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"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update" [1.7.4_02]

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"Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update" [1.7.4_02] Minecraft Mod


Minecraft has changed a lot since it's initial beta period in 2011 and a lot of long-time players attribute this shift as starting with beta 1.8 and release 1.0 or "The adventure update" as they were titled. These two updates changed the game's fundemental mechanics and progression significantly by adding a hunger bar, sprinting, enchantments, an XP system and many more changes to the game's fundemental mechanics.

While this is all well and good, many fans such as myself feel these updates took away from something special the previous versions had, while also not expanding enough on the core gameplay to keep things interesting. The classic versions of Minecraft were simpler, more relaxed games with a larger focus on building and mining over exploration and combat. Personally, I saw immense untapped appeal in this type of gameplay which is what I aim to fulfil with "BTA". The name being a play on FlowerChild's old "Better than Wolves" mod for beta 1.5, a mod made as a response to frustration over Notch's wasted time adding of wolves that instead focuses on features that actually expand on the game's existing functionality and gameplay value.This is the mindset I'd like to capture with BTA - refining the game's core mechanics, instead of overloading it with new features.

This mod aims to continually update the game, starting from beta 1.7.3, with new features, refinements, blocks and mechanics that aim to hopefully stay true to Notch's original vision while expanding the game into something less "beta" and more complete.

The first update, 1.7.4, focuses on expanding the player's building options with a variety of new bricks and blocks - including 3 new stone types all with brick varients, gold and lapis bricks, fence gates and more. It also expands the world generation with the addition of "rock layers" that add an extra 'layer' of variety to beta 1.7.3's existing terrain. This is only the beginning and there will be many more updates to come, so stay tuned!

On top of that, this update includes a plethora of bug fixes ported from modern versions, as well as full (but potentially buggy!) online multiplayer support. (Check out the change log for a more in-depth list of changes!)


Beta 1.7.4_01

  • added a variety of new brick types: stone bricks, sandstone bricks and gold and lapis bricks
  • added 3 new stone types:
    found in new "rock layer" formations that are generated around the
    world. granite and limestone generate from y128 to y60, while basalt
    generates from y30 under. Also includes cobbled and brick varients!
  • added spike traps: can be activated with redstone. on contact enemies and players will get stuck to them and continually take damage.
  • added mesh blocks. a grate-like block that allows items to pass through, but not players or other entities. good for item sorters/mob grinders!
  • added cobblestone pressure plate: only activates for players. keeps creepers out your base!
  • added a new nether-exclusive ore type: nether coal. can be used as a fuel source, and also to craft the new blast furnaces.
  • added the blast furnace:
    will smelt ores significantly quicker than a regular furnace, but
    requires nether coal to fuel due to the intense heat needed to power the
  • added a new tool and armour type 'steel': steel can be created by smelting iron in a blast furnace. has the exact same mining properties of iron, but has nearly twice the durability of diamond. Say goodbye to crafting spare picks!
  • added fence gates
  • added dirt paths: right click dirt or grass with a shovel to carve a path
  • added moss: spreads on stone in darkness, can be found in caverns. (also may have a seecret functionality!)
  • reimplemented sponges:
    they work as they do in the modern game, placing one in a body of water
    will soak up all water in a 2x radius around the sponge. Requires being
    smelted to use again. Can be found rarely at the bottom of the ocean.
  • added new music discs (all missing tracks except where are we now and 11): can be found as rare dungeon loot.
  • added a "simplified" debug screen that shows only your coordinates and FPS counter. activated by pressing "F4".

Bug fixes and small changes:

  • reworked fence logic: can now be placed on any surface, will attach
    to wooden blocks, and can have pressure plates placed on top of them to
    create tables
  • rebalanced tool stats: diamond is now significantly less durable, but mines a lot
    quicker. (now matches gold's mining speed). This has been done to make
    each tool more balanced and unique, and create more of a branching tech
    tree as opposed to each step being a straight upgrade over the last.
    allows the player to choose between greater efficiency or higher
    durability through the use of diamond and steel tools. (this concept
    will be expanded further via later updates!)
  • fixed certain blocks looking too large when dropped
  • fixed
    certain blocks not being able to be mined efficiently with the correct
    tool (e.g. furnaces can now be mined faster with picks, doors, crafting
    tables, doors, fences etc.. can be mined with axes, etc..)
  • changed sound download server to a working proxy. this means all classic sounds will load properly again.
  • fixed
    outdated login authentication. servers no longer need to be run in
    offline mode for players to be able to connect. also means
    unauthenticated (cracked) accounts can no-longer connect to random
  • fixed stairs not dropping themselves
  • ...and probably a ton more fixes I forgot about

Beta 1.7.4_01_1
  • Hot fix change to fix diamond recipes not working correctly.

Beta 1.7.4_02
  • Added an FOV Slider due to being highly requested
  • Nerfed steel tools slightly: smelting iron now yields 1 'crude steel' - 3 of which in a line in a crafting table now craft 1 steel ingot. Durability has also been slightly reduced
  • Changed Ghast fireball texture and slightly changed the particle trail behind it: now no-longer flaming snowballs! (Thanks to @Mc Willow on the Discord for the fireball texture)

    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bricks, redstone ore, spikes and dirt paths not breaking efficiently with the correct tool
  • Fixed tooltips for cobblestone and lapis lazuli bricks

          Beta 1.7.4_02_3 (Server-side only! Clients do not need to update)
          + Added death messages! Show off your skills to your friends
          + Added an /online command that prints out all online players, and their score
          + Added chat colours for readability. Currently random per logon but may be custom later on.

          Bug Fixes
          * Fixed a bug where the console would spam you with strings
          * Fixed a bug where the blast furnace could not be crafted

          1.7.4_02_3 (Latest)
          Download: MultiMC Instance
          Download: Betacraft
          Download: Server jar
          Older versions:
          Download: Server jar
          Download: MultiMC Instance
          Download: Betacraft
          Download: Server jar

          Download: MultiMC Instance

          Download: Betacraft

          Download: Server jar


          Requires MultiMC or the Betacraft launcher!

          Installation: MultiMC (recommended)
          • Download MultiMC and load it up
          • Simply
            drag and drop the MultiMC instance zip file into your MultiMC and it
            should appear on your instances screen. Alternatively, click "add
            instance" and "import from zip" then locate the file and click "OK"
          • Load your newly created instance and play!
          Installation: Betacraft
          • Download the Betacraft launcher
          • Create a new instance, call it whatever you like, and click OK.
          • Click "versions" and choose b1.7.3 and run. As soon as the game loads, exit out.
          • In your directory, navigate to %appdata%/Roaming/.betacraft/versions and copy/paste the b1.7.3.jar file and rename it to 'BTA'
          • right click on the newly created BTA jar and open with winrar or any other zip opening tool.
          • In the downloaded zip file, open the "add_to_jar" zip and highlight
            everything in the folder and drag it into the BTA jar you just opened. Delete METAINF!
          • Finally, take the 'BTA.info' file from the downloaded zip and paste it into the "jsons" folder.
          • Reload Betacraft launcher and click play!
            How to run the server jar
            Simply run it like you would an exe. Warning,
            it will use the server.jar's host directory as a local directory meaning all the files it creates will be placed in whatever folder your jar is in! So try to put it in its own folder somewhere!


            Why is this mod made for such an old version? Will there be plans for a 1.17 release and above?

            The aim of this mod is to completely reconceptualize and refine minecraft's progression system and core gameplay loop - think of it more like a fork or "alternate development branch" than just a simple game mod. The reason I'm starting from beta 1.7.3 is because that was the last version to still contain that simple minecraft gameplay this mod is designed around expanding on, it makes a great springboard for new ideas since at that point in development, it felt like the game could go anywhere. Almost like starting from a blank slate again. Because of this, the mod will stay exclusive to b1.7.3, however I will be continually updating with new features and refinements as time goes on, so please check back for more!

            Is this mod compatible with other mods from around the same era?

            Currently this mod does not use an external API such as forge or modloader, meaning allthe changes to the codebase are base class edits. This might change but it has partially been done because an awful lot of refactoring has and will be done under the surface to make workflow easier, and maybe to improve optimisation and efficiency of the game also, however because of this, the unfortunate downside is a complete lack of compatibility withalmost any mod made for the game back then, which is regrettable, but due to the vast scope I have planned for this mod, compataibility issuesare going to be unavoidable anyway in the long run. People are still welcome to make mods for 1.7.4 and beyond, and will be encouraged! I plan to package modloader into later versions which will make developing mods specifically for BTA a lot easier!

            Why isn't this mod compatible with the default minecraft launcher?

            Currently there's an issue with the minecraft launcher not liking the mod, likely due to making changes to the Minecraft.class file. For now its recommended you use MultiMC or the Betacraft launcher for loading this mod.

            For any other assistance or suggestions/feedback feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively join my Discord server for more frequent updates on the project.


            • Special thanks to the members of the Modification Station discord for help
            • Also check out Not So Seecret Saturdays by DirtPiper - a huge inspiration for this mod!
            • Check out b3spectacled's Modern Beta for beta terrian in Minecraft 1.17! He's helped me with previous projects in the past and his work is really good!
            Progress100% complete
            Game VersionMinecraft 1.7 beta

            3 Update Logs

            1.7.4_02_3 - Server update (Clients do not need to update!) : 07/25/2021 9:14:23 amJul 25th

            + Added death messages! Show off your skills to your friends
            + Added an /online command that prints out all online players, and their score
            + Added chat colours for readability. Currently random per logon but may be custom later on.
            * Fixed a bug where the console would spam you with strings
            * Fixed a bug where the blast furnace could not be crafted
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            08/02/2021 5:00 pm
            Level 1 : New Miner
            Zaydotexe avatar
            Could it be a possible to add more wood types, such as maybe Redwood forests for red colored wood planks, Mangrove trees for green wood and Cherry Forests for pink wood? Great Mod btw
            07/22/2021 5:04 pm
            Level 6 : Apprentice Skinner
            Timdoeswhatever avatar
            i didnt expect you to put this on planet minecraft lol
            07/22/2021 5:06 pm
            Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
            SkyDeckAGoGo avatar
            Figured i might as well since my neo-beta datapack got popular here
            07/22/2021 2:55 pm
            Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
            Captain_Jordan7102 avatar
            This is a very interesting concept, I've been working on something with a similar premise, but I'm modding in pre-Beta 1.8 features along with other things from Alpha into Minecraft 1.16. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!
            07/21/2021 11:39 pm
            Level 43 : Master Magical Girl
            rainbowdestiny_mc avatar
            This is so cool! Thank you for making this!
            07/20/2021 8:06 pm
            Level 21 : Expert Pokemon
            MudkipBoi14 avatar
            Wow, this is pretty amazing.
            07/20/2021 12:49 pm
            Level 1 : New Miner
            AidenCTT avatar
            I created a planet minecraft account just to tell you how cool this mod is, thanks for making it :)
            07/21/2021 8:43 am
            Level 13 : Journeyman Pokemon
            soapsoapsoap avatar
            07/20/2021 11:51 am
            Level 7 : Apprentice Hunter
            Pittofer avatar
            i love it
            Planet Minecraft


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