:30 am
      Thanks for the support!
      • spieli1960
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 11, 2017, 5:34 am
      incredibly good made mod, with great models and icons.
      The Heros in this mod are just like in overwatch.
      It defenetly deserves more attention and if you agree with me (random comment reader), then you should give this mod a diamond!
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • November 12, 2017, 3:29 am
      Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it!
      Can you guys do that Junkrat´s mine actually knockback´s you also?
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 11, 2017, 4:36 am
      It does give knockback, try using it in survival mode.
      My favourite thing about Minewatch 3.5 is the junkrat bomb
      • bummble1998
      • Level 2
      • Apprentice Miner
      • November 8, 2017, 3:06 pm
      This is so creative, and inspiring...well done !
      Can you please add the cooldown-reset (Swift Srike) for Genji when he gets a kill?
      Also scopes don't work when in air as they do in Overwatch.
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 7, 2017, 12:18 pm
      All of those will be fixed for the next update.
      how do i use junkrats riptire?
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 7, 2017, 5:04 am
      Ultimates are not implemented yet.
      oh ok, thanks, i am exited for it :D
      OO, junkrat, im gonna check this out!
      • Pakkpon
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 1, 2017, 12:32 am
      What Forge 1.12.2 -
      • Pakkpon
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 1, 2017, 12:40 am
      I dowload a forge then game crash :(
      how to fix??
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 1, 2017, 1:05 pm
      You can link us the crash report and we can look into it, if it is caused by this mod.
      • Pakkpon
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • November 2, 2017, 1:24 am
      how to link the crash report
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 3, 2017, 9:11 pm
      You are using Minecraft 1.8.9 and not using the mod, this crash is not relevant. Please update to 1.10.2+ if you want to use the mod.
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • November 2, 2017, 12:44 pm
      You can paste it to a website like https://pastebin.com/ and then give us the link.
      • Nekromex
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • October 28, 2017, 8:45 am
      This is so awesome! Can you please add Zenyatta next?
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 28, 2017, 9:24 am
      You can vote for the hero you want us to add next in the hero poll above
      • Karrthus
      • Forum Moderator
      • Level 51
      • Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
      • October 23, 2017, 7:00 am
      unrealistic, does not contain lootboxes that give you nothing sprays and voice lines
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 23, 2017, 1:05 pm
      Don't worry, we'll get to adding that eventually ;D
      • Karrthus
      • Forum Moderator
      • Level 51
      • Grandmaster Mlem Mlem Bat
      • October 23, 2017, 5:02 pm
      aww yis
      • _Phantom
      • Level 48
      • Master Grump
      • October 22, 2017, 12:27 pm
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 22, 2017, 1:20 pm
      Thanks! We'll have it added in the next update.
      • x-Nicole-x
      • Level 11
      • Journeyman Artist
      • October 21, 2017, 11:06 am
      omg! This is epic!
      Hi I know that this may sound weird but do you think you could please add the ability to change bastion to turret mode and back. I find bastion useless and unneeded if he can only shoot bullets and it destroys the point of have bastion in the first place. I understand that this is a huge mod that you are making and that everything takes time but for the next update with or after junkrat can you please make this happen

      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • October 18, 2017, 4:28 am
      Abilities are added as we get to them and figure out a way to add them.
      Thanks for the reply and please keep p the good work! :D
      • Tazdivil68
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • October 14, 2017, 12:20 pm
      pls add junkrat soon
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 14, 2017, 1:04 pm
      He will be added in the next update, which will likely be released next weekend.
      • DJKEY1975
      • Level 1
      • New Miner
      • October 6, 2017, 7:32 am
      Add Sombra and junkrat please

      PS.Best mod ever
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 6, 2017, 1:15 pm
      Glad you like the mod!
      • 2piradians
      • Level 55
      • Grandmaster Engineer
      • October 6, 2017, 1:00 pm
      Per time of comment "Junkrat won the previous poll!"

      You can vote in the poll above who you want to see next.
      Could you make the mod aviable to 1.7.10 cuz actually i cant USE IT on other forge VERSIONS i got !!! but I really LIKE THIS MOD SOO
      • Furgl
      • Level 56
      • Grandmaster Modder
      • October 5, 2017, 6:53 am
      Unfortunately, we will not be porting this to 1.7.10 because it has been outdated for several years now. I would suggest updating to a more recent Minecraft version.

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