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DiscordLog - Log Server Events to Discord!

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TheFloatingPixel avatar TheFloatingPixel
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Spigot plugin allowing for logging various in-game events to a discord channel. Log anything ranging from players joining, to admins executing commands!

(totally didn't make this to catch my friends /giving themselves stuff)


  • 8+ loggable events!
  • Customizable log messages!
  • Log to as many discord channels as you want!

Loggable Events:

  • Players joining
  • Players leaving
  • Players executing commands
  • Server executing commands (AKA from console)
  • Players being kicked
  • Players dying
  • Players respawning
  • Players killing an entity
  • Players killing a named entity (useful for knowing who killed your pet)

How to download:

  1.  Press the black Download button or press here

  2.  Press Assets if the drop-down list is not expanded 

  3.  Click the first file ending in .jar
Then, folow the instructions from here

Progress65% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

v.0.2.0-alpha : by TheFloatingPixel 09/25/2022 6:58:43 amSep 25th

Second alpha release. Not backwards compatible!
  • New argument embedding system (using aleph-formatter). %s as embedded argument is no longer supported!
If you are updating from v.0.1.0 (use /discordlog info to check the current version), replace the message section in the config with:
player-command: "Player **#{player}** executed the command ``#{command}``"
console-command: "CONSOLE executed the command ``#{command}``"
player-join: "Player **#{player}** joined the server!"
player-disconnect: "Player **#{player}** disconnected from the server."
player-kick: "Player **#{player}** was kicked from the server!"
player-death: "Player **#{player}** died!"
player-respawn: "Player **#{player}** respawned."
player-kill-entity: "Player **#{player}** killed entity of type **#{type}**"
player-kill-named-entity: "Player **#{player}** killed entity of type **#{type}**, named **#{name}**"

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