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Annihilation Stone Age

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SteveOS Modding & Bonebreaker Studios Presents…

Annihilation Stone Age

It’s finally here, the most hyped up and biggest project we have ever released is here. This is the final mod in the Annihilation Mod Series that has run since December of 2019. This mod took over 6 months to perfect and over 100 different test versions to create the final product we are presenting to you today. Check out a rundown of all of the new content below!

New Content -

> Weapons

  • Combat Pistol

A Semi-automatic pistol with high damage and low fire rate.

  • Suppressed Combat SMG

An automatic smg with low damage and high fire rate.

  • Suppressed Hunter Assault Rifle

A Semi-automatic assault rifle with high damage and low fire rate

  • Rpg

A weapon that shoots explosive rockets.

  • The Chemists Blade

A creative only weapon that has special properties that allow you to fly. When hitting a living entity the weapon causes an explosion.

> Consumables

  • Corn

A consumable food found in the wild grown on corn plants. Right clicking the plant will drop corn.

  • Banana

A consumable food found in the wild grown on banana plants. Right clicking the plant will drop bananas.

> Blocks

  • Block Of Uranium

A breakable block found in cave systems used to craft rockets. However getting close to the block can cause nauseating effects.

  • Landmine Strip

A placeable and craftable block that explodes when living entities step on it.

> Items

  • Bullets

A craftable item used as ammunition for guns.

  • Rock

A craftable item that can damage living entities.

  • Boulder

A craftable, more powerful version of the rock.

  • Rocket

A craftable item used as ammunition for the rpg.

  • Pipe Bomb

A throwable item that explodes on contact with blocks and living entities.

Thank you all for the support on the Annihilation Series. We are sad to end it here but we have another big mod series in the works.

- Thanks

SteveOS Modding
CreditBonebreaker Studios LLC.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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