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Functional Musical Instruments Addon

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Adding this to your world gives you 15 musical instruments along with an amplifier, PA Speaker, and a microphone. If you are bored with making a piano using blocks, wool, and fences (because I am, too) then you should definitely try this out and get that piano in a few taps!

I originally planned these instruments to only serve as design, but due to a lot of suggestions, I have now updated this addon so that the instruments can be played, like real-life instruments!

The Musical Instruments Addon gives you an additional 18 items, mainly:

•Grand concert piano

•Cajon (Beat box)

•Bass guitar on a stand

•Bamboo flute

•2 Harmonicas




It also comes with a:


•PA Speaker


For now, you can play a sound with the:




•Guitar on stand

•2 Types of piano keyboard:
- One with a chair and stand
- The other is a plain piano keyboard

Note that this will be updated in the following weeks so that every instrument can be played by the time I am finished (and thus, can start adding a new set of instruments). If you heard a high pitch "bling", it means that I am still in the process of recording the sound of the instrument. The soundtracks I used, especially in the guitar and 2 Types of piano keyboard are my personal recordings and remixes.

How to play the instruments?

Simply grab the "Musical Knowledge" item and right-click (if you're on windows) on the instrument while holding your "Musical Knowledge" or just click the interactive button (on pocket edition) that will appear once you held the item.

To stop the instrument from playing, just grab a Redstone Dust and stop playing the instrument in the same manner playing it.

Note: The video above is the very first version, you don't have to hurt the instruments to despawn them anymore, now you can just click on them, and they will spawn or despawn like an armor stand.


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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Heavenly Craft PE 06/02/2022 10:11:01 amJun 2nd

More Instruments can now be played using the "Musical Knowlege" Item.

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