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Deep Nether Mod 0.2

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avatar Iizvullok
Level 44 : Master Dragon
WARNING: If you used version 0.1 before and want to update to 0.2, be aware that the update will mess up your deep nether. You have to start from new. It was barely playable in survival mode anyway, so i guess nobody is going to suffer from that a lot. Just do not be surprised if you go through the portal and almost every block is gone. The reason for that is that i shortened the mod id. I have noticed that a long block id might be a little problematic if you use other mods aswell.

This mod adds a new dimension to Minecraft. Just like the nether except scarier. It is darker and a lot more dangerous. This is the actual hell. The nether is a pony farm in comparison. In the deep nether you will face:

-regular blazes
-wither zombies: Slightly stronger version of regular zombies.
-mutant zombies
-explosive blazes
-hell creeper
-gravity things: Just stay away from them.
-wither spiders: Cave spiders nasty little sister.
-a lot of black goo: Lets you wither away and comes in many forms.
-the void which waits for you to fall down

Not a very welcoming environment. While you can go into the nether as soon as you find some obsidian, an iron ingot and a flint, you better stay away from the deep nether unless you have enchanted diamond armor. Of course there are some materials which make it worth going there (even if there is not a lot yet).

-wither roots: lethal if consumed raw but with proper treatment it can be turned into something between golden apples and notch apples
-avuit: An ore which is required to turn wither roots into something good
-yiux: The stuff you would probably be looking for the most. It is better than diamond but of course hard to obtain. Not only because it is rare, but also because there are quite a lot of mobs which try to hinder you from finding them.

Additions if used in combination of other mods:
Tinkers construct and Moar tinkers: Adds yiux as a material for tinkers construct (requires black goo as a fuel)
Extra utilities: Bedrockium. It got removed which i was so sad about, that i simply wanted to bring it back (without making an extra addon just because of that). Transfer nodes got nerfed quite a lot. So it also adds some cobblestone generators in 4 tiers. And because it is totally useful, you get nonuple to dodecuple compressed cobblestone. Which require 282,429,536,481 blocks of cobblestone btw. I might turn these into something useful in the future. But at the moment they are mainly for fun.
If you use moar tinkers, tinkers construct and extra utilities combined with this mod, you also get bedrockium as a tool material.

Note: You might have noticed a bug that rendered the entire mod almost completely useless in survival mode. In case not: It made the player teleport to a completely wrong position if in survival mode. I finally found that bug and tried to fix it. But because Minecraft tried everything possible to prevent me from fixing it, i had to compensate for that. So it is still a little buggy but at least playable. You might fall into the void when going through the portal the very first time. So do not bring your best stuff the first time you go through it.

Btw the teleportation works. It just takes a little longer sometimes and sometimes it is faster. There is no animation but eventually you will be teleported. That still needs some work.

If you want to have the Tinkers Construct materials, you will need:
If you like to have bedrockium aswell, you will need:
And the 3 other mods above. To install these mods, you just need to put them into the mods folder aswell.

Huge thanks to these two guy for providing awesome tutorials! This mod highly depends on their tutorials.
Also i thank anyone providing other smaller tutorials which i not unfortunately do not remember.

Another quick note: You will probably have to update forge because this mod requires a fairly new version ( At least that is the version i tested it with. You will see wether it works with different Forge versions or not. ;) But if it does not work, make sure that you have the right Forge version. If it still does not work, send me the crash report (please do not paste it into the comments).
Progress40% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - v0.2 : 07/28/2018 9:01:23 pmJul 28th, 2018

-fixes (or at least compensates) for a bug which teleported the player to the wrong coordinates in survival mode
-adds a few new creatures and makes the dimension overall a more dangerous environment
-added support for the Tinkers Construct mod (and Extra Utilities if you like Bedrockium in Tinkers Construct aswell)
-changed world generation (looks a little better now)
-changed the modid from iizvullok_deepnether to iiz_dn (because a long modid might cause some trouble. warning: this will mess up old worlds!)
-some other smaller changes

08/04/2020 11:59 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Cake
I am unable to be transported to the Deep Nether. I have constructed the portal in survival and stood in the portal for twenty minutes. Nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?
08/04/2020 2:27 pm
Level 44 : Master Dragon
Try going in and out of the portal. Its a little buggy but should actually work eventually.
10/01/2018 10:40 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
This is a great mod! I can't wait to see the finished product! here are some ideas: magma cubes that spawn larger than in the nether or blazing magma cubes which would be more powerfull then their non-blazing counterparts, zombie pig knights which would be zombie pigmen wearing golden armor and spawn throughout the dimension or they spawn in dungeons and are automatically hostile. make ghasts and whither skeletons spawn down there. crying obsidian, i don't know about a use but i think it would fit, deep quartz ore which would spawn more often in the deep nether than the normal nether, and molten gold and iron liquids that you can pour water on to get gold and iron blocks and they will do more damage than lava and you will need a new fire resistance 2 potion to defend againsed them.
10/17/2018 6:26 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
That's a lot of suggestions XD lol
03/17/2018 4:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Good job.
03/17/2018 6:45 pm
Level 44 : Master Dragon
Thank you. c:
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