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Give my spawner! [MC 1.2.5]


My spider trap, it's in a terrible spot, but I can't move it.

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Level 31 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Have you always found multiple dungeons?
Have you always wanted to move the spawners to somewhere near you and make a huge mob grinder?
Well, Now you can with Give My Spawner!

Explanation of Mod
This mod simply started with me on my cousins private server, I found a spider dungeon(As seen above), zombie dungeon and a skeleton dungeon. I've asked him to move them for me but he refused, I was going to make this a plugin for his server, but I failed. So I made it a single player mod! You can now pick up mob spawners without the use of Silk Touch! I will probably add in something that will allow you to change what it spawns, but for now use SpawnerGUI - Risugami. That mod can be found on Minecraftforum.net and allows you to change what a spawner spawns.

Sorry about the lack of detail. I will update it when I wake up later on, but I had it all high quality and credits, a long explanation, and an introduction, I clicked something on accident(Still not sure what) and my computer shutdown. I hate laptops sometimes.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5

Update #2 : 07/13/2012 1:54:28 pm7/13/12

Added more detail and organization

Update #1 : 07/13/2012 1:12:58 am7/13/12

Added a recommendation for a mod to use with this one

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Thankyou So Much Very Helpful
Np :D
Yay! But how do you make the spawner still spawn the original mob? When you place a spawner without hacks, they always spawn pigs.
Like it says with the big bold underlined text, use SpawnerGUI to be able to change what mob spawns. As a mob spawner only has 1 id, you cannot make it drop a skeleton spawner or a zombie spawner, etc. There is only 1 id for all of the spawners.
Actually, I know a way to change the spawner. Look at the blog post, "How to determine what placed spawners spawn using Too Many Items" on my account page. You can do it, but you need Too Many Items, obviously.
Also, I think mob spawners should be mined with a diamond pickaxe because they're super valuable, like obsidian.
I already knew about the thing with toomanyitems, but I mean a mob spawner will drop the spawner and when you place it, it places the mob spawner and it spawns the same mobs as it did before broken, without .txt files. That's what I mean isn't possible.
how about a special tool for harvesting spawners? like an axe, but with 2 coal and 1 gold like so:
coal coal
gold stick
and maybe a way to craft spawners, like :insertmobdrophere: an egg and 1 redstone dust like so:
m = mob drop
e = egg
r = redstone

m r m
m e m
Really cool mod great idea
Thanks! Do you think I should add anything onto this? Try to keep in with the same idea(Spawners/ mob traps, stuff like that)
allow players to change what spawns from the spawner that would be cool (Do you want to check out my mod?)

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