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Experienced Farmer [DataPack]

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avatar TBlazeWarriorT
Level 24 : Expert Warrior
Experienced Farmer DataPack for 1.13+
Ever felt like you should get at least some EXP for harvesting a massive wheat field? Or for breaking melons? Or just wanted more ways to get and farm EXP? Now you can literally farm EXP with this datapack, since it makes most crops and plants drop EXP!
Important note: the wheat recipe (from Hay Bale) will be disabled to prevent infinite EXP. Hay Bales will no longer be un-craftable by default.
Please tell me if you find any bugs.

Created by: TBlazeWarriorT (AKA JackSpasmo)
How to Install DataPacks
Installing DataPacks (1.13+)
Step 1 - Inside your world save's folder, there should be a folder called ``datapacks``. Create it if it doesn't exist.
Step 2 - Put any datapacks you want inside the datapacks folder.
Step 3 if in Multiplayer Spigot - Stop the server and *then* start it. If the datapack(s) doesn't get enabled automatically, do the step below.
Step 3 if in Single Player - Start the world/server. If the datapack(s) doesn't get enabled automatically, type /datapack (requires at least operator level 4). If it still doesn't get enabled, type /reload and it will.
More info on the Wiki.
Changing EXP reward amount
The EXP amount that plants/crops yields can be easily doubled/un-doubled. To do that, open the datapack and go into:
ExperiencedFarmer>Data>ef>Functions>exp_farmer>options.mcfunction (open it with a text editor)
Reward Amounts at Default Value
Wheat - 1 EXP per wheat. (2 if changed in settings, like all others)
Carrots - 1 EXP per carrot. (disabled due to infinite EXP)
Potatoes - 1 EXP per potato. (disabled due to infinite EXP)
Beetrots - 1 EXP per beetrot.
Melon Blocks - 6 per block (only if broken by player).
Pumpkins - 0 EXP (disabled due to infinite EXP)
Cocoa Beans - 0 EXP (disabled due to infinite EXP)
Chorus Fruit - 1 EXP per fruit.
Chorus Flower - 0 EXP (disabled due to infinite EXP)

*Note - Please tell me if you know how to help me fix the exploit that disabled those crops/plants. Read stuff inside the datapack for more info about it.
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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