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Dooglamoo's Avatar Dooglamoo
Level 48 : Master Artist
Have you wanted to make epic builds but can never get enough resources in survival single player?

This mod lets you design a city and create industries to collect the large amounts of resources needed to make the city grow.

Don't want to deal with industry management and resources? Then just jump straight into city design and construction in creative mode with the help of the cheater block.

Or explore your world to find the lost abandoned city which you can make your home or scavenge for resources or fix up to become a fully operational city again.

There are multiple ways to play: Make your city diverse or specialized in a single industry. For example, see how much money you can make from a huge mining industry or a massive lumber operation or see how much food you can export from a farm and ranch industry. Maybe you want to import all your raw materials from the global market and manufacture finished goods for export. You decide how to structure and run your city.

Your decisions determine how well your city does: Location and number of industries, the ratio of industries to distributors to buildings, how much you optimize each industry, how much you import and export, all determine if your city thrives and becomes wealthy or complains and goes broke.

Challenge: Can you reach the final achievement and manage a city efficiently enough to collect $1,000,000 in taxes?

  • Generated abandoned cities with loot
  • Subway tunnels and stations
  • Import/export items from a global market
  • Disasters: drought, fire, blight, alien (ghast) invasion
  • Automated industry
  • Adjustable tax rate
  • Auto constructing and repairing buildings
  • Player configures each building's appearance
  • In-game reference book
  • Achievements


Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

21 Update Logs

1.6.2 : by Dooglamoo 07/09/2017 6:37:17 pmJul 9th, 2017

Updated to Minecraft 1.12
Added advancements.
Changed "Auto Ownership" config option to be true by default.
Fixed Farms not placable sometimes even though there is a water source present.
Removed config options to disable crafting of industries.
Fixed blocks with meta data not using correct unlocalized name in chat messages.
Removed ability to initially craft a coin pouch with emerald or emerald blocks.
Added ability to add emeralds or emerald blocks to existing coin pouches using the crafting bench.
Fixed dedicated server crash.

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07/16/2017 9:21 pm
He/Him • Level 88 : Elite Scapegoat Programmer
Paril's Avatar
Hey Doog, I've been messing with this mod, it seems pretty cool. I've run into a small problem though; I built an Office, and I'd like to use a Buyer to sell off excess materials, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do its thing... or even if my office is finished, to be honest. It has never asked for anything more, and it looks to be built, but the Office block is still there. Any idea?
07/17/2017 2:40 am
Level 48 : Master Artist
Dooglamoo's Avatar
Put a Buyer in the office building on the ground floor (same level as the Office block,) and put items you want the Buyer to buy from your Distributors inside the Buyer. If the Office is completed it should start taking items out of the Buyer and exporting them for cash. Make sure Office and Buyer blocks have coin pouches.
07/18/2017 2:29 pm
He/Him • Level 88 : Elite Scapegoat Programmer
Paril's Avatar
Another small issue is that the Buyer/Distributor blocks are being extremely aggressive and starving my industries. My fishery needs Gravel, for instance, but even if I manually fill it up with Gravel the Distributor scoops it up before it can use any of it and then the Buyer sells it off to the global market, and then the Fishery complains about not having Gravel.

I've tried to see if I can resolve it with a Seller block in the same building as the Buyer that will buy Gravel, but I'm worried the same issue is gonna happen.
07/18/2017 11:01 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
Dooglamoo's Avatar
The Distributors have a limited range so that you can set up multiple separate "distribution lines." You can move your Fishery outside the range of the Distributor that is buying gravel (or move that Distributor outside the Fisheries range.) Figuring out how to use the space you have available and when to "combine" distribution lines is all part of the logistics management of this mod. Also, Warehouses are good for storing some items off to the side for use later when needed.
07/20/2017 12:59 am
He/Him • Level 88 : Elite Scapegoat Programmer
Paril's Avatar
That's fair, I think without having a good way of viewing (or controlling/editing) the "district" of a distributor is a potential problem, though. Might be hard to maximize space usage of industries if we have to keep them 80-some blocks apart because of Distributors being aggressive.

The Carpenter just keeps buying wood and crafting planks for seemingly no reason, as well. I'm guessing it's related to the "low on wood" message.
07/17/2017 12:51 pm
He/Him • Level 88 : Elite Scapegoat Programmer
Paril's Avatar
Ah, the office needs a coin pouch too, I see. The Buyer's inventory was filling up as expected but nothing was ever getting sold. I'll try that out! So here's my setup currently, let me know if this will do anything:

https://i.imgur.com/XyTIOOb.png $369 in its pouch
https://i.imgur.com/FvERHOi.png nearby Distributor with like $6000 (I think the Buyer bought some stuff from it because the buyer had $4000 earlier)

Basically I want to get rid of all of the excess dirt and cobble, but the Buyer doesn't seem to be budging. It buys stuff from the distributor, but it seems to stop there.

EDIT: Just as I posted this: https://i.imgur.com/5Dc3jRp.png haha. Thanks! The mod seems to have trouble with block/item names sometimes, though. The miner liked to complain about not being able to mine Iridium but used its long-form name.

Also, an odd issue happens sometimes... the Carpenter will complain about being low on wood, however: https://i.imgur.com/OtVhF0D.png

nyhow! After playing with this for quite a while, here's my suggestions/complaints:
- City Planner is a little confusing to figure out. A mode switch by right-click when not looking at a block would be better than crouching to change size, especially since that means I can't right-click it on a block that "eats" my right-click like a chest or an Office/Farm block.
- An item or ability to view the bounds of your existing blocks would be great. I want to be able to plan efficiently but it's hard when the bounds aren't plainly clear just by looking at the block since they're aligned to chunks. (suggestion, right-clicking City Planner inside the bounds of an existing place shows the outline and its name(s))
- Blocks give very little feedback outside of the stuff it sometimes sends to the console. While I think the console method is great for large cities (although I can only imagine the frustration that might occur when you hear a "Blacksmith" is out of wood but you have like 16 of them all over the city), when trying to figure the mod out at first the lack of feedback is very frustrating. The Office didn't tell me when it was completed, for instance. I think it'd be cool if the block itself stored some more detailed messages inside of itself about its progress or wants/needs, and you could inspect the building manually somehow to ask it how it's doing.
- Inventory space is teeny. My guess is this is intentional, so that you're eventually forced to use distributors and sell stuff off, etc. This isn't much of a legitimate complaint if it's an intentional design choice, but I think it'd be cool if you *could* expand the space somehow by having the blocks utilize nearby chests, like the Quarry or Mineshaft for instance. They're the ones I had to consistently clean out. I didn't test if pipes worked on them, but if they do, that is probably a good solution for my specific problem.
- Mineshaft had trouble at one point, reporting that it had "Air" in its way. I think it was actually stuck on either water or something, as when I closed up the little water spout and mined two blocks of the shaft for it, it continued on its merry way with no issues.
- While most of the mod blocks can get away with no special UIs, I really think the Buyer/Seller could use a special UI to place the items you want, maybe setting up quotas (especially for buying, I don't want it to buy 64 iron for instance) for the city or something as well.
- Farm has trouble with mod blocks that don't report their growth %; this is not your fault, but for instance Natura Cotton Seeds or Immersive Engineering's Hemp Seeds. Not sure what you could really do about this one that wouldn't involve a bunch of special code for different mods.
- Man this carpenter really loves to complain, it has several stacks of wood planks... https://i.imgur.com/YVldD0u.png
EDIT: Mine Shaft is having the same issue now. It really wants "Wood", I assume the logs, so I give it logs, but it seems to be exporting them before it can even do anything with them. It has plenty of planks/sticks to make everything it needs to make, too. https://i.imgur.com/rmr37KX.png
05/10/2017 5:59 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Frisk_Dreemurr_angle's Avatar
it is too slow!!!!
03/13/2017 4:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DogeMeister2K's Avatar
It isn't working for me on 1.11.2
03/13/2017 9:16 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
Dooglamoo's Avatar
What does "it isn't working" mean? What is the expected behavior vs the actual behavior you are experiencing?
01/14/2017 9:17 pm
Level 26 : Expert Engineer
AcidicProgrammer's Avatar
man, such a great mod, but isn't available for 1.7.10! ;(